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  1. Thanks for your comments. So sorry about the ruined cruise & your illness. Will lookout for your review in due course. Have you missed out on a few ports? I was tracking the ship & notice ETA in Southampton as 0200 Mon 2 March. From its current position I cant imagine how its going to take that long. Is the weather so bad or are there mechanical issues slowing the ship down?
  2. Thanks for all comments on this post. Feel I am better informed regarding situation on SOD. Really sorry that many passengers have/had the dreaded norovirus & do hope all are symptom free soon. Your advice has been helpful and, as a passenger who will be boarding on 2 March, its good to know that stringent measures are being enforced. If any of the officers or crew are reading this - Please continue monitoring cleanliness & serving at buffet etc. A couple of days ago I was all for abandoning the trip but feel more positive about it now.
  3. Question: What is worn by everyone on every cruise but not sent to the laundry? Answer: Life jackets. This is directed to all you sailors of experience out there. How do they clean the life jackets before each new occupant of a cabin? I hope I am wrong but it appears they just get stacked back onto a shelf in wardrobe. A potential source of norovirus perhaps?
  4. Have just phoned Saga cruises re my 2 Mar SOD booking. Have been told there is NO norovirus disease on board. The lady I spoke to said she knew nothing about it. If there was, she said I would be contacted. So people are ill on the Norway cruise. What is the ships doctor/captain calling it?? I wonder.
  5. Watching this post with great concern. Am booked on SOD cruise to Canaries 2 March from Southampton. Norovirus is very unpleasant & its ridiculous that adequate cleaning between cruises has obviously NOT been carried out. (To add insult to injury there has been an incidence of coronavirus on Tenerife reported today. What next? ) Part of the enjoyment of a cruise is the looking forward to it with anticipation. Sadly, before I even step onto the ship, that factor has been completely destroyed.
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