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  1. I just hope that on March 27, you have "eyes that perceive." I think your watching and waiting should be over by now,
  2. I am not surprised that you are scared. Most people who do not have your health issues should have some anxiety. Right now, we need to be a lot more concerned about people and their safety than we are about the stock market. A physician I know, e-mailed me from her large city. Her hospital unit is at a desperation level because of lack of protective gear for health workers and patients, and a glaring lack of ventilators for those critically ill. I am hoping that they soon get the help they need. In some respects, with apologies to those countries, we have been acting as if we were Third World. Now is not the time for recriminations, but it is the time to salute all those who are working on the frontlines of the pandemic, and we can surely show more kindness all around.
  3. I wonder about ABC, too. They just came out with another poll, not related to the virus, and had polled only 547 people. I happen to think that such polling is rubbish.
  4. Oh, dear! I know people who are wealthy and shop at Walmart. In fact, I would guess that people in Walmart are very diverse. I just do not like to read such stereotyping. Did you write about supposedly "right people" and "freaks" because you simply wanted to provoke others?
  5. What if some of the small, isolated communities in Alaska would not welcome masses of cruisers? Their health may mean more to them that their economy.
  6. If communication can fail, it will! When I wrote that folk from the UK and Ireland were "exempt," I meant they were not yet a part of the travel ban that has been put on citizens of at least 26 other countries. I know that American citizens can still try to get back here from other countries. I just do not understand why UK and Irish citizens can still travel here when the corona virus is spreading in their countries. Forget the Schengen Zone. I am referring to the spread of the virus that can happen from any country affected, and that includes the UK and Ireland. I am still baffled when so many Brits and Irish travel to other countries so much, including those in the Schengen zone. Remember it can take almost two weeks for the virus to show up in an individual. Still baffled.
  7. hlitner was correct in mentioning the UK exemption. It does not make a lot of sense. I know many Brits, and I watch BBC news. Despite preparing well before the United States for this new virus (testing kits, urging people with mild symptoms to stay away from family practitioners and hospitals, and telling others to phone a hotline to be given instructions) there has been an upsurge of new cases. Brits love to travel, and are continuing to take cruises and flights seeking the sun. Hence, there are apparently more cases of the virus in the UK than in some of the banned countries. The fact that the UK is not included in the ban has a slight "smell" to me.
  8. I hesitate to call the news "fake" when journalists around the world are putting their lives on the line. We would be in a mess if it were not for such people. I, for one, am thankful for journalists who do their research and do not spin the facts. Reading books about Hitler, I realize that he, among many other acts, got rid of those kind of journalists. Would that we could learn from history.
  9. One would think so, but perhaps companies would decrease their workforce. Too often, the motto is "profit over people."
  10. When cruise lines and airlines and travel agents are losing money, do you really think there will be discounts? I don't know. It must be a dilemma or nightmare for any industry, not forgetting the people who end up with the virus.
  11. How fortunate for you that this is an issue! Wishing you sweet sailing.
  12. Actually, I think pollution from any source anywhere is a part of a whole. Our planet increasingly is polluted and, to some extent, we are all to blame. There are little adjustments, though, to our lifestyle that could help--avoid plastic, recycle, recycle, recycle, and so on. A few weeks ago, a warning was sent out from a country's chemical society (never happened before) that minerals used for I-Phones, Computers, and the like will not be available in a hundred years' time. If we care about future generations we should heed such warnings by recycling, and refusing to buy the latest models.
  13. I always thought that Holland America was a line that took environmental protection seriously. But, let's face it, if we really cared about protecting our planet, we would not fly planes, take cruises, or drive certain vehicles.
  14. With dishonesty apparently running rampant, it is likely that some passengers will not tell the truth about their health or lack of, and also, let's not forget that taking Tylenol reduces temperature but not the underlying illness.
  15. Arrogance seems to be a national characteristic these days. In fact, I detect a lot of arrogance in the above post. I am very sorry for all those people affected by this new virus. The lessons to be learned are that bad weather, viruses, and so on happen, and that any traveler these days should have adequate cancellation and health insurance. Other characteristics of today are the blame game and greed.
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