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  1. Regardless of whether they wear stripes, they are a 3.5 stripe officer, the same as Food and Beverage Director and Assistant General Manager.
  2. Makes sense. Maybe because the games will be on in the middle of the night in Australia with few Americans onboard? Glad you got your answer.
  3. On the same cruise and Victoria is 8:00am until 5:00pm. It all depends on your distance from previous port / distance to next port. If you don't like the itinerary, don't take it.
  4. On the Norwegian Sun, the muster station was held at approximately 8:00pm, but the main dining rooms were not an assembly station. Last year we did two sailings out of Seward on the Jewel. The drill was held at 5:00pm, but there was a make up drill in between the welcome aboard shows in the stardust theater, only for those that missed the 5:00pm drill. Once we made the drill, once we did not. About 200 guests were in the Stardust for the secondary drill.
  5. You will cross the dateline between Pago Pago, American Samoa and Fiji. November 21st will be skipped and you will go straight from November 20th to November 22. We did the same at the end of 2017.
  6. Oh, I understand... but what is expected here? NCL should pass out food to everyone out in the terminal? NCL should sell food there? You aren’t checked in or onboard yet. Hungry? Eat. The terminal is not a restaurant.
  7. There is almost always a food cart in the parking area, and just across from the terminal and down a bit there is a restaurant. Just mentioning, because of how often you said food was not available to buy.
  8. The Jewel is now the first of the smaller ships to do the Glow Party, and there is no more White Hot Party. Bring white or bright clothes. They also do glow face painting.
  9. The rooms in the Fyzz were not removed. They were removed on the Jade, not the Jewel.
  10. I would think it would be more inconvenient to sail “on time” without food for 18 days... didn’t you make it to your first port, Ketchikan, on time? Let the insurance companies pay out to those that really need it, help keep premiums low.
  11. I am pretty sure before the show, as well as in the FreeStyle Daily, it mentions that there is to be no photography of the shows in the Stardust Theater.
  12. Be nice, polite, and ask the Cruise Director or Hotel Director about playing a piano. If they have one in a closed venue, like a restaurant off hours, they will occasionally let you play it. Typically the restaurant is available from 2:30pm to 4:30pm in between lunch and dinner set up.
  13. Of course you are going to get a better deal on a 12 day cruise. Who can normally take a 12 day cruise? Mostly retired guests, and a much smaller demographic to market to. Therefore, less demand = less cost. You will always find the average age to be much higher on a longer reposition or long cruise. Most younger family cruisers just can’t get longer than a week away from work or school.
  14. No. He is on the Norwegian Jewel right now.
  15. He was just on the Norwegian Jewel last week, said he was signing off for Vacation on May 6.
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