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  1. What hotel did you guys stay at?
  2. I actually instant messaged the TMB Barcelona Metro and they responded pretty quickly. They said they are two different networks and it won't work. Which is fine because I am planning on getting the T10 card anyway. I have also looked into sun transfers.com and this could be an option. Of note I am happy I discovered a 3Euro cruise port shuttle bus from the base of Las Ramblas at the Columbus monument that takes you to the cruise ship. So that will save a little money. It is a 5 minute walk from Drassanes metro station. Thank you for the advice! Todd
  3. You are so right! Before my travels start I am so ambitious in my will to go with the local public transportation and then I usually come to my senses! I mean I'm on vacation right!! Why should I worry about stairs and pick pockets. Your warning is definitely noted. I feel better knowing alteast I've done the research if I'm feeling adventurous. Thank you.
  4. Ok. I did some more research and the TMB/Metro line is not part of the combinado cercanias. I guess this is what you were telling me. This can all be very confusing. The best option for me looks like getting a T10 card that can be shared between 2 people for 10.20 Euro. This is good for 10 trips. Todd
  5. Hey hkto...thanks for your response. Ok have the combinado cercanías code on my ticket. I am reading that you can collect and use your free transfer ticket four hours after arrival at the destination of the Long Distance-Ave train. Doesn't say anything about just getting to Pl catalunya so I assume this includes the entire metro system?? Todd
  6. Thank you in advance for any insight. Arriving Barcelona from Madrid Via Renfe. Pretty straight forward connecting to Metro? Stairs to navigate with 3 suitcase and 2 people. Need to get to Drassanes Metro station and walk about 3 minutes to Hotel Arc La Rambla. Apparently the metro connection is also part of my Renfe ticket so I will need to figure that part out at a kiosk I guess. Todd
  7. I always thought this was possible!! Now I know it is.
  8. Theres no other explanation other than the room steward I would think. Or perhaps maintenance who I believe has to be escorted into a room (but I'm just speculating on that). Now I have questions. You said it was locked in the safe. I don't doubt you think that but are you positive. When I lock stuff in our safe I'm totally OCD. Check it multiple times. Have the SO do it as well. Now are you saying you locked it in there at the beginning and went to get it at the end and we're surprised it was gone? Whats the timeline? Once you get off the boat I would think your ability to investigate anyone of interest is out the window. TD
  9. that's great. We did greece on Jewel 2 years ago. Do you like wine tours...I can recommend a good one there. Wine Tour in Santorini-Santorini Wine Adventure Tours | Santorini Wine Tours | Santorini Cooking cla….webloc
  10. We will be getting on the day you get off.....May 30th. Barceonla to Venice as well? Todd
  11. Hope everyone is well. So still unclear if I will be able to use the Concierge lounge as a Diamond Plus on Vision May 30th Barcelona to Venice and return. Anyone with any insight or is it pinnacle dependent? I do like the idea of using the some enchanted lounge or schooner bar outside the diamond lounge for the nightly happy hour! Thanks in advance Todd
  12. Thats great. Thank you. The winery has transportation so that's a good thing. They get great reviews on trip advisor. TD
  13. http://www.levignediraito.com/eng/
  14. Great advice and thank you for making me think about the train option. Just an FYI we want to get back at or around lunch time because we want to go to the winery close to Salerno called LeVigne di Raito. We want a tour and lunch. They get great reviews on trip advisor. Thank you Here is their link just for an fyi Welcome to Le Vigne di Raito - Le Vigne di Raito.webloc
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