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    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    On the Breakaway sailing for 1/17. Had a guaranteed oceanview. Put bids for everything offered. Ended up getting upgraded to a Mini Suite with Balcony for $75pp ($150 total) which was in the low "POOR" range. Got our confirmation yesterday (6 days prior to sailing)
  2. imakemistaeks

    cruise tips books

    I feel like finding some blogs or other sites are a better resource to check out. I used to enjoy the Travel section of the bookstore but when information changes so frequently, books can be outdated quickly. With the internet, you can get updated information.
  3. Our return flight isn't until late so there shouldn't be any issues. Sounds like Uber each way is the best option. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for the responses everyone! I think we're going to stay at an LAX area hotel and get an Uber the next morning. Any issues with using Uber to pick us up from the port to the airport?
  5. - I wasn't sure which forum to post it in. I figured the "First Time Cruisers" forum would be appropriate. - Thanks, Kamloops
  6. So I've been on a few cruises before (Florida and Texas ports) but we have just booked a cruise on the Carnival Imagination out of Los Angeles (Long Beach port). We need a hotel for the night we arrive and then some sort of transportation from the airport to the hotel and then transportation from the hotel to the port itself. Our flight arrives around 10:30 the night before so hotel features and such aren't a big deal, we just need a safe place to sleep. I was wondering if any veterans of this port had any hotel recommendations. Preferably a hotel that offers free transportation from the airport to the hotel. But I guess my questions will be: 1. Is it a better option to stay at an airport area hotel and then get a shuttle in the morning? 2. Is it a better option to stay close to the port for less of a commute the next day? If so, what's the most cost efficient method of getting there for 2 people? 3. For shuttles from the port to the airport, what have you used and what would be recommended? Our flight isn't until after 5pm that day so we won't be rushed. Thank you
  7. I had a family member have issues with her card a couple of years ago, actually. I'll make sure everything is correct during check in. Thanks, all!
  8. We've printed our boarding passes but someone in the party wants to change their credit card for their onboard account. If we change this, we wouldn't need to print all new boarding passes, would we?
  9. imakemistaeks

    Do they have upper/lower ocean view cabins on Carnival?

    Perfect. Thank you!
  10. imakemistaeks

    Do they have upper/lower ocean view cabins on Carnival?

    Oh, I meant the beds. Guess I should have clarified a bit more. My girlfriend and I are going on the cruise but would prefer to have two twin beds that convert to one bed. I know several interior cabins have the "bunk beds" but wasn't sure if ocean view cabins did.
  11. If I book an ocean view cabin on Carnival but do not choose my own cabin, I was wondering if any cabins had upper/lower cabins or if they all were two twin beds. Trying to avoid an upper/lower cabin. Thanks.
  12. imakemistaeks

    Single Cruisers

    Never met anyone but if anyone on here is on my ship in a couple of weeks, I'm totally adorable and if you enjoy long walks on the beach, we can totally do that. If I'm not handsome enough for you, let's get some drinks first!
  13. imakemistaeks

    Had a good time on the Sky 4 night

    Just for my clarification, if the cruise stops at Grand Bahama Island, that just means Freeport basically, right?
  14. imakemistaeks

    E cigs question?

    Can you direct me to the designated "cocaine snorting" section of the ship? Is it portside?