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  1. Does anyone know if Favolosa have irons onboard?we are going soon and need to know ASAP.many thanx:confused::confused:
  2. We booked our cruise nice and early as we are told,after researching the best price,only to find out a month or so later that the price had been reduced by other companies and also the company we booked with,not by a mere few pounds I'm talking about £500.When I spoke to our agency they said there was nothing they could do and if we cancelled we would lose our deposit and be charged a fee on top totalling £800 approx.Itseems so unfair and has really put a damper on our trip.Has anybody else had this problem?or any advice.
  3. Greetings seasoned cruisers we are on the colourful coasts cruise in Dec and was wondering about tours on the islands,are we better off doing our own thing or do you recommend the official ships trips?is it cheaper doing yourself many thanx
  4. We have been on OV 1 and 2 for the last 6 years and we love it,very upset they are finishing its like losing one of the family!ok thats going overboard i know.....anyway we were on I.E back in 2002 as OV hadn't started then and i have to say we loved it until we found OV.The differences are fairly minimum,the cabins are a bit dated and smaller,no coffee or tea making facilities,no fridge no cinema and no celebrity chef!(only kidding)but if you don't mind going without the rest its great,we are going on the I.E in Dec and our last trip on the O.V in May sob sob,hope thats been helpful.
  5. Hello yall we had our honeymoon on the island and thoroughly enjoined it in 2002 since then we have been on Ocean village a few times,but they are moving on next year (sob sob),so we are coming back to the island.We did find the cabins small and basic back then we were hoping that there would be some changes,but reading the reveiws this dosen't seem to be the case.Its the tea making facilities we will miss especially first thing in the morning so we are thinking of taking our own,hope this wont be a problem!many thanx
  6. Hi yall we are doing the TA eastbound in June and as we have only been on ocean village was wondering if there are any tips we should know,we are so looking forward to it many thanx
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