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  1. The Haven service charge is $18.50 per person per day. For a seven-day cruise for two, that’s $259. Most also leave a reasonably generous tip for the butler and concierge. Many (not all) leave a couple of bucks for waitstaff and bartenders after service. You are also charged a 20% gratuity for the “free” specialty restaurant and alcoholic beverage perks. None of these are included in the listed basic fare.
  2. You’re right. If 100,000 die from COVID 19 from now to the end of June, the hell with them.
  3. Yesterday (March 26), 75,000 new cases, 1,260 new deaths.
  4. I’m booked on Dawn from New York to Southampton in April 2022. I think that’s more realistic.
  5. Front page New York Times article today on US cruise industry issues concludes that cruises are unlikely to resume before fall or later. Only positive point is that demand remains high.
  6. I can’t find it . When will the inaugural TA take place?
  7. Last spring, I booked a solo club balcony on a Dawn transatlantic in April 2022 for $5.0K. It is now priced at $20.7K.
  8. I like the freestyle soda machines on RCCL.
  9. The chances of an Italy to the US transatlantic cruise this November are 63.28 percent.
  10. While there is no reserved seating, in my experience your butler is a great source of advice as to when to be where to meet your needs.
  11. This morning’s figures indicate that 7.1 percent of Tennessee residents have been fully vaccinated. That’s below the national average. Surely a good portion of the remaining 92.9 percent would like to avoid a particularly gruesome death or the frequent long-lasting effects of COVID-19 infection.
  12. My “solo” club balcony on the Dawn’s 16-day transatlantic in April 2022 has gone up from $4.8K last spring to $20.5K now (and the latter is after the “30 percent off”).
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