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  1. We have had binoculars on the Jewel and the Pearl. Not great, but serviceable. I bring my small Zeiss pair with me when I travel. Expensive, but i have used them for nearly 50 years.
  2. The Jewel Class ships have lap pools in the Havens.
  3. In my experience, they were generally only dessert crepes. No savory or entree crepes.
  4. Sorry haven't sailed on the Bliss, but on the other NCL mega ships it is in the Atrium adjacent to the service desk. There are typically a bunch of menus and someone behind the counter (during the day).
  5. The onion soup at Le Bistro is really third rate. That said, I have had some very good entrees at Le Bistro.
  6. I have not found sorbet anywhere in the NCL fleet.
  7. I have found many delightful items in the buffet that place it in a class far above Golden Corral and similar. A few include whole roasted Hunan duck carving station on Asian night; whole roasted hog (snout to tail) carving station at lunch; and unlimited chilled shrimp and mussels on the half shell awaiting cocktail sauce on seafood night. The sandwich of the day (lunch) is often good and the Indian dishes section is also worth seeking out. The cheeses section has been mixed, on one recent cruise it was a nice selection of large, soft cheeses with breads, crackers, figs and dates. On another it was just indifferent small cheese squares. The burger patties were nothing special, but with grilled onions, crumpled bleu cheese and tomato slices they tasted quite good. I pass on the baked desserts, but eight flavors of hard ice cream (plus soft chocolate and vanilla) are offered.
  8. I have not sailed on the Jade. However, I have sailed in the Haven on the Jewel and the Pearl. As all 3 are Jewel Class ships, I assume--but can't be certain--that the pools are the same on all three. On the Jewel and the Pearl, the Haven pools are swim-against-the-current endless lap exercise pools and they are an outstanding amenity. They are the only places in the NCL fleet where it is possible to get in a real swim. Access to them during a cruise is worth a lot.
  9. 1. Next time take a $10 taxi or uber to the Marriot Courtyard, rather than wait a long time at night for a free shuttle. 2. Next time take a taxi or uber from the Marriot Courtyard to the pier, rather than a $12 pp shuttle. It will run the same amount for 2 people and is much more convenient. 3. Yes, shuttle drivers expect to be tipped.
  10. The fake juice they serve in the buffet, not real juice. Hot tea also available.
  11. I sail in Studios. If I feel like eating alone, I bring a book (actually, a Kindle). If I feel like company, I ask the restaurant host for a sharing table.
  12. Greatly enjoyed my two TAs on the Epic.
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