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  1. I live in Ohio. Never hear it called "pop."
  2. I would think at that level, your chance of an upgrade is pretty close to zero, but that doesn't mean you won't have a great time on your cruise.
  3. I have only seen it done from a soda gun.
  4. Looks like the Escape is bypassing Portland and heading straight to Bar Harbor, arriving 6:30 a.m. Tuesday.
  5. Once you pay the $15 fee and have a sticker on the bottle, you are free to consume it in your cabin or to bring it to a restaurant and have your waiter open and serve it.
  6. Nothing on the NCL website about this. Looks like the usual deal is still active. Where did you read this?
  7. Nothing, unless you enjoy sailing on a brand new ship and being among the first to check out its dining, lounge and entertainment facilities. Would a stop in the Azores add that much? I have enjoyed the sea days on all of the NCL transatlantic cruises I have made.
  8. All of the NCL transatlantic cruises I have taken featured beginner bridge lessons, intermediate bridge lessons and a duplicate bridge game every sea day. About 50 or more turned up for each event. They made the sea days fly by and I made a number of new friends.
  9. In the cheap bar across the street from me, a $7 martini comes from a $23 bottle of Gilbys Gin.
  10. Just to show how experiences can vary, I have sailed on the Escape, Breakaway and Getaway over the past ten months. Each time, my meal at Cagney's was very good and the buffets featured unlimited iced, peeled shrimp and mussels on the half shell in the buffets on seafood nights.
  11. Bear in mind that you are bidding per person for two passengers, even if you are solo or have 3 or 4 in your cabin. Thus, a $1,000 bid, if accepted, will always cost you $2,000.
  12. The Washington Post this weeks recommends tipping hotel housekeepers $10/day. Given that the NCL DSC covers cabin stewards, restaurant servers and many behind-the-scenes personnel, it doesn't seem so large. https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/tips/do-you-know-how-tip-america-take-this-quiz-test-your-knowledge/
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