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  1. Norwegian transatlantics offer free beginner and intermediate bridge lessons each sea day.
  2. So four months after giving me the points NCL has decided to take them back?
  3. In 1961, my grandmother took me, at age 13, on a summer tour of Europe after a crossing from New York to Gibraltar on the S.S. United States. The muster drill still stands out in my memory. Our group lined up on deck, behind our crew leader, in neat rows and columns. We wore our old-style (soft, baggy, orange) life jackets. A senior officer came by, trailed by a crew member furiously making marks on a clipboard. The officer walked around our group, carefully observing and murmuring notes to the crew member, then said "well done" and dismissed us. For what it's worth, I also remember dinner in the first-class dining room. The maitre came to each table, trailed by a crew member with a large silver bowl on a trolley. The maitre dipped into the bowl with a scoop chained around his neck and dumped a substantial scoop of caviar onto your appetizer plate. At age 13, I gave mine to my grandmother. I also shot clay pigeons off the stern of the ship. Around the first-class pool, a steward assigned a lounge chair to each requesting passenger for the entirety of the crossing (it was June).
  4. The new promo also omits the free gratuities of the prior promo.
  5. This is not true. The Studio Lounge is for the exclusive use of Studio passengers. However, the lounge is opened up to other solos should the daily solo meeting be held there, but only at that time. Barging into the Studio Lounge at other times is no different than barging into the Haven.
  6. In most states, businesses can do this as a matter of right.
  7. The TA's lawyer will likely bump the case up to a higher trial court, which will be expensive for you.
  8. Bear in mind that one drink/day is the healthy limit these days. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/10/well/eat/should-we-be-drinking-less.html?searchResultPosition=1
  9. With the 125 percent FCC and 20 percent discount, I got good deals on the two future cruises I booked.
  10. I have had no problem using my FCC without taking out insurance.
  11. Very suspicious. This doesn't like like an email.
  12. Bear in mind that the cabin upgrade costs the upgraded cabin price minus the price you paid, not minus the current price of the cabin you paid for.
  13. When you called NCL to ask, what did they tell you?
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