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  1. You are complaining that you good a good deal on a very desirable itinerary?
  2. I got points for an NCL-cancelled cruise (double points for Latitudes promotion) and everyone locally that I know got points for their NCL-cancelled cruise.
  3. Everything is relative. Barbados has less than 300K residents. On a per capita basis, my hometown (Dayton, OH) has fewer deaths.
  4. At age 72, I am at least as interested in when I can cruise again without significant risk of dying a fairly horrible death on board as in how fast the crews can be replenished.
  5. Allowing six feet of space around each passenger, that's one passenger in an elevator at a time and one person in a hallway at a time.
  6. I really enjoy cruising on NCL. However, I am 72 and I just can't see cruising with thousands of passengers and crew until an effective vaccine is available.
  7. Yes you can apply the FCC to currently-booked cruises with balances due. If the FCC exceeds the balance due, the excess remains available as an FCC credit in MyNcl.
  8. Looking good while new cases and deaths are on the increase? We are not living on the same planet.
  9. God help the passengers and crew who sail on 1 Aug.
  10. I have called NCL several times over the past week to set up replacement trips. The wait online was never over ten minutes. Don't go through life being such a pessimist.
  11. When, in the past, I have cancelled airline flights in accordance with airline policies, the credit always went to the ticketed passenger, not the person who paid for the ticket.
  12. I have been very pleased with NCL's FCC policies. I have booked two great future cruises.
  13. In my experience, airlines do the same thing. Even though I have paid for the tickets, when a reservation id cancelled and a credit is allowed, it goes to the passenger, not the one who paid.
  14. I have twice had my Cruise Next deposits reappear in my My NCL account within one week of cruise cancellation.
  15. I see nothing on the NCL site for any month in 2022, other than the Pride of America in Hawaii.
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