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  1. First time on Azamara - just wondering do Azamara ever have sales where they discount shore excursions periodically ? (normally we sail Celebrity/Royal and I know they both do from time to time ....along with drink and restaurant deals)
  2. We are hoping to hire a car for our port day in Ibiza early November. We have previously used CICAR but they only seem to have an airport outlet in Ibiza, and I would prefer something downtown. I see Europcar have a office near the port, but there is nothing available in November. (am thinking the office may close after the Summer Season, alas the website is in Spanish). Hoping someone may have some recent experience, and suggestions
  3. We have un upcoming Back to Back on Royal. If we were to buy some Duty Free on board on the first cruise, would they give it back to us the final night of cruise one ? Or would we receive it at the end of the second cruise ? Thanks
  4. Last time we visited the Kennedy Space Center - so this time we are planning on going to Disneyworld. We are in port from 0700-1900 so am hoping to find a car rental that will allow a late drop off. Most agencies seem to close at 4pm Appreciate some advice, is it worth the trip -- i believe its an hour each way, altho someone posted on CC its two hours each way ? What rental car company is nearest the Port ??
  5. Will be in Bar Harbor early October, and Royal have an excursion to Arcadia National Park with a carriage ride. (I gather the ship excursion is a one hour ride) Just wondering if any tour operators offer an excursion from the port with transfers - would like to take the two hour carriage ride. Don't really want to hire a car. Appreciate any tips, from someone who may have done this.
  6. We are Matt and Juan form Sydney, Australia looking forward to our first Azamara cruise. Interesting itinerary, hoping the tensions don't escalate in the Gulf ! Any others joining us ??
  7. I booked a Oceanview, category YO, on Adventure of the Seas for my October Cruise many months ago. The APP has showed me as a Balcony GTY all along, so i have been optimistically hoping it means a Balcony. Have just checked with my agent, who spoke to Royal and they confirm 'it may be a glitch in the APP', and we have but a window guarantee. Just curious if anyone has had the same glitch and fluked a Balcony
  8. We are Matt and Juan from Sydney Australia (also on board for the following back to back). I had made another posting but had no responses either .....
  9. Boy am I glad I asked for the feedback ..... Thanks for the feedback. I fool so foolish we actually dock in Fort Lauderdale (not Miami, so I know I need extra time .....) Keith the sailing is the Celebrity Reflection Transatlantic in November (previous port Nassau the day prior)
  10. We are arriving into Miami at 0500, and I would like to fly out at 1000 (on a Monday) We will walk off with bags, and a friend will pick us up and drive us us to the airport. Is this achievable or am I too ambitious ? Thanks for your advice. (we live in Australia, and hope to catch up with friends in Dallas, before flying home)
  11. We normally cruise with Celebrity and as Elite Plus get free coffee at the Cafe El Baccio. I have saw on the Cruise Planner a coffee card with 15 Coffees for $31. This seems a good deal, particularly as we will be in Norway where things are not cheap. Is it possible to buy two at a time using the one card as we will probably just take a coffee each port day. Thanks for any info
  12. If I book a Balcony, and pay to upgrade to Concierge/Aqua do I get five points a night (instead of just three) ? Does it make a difference if I am able to pay the difference and upgrade after final payment ?
  13. We are Matt and Juan from Sydney Australia. We are doing the Canadian Snowbird Migration from Quebec 07 October and the following back to back October 20 onto Mexico. Any family on board ??
  14. We have a balcony guarantee (cabin still not assigned) on our June Cruise so we are within final payment. The cruise has just dropped another $200. I have heard of people paying more for a better cabin, Rather than finish up in an obstructed can I ask my agent for an assigned cabin or better balcony ? Or do I need to wait and wait to see where I finish up and then try ?
  15. So the price of my cruise dropped and I managed to move from an Interior to a Balcony. (for less than the amount I had bid to upgrade). Royal would have been smarter to accept my offer. Just shows it pays to check, even after final payment. Now I have another offer to bid up ......
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