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  1. downundermatt

    Barcelona Supermarket between airport and cruise terminal

    Thanks for the info, we are flying in the day of the cruise from Nice with a small luggage allowance, hence the need for some last minute items - my understanding is Celebrity still allow soft drinks and two bottles of wine per cabin .... Lidl may well be the best option to avoid downtown.
  2. We arrive into Barcelona the morning of our cruise and need to pick up some last minute items (wine, toiletries, soft drinks) prior to boarding. I hear you can buy wine at the port but was hoping there might be a supermarket with more choice between the airport and the port en route. (Am looking for Sauvignon Blanc) Hoping someone has a suggestion, our taxi can take a small detour to. Thanks Heaps
  3. downundermatt

    Celebrity tender tickets for Elite/Elite Plus

    Was on the Eclipse in May and they didn't offer tender tickets (too many Elites and above). Thankfully back on Eclipse on November for the crossing and no tender ports.:)
  4. downundermatt

    Iceland - questions answered

    Hi - the amount they quoted was ISK 133900 for twelve pax (USD128) just bare in mind this was quoted in February and I think there has been some currency adjustments over three months. Good Luck - this tour was truly a highlight at a great price.
  5. downundermatt

    Iceland - questions answered

    Hi Aloha3 Saga Tour tailor made a tour based on our 1030 arrival and each couple payed 17,100 ISK direct to Saga in advance (USD164 for two) This was based on 18 pax , They also quoted for twelve pax but the cost was much higher (still much cheaper than the ship) I found it really easy to get 18 pax, I liked the fact people payed direct because it took the pressure of me (people changing their minds) and put the responsibility on each party. (I wasn't trying to locate 18 people on board for stressing over payment) I suggest you email them - tomorrow is what they sent me, and we had a great day. Good Luck Service: Private Lake Mývatn from Akureyri Port Pick up: Akureyri Harbour @ 10.45 Departure: @11:00 Duration: 5 - 6 hrs Highlights: Goðafoss Waterfall ● Skútustaðagígar Pseudo Craters ● Dimmuborgir Lava Formations ● The Rift Between the Eurasian & American Continents ● Mt. Námafjall Witness the Wonders of Lake Mývatn We begin our day by stopping at Goðafoss Waterfall on our way to Lake Mývatn. Goðafoss plays an important role in the Icelandic history, particularly in connection with the introduction of Christianity. We keep on going to the mystic Dimmuborgir Lava Fields (Dark Cities) full of lava-pillars and formations that are rich of mystic sagas and tails. We come to the warm underground river in Grjótagjá Rift and head to the geothermal area of Hverir with boiling mud pools, steaming fumaroles and sulphur pits. We then return back to Akureyri in time for your ship’s departure. Included ● Fully guided private tour ● Transport Not included: ● Refreshments
  6. downundermatt

    Buenos Aires 0500 arrival, 1145 flight doable ??

    I think the luggage will be OK (LATAM give us 23 kgs) and I think we can manage with this. I note Celebrity have a tour leaving the ships for an expensive day trip, I dare say they will get priority. We have previously experience the chaos and taxi mafia in BA on arrival :(
  7. Our Transatlantic finishes in Buenos Aires this December, and we wish to head straight to Iguazu Falls. The ship is scheduled to dock at 0500, and we are looking at a 1145 departure from AEP (Jorge Newbery Airport, which I understand is closer to the cruise terminal than the other airport EZE. Am i being overly optimistic, I really want to make the most of our two days at the Falls. I understanding arriving in BA can be problematical. (Taxis etc)
  8. downundermatt

    Iceland - questions answered

    I have just returned from the Celebrity Eclipse and felt to compare to share my positive experience with Saga Travel. We enjoyed a fantastic six hour tour from Akureyri Port to Lake Myvatn for 18 passengers. I decided to arrange a group through Cruise Critic, and initially Saga wanted me to pre pay for 18 people, which I was reluctant to do. (the price around USD85 - very reasonable for the region, compared to the same tour offered by the ship) After some too-ing and fro-ing Saga sent a link for payment to each individual to pay the company direct, which every did within days. This really worked well. Everyone showed up and I did not risk being out of pocket. I would I recommend the tour and the company without reservation. Hope this info is useful, didn't want to break any rules but to share some recent info, about a seemingly obscure port
  9. We are Elite Members approaching Elite Plus later this year, and normally book with a liquor package. Therefore the nightly CC drinks are virtually no benefit - I think Celebrity should offer Elite Members something else instead - like a specialty restaurant (or two). Whilst the internet and laundry perks are useful, the nightly drinks seem useless to me and to non drinkers - hence my suggestion of a specialty restaurant.
  10. Last year on our Transpacific Crossing on Millennium, Celebrity were offering buy one get one free drinks packages the first few days. Whilst this seemed like a good deal, it really annoyed those who had paid full price in advance. (We didn't bother as we had the Elite Drinks and Michaels Club so didn't need more !) Just wondering if anyone else had heard of these deals been offered recently on X, as I know it is rare to get liquor packages as a perk on repositioning cruises and am hoping it may be offered on our next crossing. Cheers :D
  11. downundermatt

    Celebrity Solstice 21 March 2018 SYDNEY - SOUTH PACIFIC

    After eight months no responses, time to bump this post ...... don't be shy !!
  12. downundermatt

    Upgraded to Concierge Guarantee - now what ?

    I noted a Concierge Guarantee was cheaper than I had paid for my balcony, so asked the question of my agent - and he contacted Celebrity low and behold my Cabin was changed and I kept my perks ......
  13. So there was a decent price drop on my forthcoming Iceland cruise and I got upgraded from a Balcony to Concierge Guarantee, keeping my current perks. :) I am happy with the new Cabin assigned, is there a chance they will move me again ? And I correct in assuming I will get just the three Captains Club points for a Balcony, versus the five offered for Concierge Class ? (as originally paid) Appreciate some advice as its my first time I've taken advantage of a price drop.
  14. downundermatt

    Iceland - questions answered

    I know there a few companies that offer a transfer to the Blue Lagoon direct from the cruise ship. Do any go direct from the cruise terminal to Blue Lagoon ? Am thinking they do a shuttle downtown, along with other shuttles where you transfer to the main coach (which leaves on the hour) Have email Reykjavik Excursions a few days ago, but other than an automated email still no reply to my queries - not a good omen when I am ready to book
  15. downundermatt

    Celebrity Eclipse - Dublin - Iceland April 2018

    Hi Mark and Ken ... looking at my tour for Akureryi, Iooks like I have four male couples joining us .....