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  1. We're in Australia, and thankfully have been relatively unscathed by the virus. (death toll hit 100 today) Personally I think our remoteness helped, and probably our major bushfires at the start of the year deterred many international tourists this year. The country is slowly opening up, but Im unlikely to work this year (working for our Major International Airline) I'm thankful for the Government we have have at a State and International Level, their decisive acts have saved lives and they are supporting many financially in a equitable manner. We were booked on Azamara in March, A CC tour companion passed away tragically - puts everything into perspective. I don't expect our two upcoming Celebrity Cruise will be happening (Vancouver/Hawaii in September and South America next February) Also am so sad to hear of the crew still in board, can't believe they are not being paid, but thats a whole new thread.
  2. Like hundreds of thousands I am waiting on a refund for my (March) cruise. Problem is I paid the initial payment one one card (which I have since cancelled. And the final payment on a different new card - Obviously I had no idea this virus would leave to any cancellation. I live in Australia, and my agent is in the US - I called him to ask if the whole deposit can go to the new card. He advised no, and I will have to ask for a cheque. This has been a nightmare, as we have both lost our jobs, and the amount is close to USD2000. I was thinking it would be better to have the money go direct to my card that is open and I don't want it going to a cancelled card as I guess it would take months to retrieve. And I guess Azamara Australia won't talk to me as its a US booking, Azamara US won't talk to me as the booking is made through a travel agent.. Help and advice most appreciated, especially if someone has had a similar issue resolved.
  3. Aside from the virus, sometimes its simply supply and demand that can see prices drop. We often book late and have got some amazing deals, just need to be flexible and have a plan B. And of course the later you book, you are more likely to pay more for the airfare.
  4. Looking forward to our upcoming Azamara Cruise and hoping someone can recommend A SIM Card that would work in Dubai, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Greece. Dont know if such a card exists, but I mainly want it for internet, Instagram and Facebook. Appreciate any help from someone who may have done a similar itinerary
  5. Thanks for the info - hoping we can stay the final day as we have done Athens before and have a late departure. We will have OBC left from the Essentials Package, which I believe can only be used for tours - can we use this credit to stay on board the last day - it's still not available in the cruise planner and the trip is just four weeks away .... Otherwise assume I can use it for an airport transfer if we can't stay on board ?
  6. Forgive this question from a Newbie - I was unable to find an answer on the boards. I know in some ports (mainly Europe) Celebrity and Royal give you the opportunity to stay on board longer and check out after lunch. on your final day - The program is called Stay a While and you pay for a fee via your cruise planner. Just wondering and hoping Azamara offer such a deal when our cruise finishes in Athens next April.
  7. We are cruising from Vancouver to Hawaii in September, and due to dock at 7am. Would a flight after Midday be safe ? There first port in the US is Hilo so I assume we clear Immigration there and do our final Customs In Honolulu. Thanks for any info
  8. We are looking forward to our first Azamara cruise next March which stops in Israel, Egypt and Jordan. I have read on Cruise Critic the ship will obtain the necessary visas for us at a small fee. Have any Australians cruised in this area and the ship got the visas ?, I know in Vietnam And Russia Celebrity obtained our visas, just a bit nervous about these ports.
  9. We will be in Sydney next month, and are hoping to drive some of the Cabot Drive. I've only seen Budget recommend on the threads here, but they are booked out the day we need. Any other suggestions, preferably near the port, or that could even pick us up. Thanks
  10. First time on Azamara - just wondering do Azamara ever have sales where they discount shore excursions periodically ? (normally we sail Celebrity/Royal and I know they both do from time to time ....along with drink and restaurant deals)
  11. We are hoping to hire a car for our port day in Ibiza early November. We have previously used CICAR but they only seem to have an airport outlet in Ibiza, and I would prefer something downtown. I see Europcar have a office near the port, but there is nothing available in November. (am thinking the office may close after the Summer Season, alas the website is in Spanish). Hoping someone may have some recent experience, and suggestions
  12. We have un upcoming Back to Back on Royal. If we were to buy some Duty Free on board on the first cruise, would they give it back to us the final night of cruise one ? Or would we receive it at the end of the second cruise ? Thanks
  13. Last time we visited the Kennedy Space Center - so this time we are planning on going to Disneyworld. We are in port from 0700-1900 so am hoping to find a car rental that will allow a late drop off. Most agencies seem to close at 4pm Appreciate some advice, is it worth the trip -- i believe its an hour each way, altho someone posted on CC its two hours each way ? What rental car company is nearest the Port ??
  14. Will be in Bar Harbor early October, and Royal have an excursion to Arcadia National Park with a carriage ride. (I gather the ship excursion is a one hour ride) Just wondering if any tour operators offer an excursion from the port with transfers - would like to take the two hour carriage ride. Don't really want to hire a car. Appreciate any tips, from someone who may have done this.
  15. We are Matt and Juan form Sydney, Australia looking forward to our first Azamara cruise. Interesting itinerary, hoping the tensions don't escalate in the Gulf ! Any others joining us ??
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