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  1. How many people did the governor of New York kill by forcing people back into nursing homes from hospitals? How prudent was it for the governor to encourage people to protest by the thousands during a pandemic? Your post has nothing to do with cruising but to say that the governor is doing a good job during this pandemic is a joke!
  2. Broadway cancelled all shows into January 2021. If I were you I would be looking into cruises that depart in 2022.
  3. Hopefully a vaccine will be available by January for the Chinese virus and you actually get to cruise.
  4. Cash tipping probably a thing of the past and not allowed post Covid-19 cruising pre vaccine.
  5. There will be some who will look to cruise immediately when cruises resume but certainly that will not be the majority of people. Therefore I would recommend waiting until the last minute to score the best cruise deals. Many people are not going to cruise again until a vaccine is available. There are sure to be deals to be had whenever cruising resumes. I see no advantage in booking any cruises for the rest of 2020 at this time.
  6. NCL does not sail out of Fort Lauderdale. I’m sure Miami will be at the top of the list whenever sailings resume.
  7. I never said I wouldn’t sail on an cruise with screaming bratty undisciplined kids. Simply stated if NCL had an adult only cruise ship I would be on it!
  8. A cruise with no screaming whiny kids with parents that do nothing about it? Sign me up!!!
  9. It’s anybody’s guess if they will be able to sail by their target date but they have a comprehensive plan in place that may be similar to other cruise lines when they start cruising again. https://www.cruisehive.com/cruise-line-to-introduce-new-measures-for-return-to-service/39873
  10. I would not want to be the guinea pig taking the first Hawaii cruise that NCL sails whenever that date may be. Probably safer to wait a few months from whenever the date is that cruises resume.
  11. How long before a certain someone who shall remain nameless comes on this thread and announces that he has a good feeling cruises will resume on August 1st!😂😂😂😂😂
  12. The bigger question you should instead be asking yourself is what cruise you will book in its place when Carnival eventually cancels this sailing!
  13. Optimism is fine but so is realism. I live in NY. Trust me when I tell you there is no way cruises will sail out of NYC in 2020. Other ports possibly but not New York.
  14. I don’t get your point. It is a requirement to wear a face covering in public places like supermarkets in New York. I would not however choose to take a vacation in which I would be forced to wear a face covering and I am sure most people feel the same way.
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