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  1. I agree April 2021 is a good time to book a cruise for 2022!
  2. Cruising will not resume until a majority of Americans have been vaccinated. Cruise lines will not allow you onboard their ship without proof of immunization. If you do not want to be vaccinated that is your choice but then no cruise for you. Plain and simple indeed.
  3. I would start looking at cruises in 2022
  4. Would imagine word coming down any day now cancelling all November cruises.
  5. Wow how depressing. No thank you. None of this sounds like a fun vacation. Guess I will be waiting until their is a vaccine or herd immunity before I cruise again if this is going to be the blueprint going forward.
  6. Honestly I do not see how you can keep the Thermal spa operational without a Covid vaccine.
  7. Of course NCL told you the cruise is a go. The cruise is a go until it gets officially cancelled!
  8. Pretty simple-if you do not care when cruise is cancelled then book now. If you do care then wait.
  9. Why would anyone be excited about a 14 day December 2020 cruise that will be cancelled???
  10. You never know, Seniors might all be dead by the time cruises are allowed to resume!
  11. The district brew house is a great place for young adults of drinking age to get drunk on the ship!
  12. Cruise is gonna be cancelled anyway so I wouldn’t even waste my time bidding.
  13. The sky is a great party ship! Lots of younger people and drunks. Have a great time!
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