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  1. Good news! A credit from Holland America appeared on my account this morning...hooray! 👍
  2. Thanks for both of your replies. Good to know as I was afraid it might take weeks. We disembarked on Friday so fingers crossed it shows up soon. 😊
  3. Thank you for this information. I just returned from a cruise on which I had leftover refundable OBC and was told it would be credited back to my Visa card. My question is how long does this take?
  4. Excellent review!! 👍 So glad you enjoyed the Nieuw Statendam as I'll be sailing on her for the first time in September. Like you, my last HAL cruise was also on Eurodam and as I really liked that ship, was worried I wouldn't enjoy Nieuw Statendam as well but hearing you compare the two ships and that you liked Statendam a bit better makes me all the more excited for my upcoming cruise. Thanks again!!
  5. Wonderful review! My first time on Nieuw Statendam is in a little over two weeks and am more excited than ever. Thanks for sharing. 😊
  6. Thank you for your kind words and for bringing up a very good point. I will certainly do this. Thanks again. :)
  7. Thank you.....you're very kind. Hope you have a wonderful crossing on the Sky Princess and sorry a Nieuw Statendam accessible balcony wasn't available for your December cruise but a 14 day pass for a retreat cabana sounds heavenly.👍 Thanks again and enjoy!!
  8. People watching...all the more fun. I'd forgotten I was above the walking deck. :) Thanks again and have a great cruise in November!!
  9. Thank you! And also for sharing your wonderful cabin photos and room info. Love a covered balcony. 👍 Glad to know you really enjoyed that cabin and thanks to you I'm now looking forward to this cruise more than ever!!
  10. 😐 Sorry to hear that happened to you. I'm going to contact HAL to let them know I'm willing to change cabins should someone who really needs an accessible cabin decide to join the cruise. It might not make a difference but will help to know I tried.
  11. Thanks to all for the very helpful input! 😊
  12. It's an S class. Wish they had aft stairways as well.
  13. Thanks for that as well...definitely makes me feel a bit better.
  14. Just called Holland America to take advantage of an upgrade special for an obstructed veranda and was assigned a handicapped obstructed veranda. When I saw the cabin on the deck plan, I explained I didn't need a handicap room and feared I was keeping it from someone who really needed one. The agent told me for that very reason they usually don't assign these cabins to non-handicapped passengers until it is within 30 days of the cruise, which it is. The cabin, 4096 on Nieuw Statendam, is naturally larger and also looks to have a larger balcony than other veranda cabins and I feel I made a good choice to upgrade. However, I can't help but worry someone who actually needs a handicapped room will join the cruise between now and the time we sail. If that should happen, will I be asked to move or will they simply not be able to cruise? If I were asked to change cabins for this reason, I certainly would but wonder if anyone has had any experience with this? Also wondering if anyone has sailed in this particular cabin? I saw photos of one similar that looked to have two separate balcony doors but could easily be mistaken.
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