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  1. We'll definitely look into it. Thanks!
  2. We're basically in the same boat as you healthwise (excuse the pun) so this is very helpful advice. And we'd just been discussing excursions over the weekend so your post came at just the right time. Thanks! :)
  3. Wonderful photos and videos!! This makes me feel better about bringing them. You hear so much about lovely views while on hikes and such that I didn't want them to go all that way only to miss so much due to lack of mobility. Your photos are beautiful and looks very doable on our part. Thanks so much!!
  4. Thanks. This helps a lot. And yes, finding Norway to be VERY pricey, too but definitely worth it from all the wonderful photos. Question: Traveling with my mom and aunt who are starting to have trouble getting around, I'm wondering that with all the scenery we'd be seeing from just being on the ship itself, do you feel excursions are necessary? And if so, which excursions on either 7-night "Norse Legends" or 14-night "Voyage of the Midnight Sun" itinerary would you deem "must-sees"? Thanks!!
  5. Thank so much for your quick reply! :) Thanks so much for posting this...wonderful photos! Was thinking I could only afford a 7 night cruise but now might be able to do the 14 night North Cape cruise....unfortunately doesn't include Geiranger so was very happy to see your post. Seems like a wonderful option if not sailing into Geiranger, itself. How long was this tour? We'd only be in port 8am-5pm and don't know if we'd have time.
  6. I see you really liked Molde and Alesund and as I am trying to decide between two 7 night itineraries on the Nieuw Statendam with the only difference being one visits Molde and the other visits Alesund, I was wondering if you found one of the two towns to be better than the other? My itinerary choices are as follows: June 21 July 19 Amsterdam Amsterdam At sea At Sea Eidfjord Eidfjord Hardangerfjord (cruising) Hardangerfjord (cruising) Bergen Molde Geiranger Geiranger Alesund Bergen At sea At sea Amsterdam Amsterdam Thanks!
  7. Wow...didn't know you could rebook to a lower fare. More great info...thanks again! :)
  8. Is there any way to check flights on Flight Ease BEFORE booking your cruise? Also, if I book through a travel agent, can I book my own flights through Flight Ease or does my travel agent have to do this for me? I much prefer looking up flights myself and can't remember if I have this option. Thanks!
  9. Great news! Sandra, thanks so much for also posting menus!! 😊
  10. I loved the pastas served at Alfredo's on my Regal Princess cruise and am wondering if they are served on the new Sky Princess as well? Wish I could remember what they were called.... Thanks!
  11. Good news! A credit from Holland America appeared on my account this morning...hooray! 👍
  12. Thanks for both of your replies. Good to know as I was afraid it might take weeks. We disembarked on Friday so fingers crossed it shows up soon. 😊
  13. Thank you for this information. I just returned from a cruise on which I had leftover refundable OBC and was told it would be credited back to my Visa card. My question is how long does this take?
  14. Excellent review!! 👍 So glad you enjoyed the Nieuw Statendam as I'll be sailing on her for the first time in September. Like you, my last HAL cruise was also on Eurodam and as I really liked that ship, was worried I wouldn't enjoy Nieuw Statendam as well but hearing you compare the two ships and that you liked Statendam a bit better makes me all the more excited for my upcoming cruise. Thanks again!!
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