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  1. alidor

    Europe flights are finally booked!

    I must admit that I am puzzled also about this travel agent. I have been one for 40 years and have never had to do what your agent is doing. Suggest you find another one.
  2. alidor

    New Zealand / Australia / Bali

    There already is a roll call for this sailing. Check under Seabourn Roll calls for March 9 on the Encore..
  3. alidor

    Awkward travel agent question

    Just curious - how many of you have rebated your product? If you were a doctor, did you reduce your fee to your patients? If you were an engineer, did you reduce your price to your clients? Just wondering why you think it’s okay to demand that their travel agents rebate some of their earnings to you.
  4. alidor

    Booking Flights

    You are talking spring break here - prices will NOT be low.
  5. Any comments on the above cabin??
  6. alidor

    Western Africa

    My husband and I are considering doing the Voyager but not until November, 2020, for a western Africa tour. We have never been to most of these countries and are looking forward to doing it. Has anyone ever done this cruise before? It starts in Lisbon and ends in Capetown with a 2 night extension at the end in the wine country.
  7. Oops!!! Look at Seabourn, Regent or Silversea. These all provide a superior product.
  8. These are all cruise ships that are very large. If you want something smaller and more luxurious, look at
  9. alidor

    Oceania vs Regent in the Baltic

    I vote for Regent. If Oceania is using of their 2 bigger ships, you will be fine but if the sailings are on one of their smaller ships, your cabin will be much bigger on Regent. After a week or so in one of their smaller ships, it kind of gets to me being in a small cabin.
  10. alidor

    Sleep Inn - Sea Tac Airport

    Please don’t tell us you are a travel agent. One that really knows what they are doing would never get into this mess.
  11. Get together with a good travel agent.
  12. alidor


    As for a comfortable and supportive sandal, try Keens.
  13. alidor

    Am I Missing Something?

    You WILL NOT be charged a penalty if you don’t show up for a flight. Trust me, I’ve been selling tickets for 40 years and this will not happened. I have heard of doing something similar if you do this excessively but that would be very, very rare.
  14. alidor

    All Things EARTH... part 2

    That sounds like quite a celebration! Is it me or does there seem to be more people celebratining their 50th? It seems a long time ago it was rare for people to do this and now it has become common.
  15. alidor

    All Things EARTH... part 2

    We did! In the lobby of the Hilton hotel in Prague before the trip! I really enjoyed the AMA cruise. We have done 2 more river cruises since then but on Tauck. One was a Tauck Bridges tour, with their family program and our small family, and one my husband and I just did in May that went from Berlin to Krakow. That was a great trip! We liked AMA so much that hope to some day do another trip with them. Have you done any more AMA trips?