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  1. We were on a March Rio to Miami, via the Amazon, trip that got cancelled in May! Can’t believe it was cancelled 10 months prior to the sailing…
  2. You definitely need more than an hour to change planes in Paris.
  3. Slider girl - for some strange reason, this Bocelli concert really appeals to me. Where did find info about this?
  4. Delta does not go non-stop from Midway and as for low cost fares, I doubt that. They are a major carrier and are not known for low fares. Southwest is the only one who goes non-stop from Midway and as someone posted, their flights for January are not out yet.
  5. We are thinking about taking a Viking cruise but are hesitating. We like smaller ships - hate the large ones- and like Regent and Seabourn. Am afraid we will be disappointed on Viking. Does anyone have any insights into this?
  6. DaveFr - are you on this cruise? We are. Were supposed to take this in 2020 - hope this one goes. We just had a March, 2022 Regent cruise cancelled…
  7. Our Voyager cruise for next March is cancelled and, yes, I am ticked. Just got a brochure last week in the mail showing the cruise we were on as operating...
  8. Well, forget it. Just got an e-mail that they cancelled this March, 2022 cruise. Yeah, I am a bit ticked. That's almost a year away...
  9. Am following this with great interest as we are booked on the Voyager for next March...
  10. Yes, I've been surprised by the answers. I only remember one show per night. There aren't that many passengers and with open seating, I can't picture them having 2 shows per night...
  11. Beautiful flowers but I’m confused. How are they growing? Didn’t you just have snow a few days ago?
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