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  1. Just got off the Encore on Friday and really enjoyed Earth and Ocean. Just a warning. The daily newspaper says it is open at 7:00 pm. BUT, if you want a table, get there about 15 to 20 minutes before then and grab one. They usually start serving earlier than 7 anyway.
  2. Chris Farley. Attend his special show - he has an amazing voice. Just got off the ship on Friday.
  3. If you have been on Windstar, I would think Seaborn would be more to your liking. I actually think Seabourn is a step up from Windstar. We are on our first Seabourn sailing right now and we are very much impressed (and, no, there is no charge for restaurants). We have been on Silversea nice and although they do do a good job, they were just a bit too formal for our taste.
  4. We are on the Encore right now and really enjoying the cruise. It is our first time on Seabourn. Have a question, though. Are the port talks always so poor? They last about 10 minutes and just the basics are given. I think every other line we have been on, the talks were quite extensive, but these are just basic.
  5. Just flew AA in premium economy from LAX to AKL. I was very surprised in what a great product it is. Would definitely use this again if available to where I am going.
  6. I was not aware that Seabourn gave jackets for an Alaskan cruise and kind of surprised at that. During the summer, when I assume you will be going to Alaska, it just doesn't get that cold....
  7. We are going on the Encore on March 11 and my husband just asked a question. I mentioned something about the caviar on Seabourn but that reallly doesn’t interest us that much. But my husband loves ice cream and wondered if there is an ice cream stand or similar on the ship. Is there?
  8. Did you consider another cruise line? I have not been on Viking but understand they only offer one free tour per stop while AMA (and possibly others) offer several different tours per stop. One they do offer is a slow walkers trip per stop. These are excellent tours that offer many of the main sights but at a slower pace than the others. They are great for people who have a hard time walking, those who walk with a cane, etc.
  9. First time on Seabourn, leaving March 11th. Does Seabourn send out documents? I printed our sea-pass online and I know that’s really all we need but I was wondering if we get any documents.
  10. MJC — We, too, were in Tanzania over Christmas and had a wonderful time. There is a book out called “The White Masai.” It is a true story about a woman from Switzerland who fell in love with a Masai man. Ok, she’s pretty much nuts as far as I am concerned but it is very interesting reading as it gives tremendous background to the Masai people. It is very interesting reading.
  11. We have done this tour and it is as safe as can be. The water is pretty shallow where you park and the stingrays are plentiful and near by. Would not consider it unsafe at all.
  12. MJC - we just came back from Tanzania about 3 weeks ago and your pictures are bringing it all back. What an amazing trip! We took our daughter, son-in-law, and 2 grandkids and we just loved it! Post some more pics when you get a chance! So very much enjoying them!
  13. Why didn't you buy them when they were low? Did you think they would be lower??
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