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  1. Not Beaches. I believe you are looking for something quiet and private and that is definitely NOT Beaches...
  2. The earliest you can even look for flights is about 11 months before your desired departure date. To use the cruise line’s air, they open their air about 9 months prior. You can book the cruise Line’s air for usually $175.00 each to deviate and that is for the entire ticket, not per direction.
  3. I’ve been a travel agent for 45 years, so have tons and tons of experience here. Flights can change every 4 HOURS, depending on demand. Someone with a lot of experience can somewhat beat the system, but it is almost impossible.
  4. Thankfully, I have only had 2 migraines in my whole life and that is after having some saccharine in ice tea... don’t even ‘now if that is still a product that is in use but thought I would mention it
  5. We, too, would not do a large cruise ship again. It’s been about 5 or 6 years since we did a large ship and that is the last time! Much, much more prefer the size of Seabourn, Regent! Azamara, etc.
  6. I think Tyra Banks looks awful! Her "dresses" look more like costumes rather than nicer gowns. I realize they are designed for her to look thinner, but they are awful. Only watched about 1/2 hour yesterday - just no interest. Never did have much interest in the show but not less than ever.
  7. People who were on the 2021 world cruise had the whole week to say if they wanted the same cabin for 2023 and the new world cruise was booked for them. No prices out yet, though.
  8. We did a Papeete to Lima cruise on Oceania about 3 or 4 years ago and the seas were so smooth the entire way. We were surprised, expecting some wavy nights along the way, but had none. That was our first cruise on Oceania and we did 2 more after that, not absolutely no more on Oceania. Do like Regent a lot, though!
  9. Will be on a cruise beginning in Dover next August (hopefully). Would anyone recommend staying there the night before we board or would you suggest just staying in London?
  10. This is really a great itinerary! Although we will never do a world cruise, I can certainly see us booking a segment. I’m thinking Dubai to Capetown to Barcelona would be one or 2 different trips and we love the itinerary!
  11. Have been on both and I think Windstar is a step down from Seabourn. Lots of reasons why, I guess, but enough that I would prefer Seabourn over Windstar. Years ago, Windstar was very special but over the years they have gone downhill.
  12. Purdue - you have a great memory! Yes, we lived outside of Chicago basically my whole life and just moved down to BLuffton, outside of Hilton Head, last week and we definitely made the right move! It is a bit too hot for me right now but I figure if I can get through August, I’ll be okay. But, it is really hot where you live, isn’t it?
  13. Slidergirl - I noticed you said your niece just moved to Beaufort. We just moved to Bluffton, about 15 miles from Beaufort, about 8 days ago. What is she doing in Beaufort? That is such a pretty area.
  14. I think this is an ad for that company not a comment from someone.
  15. I'm telling you - use Mr. Clean's Magic Cleanser. It is not abrasive as someone said and works wonders... Seems easier to use than this vodka mixture.
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