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  1. This has already been posted a number of times.
  2. The elephant park is mainly on paved roads - not a problem. We were in Tanzania in December and rode over miles and miles of unsaved roads and a LOT of bumps. Never had a back problem until we did this tour. It resolved itself after about 4 weeks when we come home but it did make me a bit squeamish about anything that can cause back problems. Would not hesitate to do the elephant park. It is not a true safari but for your purposes, it would be fine.
  3. I believe there are 2 docks in Venice. One is very near the Grand Canal and that is the one they will close. No large ships can dock here anyway. The other one is further away and that is the one they will retain for the ships.
  4. We did this on Seabourn this past March from Auckland to Sydney and it was fine. The ship handled the waves, which I guess are common here, beautifully! The Encore is an amazing ship!
  5. Thank you for this "renew" site. I never knew that existed. We only live about 30 minutes away from an outlet store and I am so thankful for that! I have a really hard time paying full price for any of her items as I know you can get something similar at an outlet for a considerable discount. Once in a while I do end up paying full price for one of her items, but not very often. One thing I love about her clothes is that they fit! I am 5'8" and her clothes just fit. If I look at something lower prices, like Kohls or something like that, the pants are too short, the sleeves on a long sleeved item are too short, etc., etc. Love her clothes!
  6. No, I am not going to tell you the routing or airlines involved. If you want this information, see a travel agent. End of story....
  7. Through a consolidator that I have used for years. It is very reputable and used by many, many agents. It is very legit.
  8. Zach1213 - I don’t care if you believe me or not but I did and it’s with reputable airlines with only one-stop to Venice in an international city. The people are ticketed already. I see on here ALL the time where people think they can get good deals and, maybe they are, but OFTEN I know there can be better prices. And, this is on major airlines with major routings.
  9. Sherin65 - thank you for asking me for my e-mail but I don’t look for business on this site. I realize there are quite a few not so good travel agents out there, but there are many that are wonderful and know what they are doing. Check in your area. I get frustrated when I see what people talk about on this site and realize that most of them honestly don’t have a clue about getting air. They talk like they are experts, but, believe me, they are not! Anyway, every so often I have to put my two cents in!
  10. No, they only have to change planes once in a very international city and they fly a non-stop home.
  11. I AM a travel agent! Been doing this for about 43 years - so, yes, I do know what I am doing....
  12. No, because I was getting the same $1000 plus figure if I just booked through the regular airlines.
  13. Contact a good travel agent. I am one and have just booked people from Chicago to Venice and back from Rome for $792.00 each for travel next May.
  14. Try pulling it up by date - February, 2021, and it does pull up.
  15. I called them. It was available on line as well. At least a few days ago.
  16. We stayed at the Hotel Arts about 5 years ago and it is lovely, but a little out of the tourist area. We did walk to Las Ramblas and the Gothic area, but it was a long walk. Used cabs mostly. You are on the beach which is a wonderful asset, especially if you have kids.
  17. Sailor Sally - my husband and I are in the same position. Big townhouse and we are in Chicago. We are thinking of a Del Webb community in Bluffton, SC. Have always liked Hilton Head and think we would like this area. Can’t believe I am looking at a Del Webb community but the idea kind of appeals to me!
  18. Thanks for posting this cruise. Just booked it this morning and was told there is very little space left! Love the itinerary!
  19. Yes, a TA can save money. Many belong to consortiums that have lower rates - even at major chains.
  20. How did you find this itinerary? I looked at Seabourn.com and could not find it. Really like the itinerary!
  21. We did a three night pre-cruise safari with Regent that was outstanding! It was at Shamwari, an excellent private game reserve.
  22. Why would you need VIP service in Saint Martin?
  23. Thank you for this. I found some info about the Aspire Lounge and it wasn't very complimentary so I will pass on that, but the info about the Rijksmuseum is very worthwhile. Thank you!
  24. Have a family of 5 who have 3 to 5 hour layovers in Amsterdam. As a gift, I was going to buy 5 lounge passes to a KLM lounge, but they don't sell passes. Does anyone have an idea of a gift they could use there?
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