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  1. Several years ago, my DH’s favorite beige t-shirt came back a lime green with streaks of green. It almost looked tie-dyed. They washed it again and it was a little better but clearly not the same color. If I remember correctly they took off the charge for that load of laundry. I’m sorry to say that if you didn’t bring it up on the ship, there’s probably nothing they will do for you now. And even then it wouldn’t have been much. Now we only send out things we won’t be upset over if they come back ruined.
  2. So this is strange, I thought. We are going on the Breakaway tomorrow out of New Orleans and when I registered, it gave me various time slots to choose to arrive. I chose 2:00 - 2:30 but you could also choose 2:30 - 3:00. That was the latest. Honestly, I didn’t pay attention to the departure time, I just knew we wanted to try to arrive later to hopefully avoid the lines. But now that I am looking at my cruise docs,it says we MUST be on board 2 hours prior to departure, and we depart at 4 PM! Incidentally, right under that, it says that we have elected to arrive at the pier from 2 - 2:30. Why in heaven’s name would they allow me to pick 2 - 2:30, when we HAVE to be on board by 2:00? We are in the area so it’s no big deal and I always reconfirm, but they should have their time selection setup properly.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I’ve already asked questions on other places to hang out so we’ll find an alternate.
  4. DH and I will have a balcony while my MIL will have an ocean view. We wondered if a third chair will fit and if so, will the steward bring one, if asked? Just if we all wanted a quiet place to sit and read and watch the waves. thanks!
  5. We do this with Marriott and for a weeks stay only have them come in a couple of times. There’s just two of us and there are four towels so we are good for a few days. ON our last NCL cruise, we told the steward that we did not need ice and did not need turn down service and that it was ok to just drop off the daily. But the guy still did full turn down service with a towel animal, ice refreshed twice per day and he changed our towels completely out even though we had hung them for another use. We had prepaid gratuities and really just thought we’d give him some time back since we don’t really need all of that attention. But he would not be dissuaded. So we just went with it.
  6. Oh I FORGOT about the muesli! We’re on the Breakaway in December and now I’m ready for it. I just LOVE that stuff!
  7. I just booked travel insurance for me and my DH. It had a place for beneficiaries. I put my Dad for mine and his Mom for his, figuring if we were traveling together it would be a greater chance of dying together. If, God forbid, my DH died on our upcoming trip, I would assume his Mom would get the money as she’s his beneficiary, even though I paid for the policy. When buying your policy did it ask you to name beneficiaries? sorry for your loss!
  8. Wow, that sounds like a tiring first day! Glad the weather has gotten much better as you move along! Since you are so familiar with the Breakaway, could you maybe answer if there is a relatively quiet place to sit in the shade in a lounge chair and watch the waves? My MIL is going with my DH and I on the Breakaway this December. It's her first cruise and DH and I always go on the smaller ships so we don't know what to expect. Thanks! Looking forward to more... Melody
  9. Thanks for the responses. I thought NCL had moved them inside but the last cruise I was on was outside. But it’s just occurred to me the last trip was with my niece on Disney. So we should be good. Looking forward to the cruise but but we always do the smaller ships so Breakaway will be an adventure, I’m sure!
  10. Are the Breakaway muster drills inside? We are going with my older MIL. She has an ocean view on Deck 5 and we have a balcony on Deck 14. If the drill is inside, we would be OK dropping her off at her location and then coming back to her when it’s done. If it’s OUTSIDE with people lining up, I’d rather my DH stay with her. Do you think they’d let him check in at ours and then actually attend with her? She’s not disabled in any way, but sometimes they squish you in like sardines when they are actually at the lifeboat location so I’d like my DH to be with her. Thanks!
  11. We do not tip up front and if the steward is really great, we will leave an extra $20 cash tip for a 7 night cruise. But we empty the mini fridge ourselves, keep our cabin extremely neat, do not use ice or room service. As another posters mentioned, I do notice we rarely SEE our room steward since the DSC went into effect. And that’s OK with us. We’d rather them buzz through their work and have some free time rather than having to feign interest in yet another set of guests. Just throw our covers up, wipe down the bathroom and leave us fresh towels every few days. Other than that, we’re good.
  12. I ask because I looked into booking the Fulton Street Garage roof for our December NCL cruise and it was $15 per day plus a $5.00 service fee, plus tax and it came to $123.00. So I’m thinking if the port parking at the Julia Street terminal is a flat $20 per day ($140), it might be worth the extra $17 just for the ease of being so close and hopefully being able to get on the road quicker. Thoughts or comments?
  13. We have chosen the sail away cabin a few times and were always pleased with the outcome. Last time we chose a sail away balcony over a midship balcony because of the difference in price. As it turned out, we were assigned almost the exact midship balcony I would have chosen. i have just booked a sail away balcony for me and my DH and a sail away ocean view for my MIL. I hope my luck hasn’t run out!
  14. My passport sits in the same secure place and has for the 17 years I’ve lived in my house. Several years ago I logged on early to fill out my edocs and went to get my passport and it wasn’t there. My husband’s was and we never travel separately. To this day I don’t know where that passport is. Luckily, I had enough time to expedite a new passport, but that could have been me. If they hadn’t needed the number, it WOULD have been me because I would have never doubted that my passport was there. I certainly learned MY lesson. Whenever we book a trip, the first thing I do is put my eyes on my passport. However it happened, I’m glad the person made it onto the ship.
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