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  1. Thanks Ate for all the pertinent information! I will pass this on to my cousin.
  2. Thank you all so much for your help! It is really surprising to me how little the groups department of MSC knows about the layout of the ships. I am trying to talk my cousin into doing an Aurea Suite S3 instead. This will give him space and a balcony. The groups department of MSC also told my travel agent that if my cousin goes for a Yacht Club suite, he won't be able to eat dinner with the rest of us in the main dining room. That is really crazy if that is true. I stayed in the Haven on the escape and was able to eat in the main dining room. I have a suite booked in August on the Celebrity Edge and I know I can eat in the main dining room on that ship too. I am really grateful for cruisecritic and all of their members because this is really the best way to get accurate information.
  3. Hi, I am in charge of the planning for a 30+ people family cruise. We are booked on the Divina. My agent booked a MSC Divina Executive and Family Suite for my cousin. All the youtube videos I've watched and the reviews I've read state this suite has panoramic sealed windows. The MSC agents are telling my travel agent that there is a verandah. I called MSC twice and asked to be transferred to a supervisor during the last call. I was told there is no balcony. My travel agent told me the Divina had a refurb in 2017 and maybe they added a balcony then. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? The suite numbers are 12001, 12002, and 12004. It would be a real shame if, after spending all that money, my cousin got on the ship and his suite didn't have a balcony like he was promised.
  4. Thank you for all the input. I will call captains club and see if they can make reservations for us.
  5. Thank you for your post MaryKay525. It affirms my suspicions that specialty dining packages get undesirable dining times. Plus, thank you for the phone number. I will try it tomorrow and report back here as to what Celebrity conveys. Thank you cruise kitty for your input as well. 8:30 wouldn't be so bad but anything after 9:00 would be pushing it, since the Mediterranean itinerary gets you into ports early and I do want to be off the ship early. I am one that needs her sleep! Only 2 sea days on this cruise.
  6. This will be my first sailing with Celebrity but I have sailed with Royal Caribbean many times so Celebrity assigned me a captains club number. Is that the same thing? Also, some of the literature I found concerning sky suite perks include this under the dining section, "Main and specialty restaurant seating preferences." That is such vague statement though.
  7. Thanks libridge8 and jelayne. That's what it looked like when I tried making a mock booking.
  8. I would like to purchase the 4 specialty restaurant dining package for our 11 night Edge cruise. I have read that the packages can sell out and that is why I want to purchase it soon. Will I be able to make reservations to the specialty restaurants, prior to boarding, with the package or will I have to wait to board to do so? I have also read that many who waited to make reservations at the specialty restaurants after they boarded, where only given dining times of 9pm and after. I don't want to eat that late. Also, we will be sailing in a Sky Suite, so would I be given priority restaurant reservations, meaning a time that I want? I appreciate any advice and help I can get.
  9. Thanks Bo1953! What about the concierge and do people normally tip the concierge? I just never have used them in the past because I book my dining either at a specialty restaurant when I board or on the app when available. Also, I barely do the tours offered by the cruise line.
  10. If I have a sky suite, and the prepaid gratuities are part of my perks, does this include the tip to my butler? I am asking because I was in a Haven suite on the Norwegian Escape 2 years ago, and the prepaid gratuities did not include the tip to the butler or the concierge.
  11. Can you just book the cabin you want for 3 and then cancel the 3rd person as long as it is done before final payment?
  12. Where can you find these group slot pulls? I am sailing on the Mariner this Friday.
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