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  1. ms1badtk

    Ne/canada shore excursion recommendations

    I thought about doing this but I worry about parking and how it is? I was worried there would be a lot of parrallel parking and I will be honest I don’t know how to bringing from Houston we dont have to parrallel Park. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. ms1badtk

    Ne/canada shore excursion recommendations

    thank you so much for the info this helps a lot. Tina :)
  3. ms1badtk

    Ne/canada shore excursion recommendations

    Do you know how far the HOHO bus goes? I was wanting to go to Little Italy but didn't know if the bus would got that far or if I would have to catch a cab or uber. Also does anyone know where Carnival would dock when in port. I am having a hard time find this info to see where I can walk and when I should take a cab.
  4. Loving your review! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. ms1badtk

    How many days until your next Carnival Cruise?

    Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. ms1badtk

    Triumph Dry Dock

    I was wondering what they were going to do as well. I am booked for Oct. 2019 I just hope they add a steakhouse so I can have a couple of really good meals. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. ms1badtk

    FTTF Available For Spring 2019

    I got it this morning for Oct 2019 on Triumph out of New York. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Hey y’all, I was curious to know what everyone’s opinion is on cabin 9264 on the Triumph. The good and the bad. Thanks in advanced Tina Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. ms1badtk


    Does anyone on the Carnival Legend which decks the laundry room is on. My cabin is on deck 7 and I was hoping there is a laundry room on that deck hopefully not far from my room. Thanks in advance.
  10. ms1badtk

    New Avis on Mill St. in Juneau

    I am not sure if you found it yet but here is the link I found on here and saved after someone posted it a while back. It will also show how many ships will be in at the same time and your assigned dock. http://claalaska.com/?page_id=1250
  11. ms1badtk

    Legend Fun Times on Alaskan cruise

    I am cruising Sept. 5 and flying in the night before I have booked The Moore Hotel the prices weren't too bad considering it is a holiday and in the Pike Place Market area but beware they do not have A/C. I wasn't able to find any free shuttles from the airport to the hotels in downtown I am looking at maybe using a car service to get from airport to hotel.
  12. I have only been to Alaska once in May 2014 and I went with Carnival so I cant speak for the cruise line you are going with. In Juneau: Carnival had an excursion called best of Juneau which took you to Mendenhall Glacier, whale watching, and then a boat ride to an island for a salmon bake. We loved it! Skagway: We rented a car and did a self driving tour with Murry's guide. For Tracy Arm: Carnival offers for you get off the ship on a small boat and takes you pretty close to the Glacier it is booked before you get on the ship and sells out very fast but it was so worth it you might want to see if your cruise lines offers it. Victoria, BC: we walked the whole area it was a lot they had a map with all of the points of interest. I am going back to Alaska in Sept of this year so I am pretty much done with my planning already and again in Skagway I am renting the car again and going to get an updated version of the guide not that I think much has changed but we enjoyed it a lot. We are also now renting a car in Juneau. Enjoy your vacation.
  13. ms1badtk

    Tracy Arm Fjord

    I cant speak for HAL but when I did this excursion on Carnival it was very much worth it. We were able to see a bear walking on the land and got pretty close to the Glacier and they brought a chunk of ice on the boat so you could see. When we were close to the Glacier we were lucky enough to see it calving. We went on the first boat out so I am not sure what the people from the ship saw but when we got back on board it had already turned around and was slowly heading back out while the second group made the trip out to see. As far as time limit it was longer than 30 mins for us but again different cruise line hopefully someone who has done this excursion with HAL will be able to help with their opinion.
  14. ms1badtk

    which of these excursions in Juneau?

    When I went to Juneau in May of 2014 I booked the excursion through Carnival called best of Juneau I enjoyed it. It gives you Mendenhall Glacier, Whale watching and then a trip by boat to a lodge to eat lunch and then back to the ship. I am actually in the process of planning my second trip for Sept of this year and I am renting a car and planning on going back to Mendenhall so I have more time to do a hike and then driving around the hwy to see some of the scenic views and Eagle beach. I hope you and your family enjoy your cruise. :)