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  1. Yes. I did it last month in Alaska. Was able to use two CN and got a free cabin.
  2. Go ahead and just go. Take the risk. Or be safe and just pay for the passport.
  3. I am back. On the Joy in Cabo. Guess what? We have football. To bad that anyone who cruises the Jewel this season will not. Oh well. NCL did listen. Sent me a nice email regarding my concern. I want to thank NCL for responding. They also sent me a little give for my current cruise. NCL will listen to you. Happy to watch football again on an NCL cruise ship. Thank you again NCL for your courtesy.
  4. I can agree with you about scenery. Mother nature is special. That is why I spend two months on cruise ships in Alaska each year. That place has pretty nice flora, fauna, wildlife and nice people too. And now the Panama Canal the last three seasons. They all have their uniqueness. Hopefully the other ports on the cruise will be memorable for the people whose favorite port was cancelled.
  5. You better believe it. Football is important. And not purchasing not to show the NFL on the Jewel where other NCL ships will. Maybe on the Joy next week. I cruise to cruise. And occasionally things happen. Ship mechanical problems, weather, volcano, dock being damaged, health report, union strike and how about an active shooter over an airport causing planes to divert to other airports on embarkation day. Happened in San Diego a couple years ago. So boo hoo hoo on plans slightly being changed. We are still going on a 16 day cruise.✌️😀
  6. What special places and what types of wildlife did you see that was only Costa Rica. Are the birds different? How about the alligators? Did you see a Toucan? Any waterfalls? Maybe an anteater? So when is your next trip to Costa Rica since it was so special? Are you on the Joy or Bliss this season? Like I mentioned I am going back for my third time starting friday on the Joy.
  7. And what is the big draw to Costa Rica that has all these people upset.. Zip lines, city tours, wine tasting, ancient ruins or the chance for adventure. Don't these activities happen in pretty much all Mexico and Central American ports.
  8. I agree. Is Acapulco any more dangerous than say Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore or any other major city that has bad areas? And how about the homeless camps. Acapulco will be just fine is you avoid being stupid and do not put yourself in a bad situation. I know I just repeated what you said tall.
  9. Sorry Len. Not home for long. Will be back on another cruise next week on the Joy. 16 day Panama Canal. Two more Sundays. Maybe this ship will carry the NFL. And if not, I will be back home on another cruise ship. Cruising again and again.
  10. I was on the Bliss last year and we made it. I think this ship is the same size.
  11. And you know how strong volcanoes can be and the force they cause. I guess Mt St Helens eruption was predictable and just a hiccup.
  12. So you would take the chance with so many ships and so many people off the ship in port going who knows where.
  13. Maybe it is because Costa Rica has an active volcano. Instead of complaining and guessing, why not just google it. NCL has nothing to do with it and is using precaution for the cruisers safety.
  14. Check out the Panama Canal. Just booked a 16 day balcony on the Joy for next week. $699 no single supplement and the use of two cruise next certificates ($500) brings the cost to $199. Also getting $300 OBC from TA and and $250 OBC for stock owners perk. Will purchase another $1000 cruise next certificates on this cruise for free to be used very soon since I can book last minute. $1000-$500-$300-$250=$50 extra OBC for me on this cruise. I have been cruising basically, buy one get TWO for free this year when using cruise next and last minutes deals with single supplement waived. Hey Budget Queen, how was Hawaii this year? It was fun seeing you in Alaska last June. Thank you for advise on how to book a cruise on a cruise and still gets all my perks. Just be prepared.
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