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  1. Just wondering on how all those cruisers will be compensated for the inconvenience of cruising during a pandemic. How could a cruise line be so irresponsible to allow this to happen? Not like a medical emergency where you can just let the passenger off at the next port. Was a waiver signed before the cruise? Looks like more FCC.✌️
  2. How is the UK handling cruises? Do they file the same paperwork?✌️
  3. Where are you sailing from and what are the destinations?
  4. I wear a mask in public because it is a requirement to do the things I need. I comply with the rules. But having to wear a mask on a cruise ship is not a need. Cruising is not a need. I am finding other ways to spend my entertainment dollars. Just got from 7000 mile road trip visiting my daughter in Michigan. Always wearing a mask and noticing most people doing also. During that road trip traveled through 16 states. Places of interest I was able to spend time at were the Upper Peninsula, Mt Rushmore, the Black Hills, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and more. So people "be
  5. I can and will wait. I am just thankful that I am not locked into a FCC. ✌️
  6. The election just is around the corner and the CDC standing pat. When, where and how do you think any cruising will happen before the end of the year? People cruising out of the United States, where are you going? Mexico, Bahamas, Central America? Spikes happenings. Europe locking down. Unless you are locked into a future cruise credit and hoping you can use your already spent money why would you even consider cruising? Let us be real. I miss cruising too. But unless I know I will be able to take a cruise without a mask you can count me out. ✌️
  7. Isn't today August 20th 2020? ✌️
  8. Me too🙂 After all if you are all ready on the ship why not one more week if the price is right.✌️
  9. I too had to limit my cruise choices because of work and family. I too had to plan and book six months to a year out. And I too didn't cruise on NCL. I found better deals with other cruise lines. But even when I only cruised one or two weeks a year I didn't complain about the prices I am not saying you are complaining, but telling it like it is. 👍 When your window is small the deals are few. You might as well complain about prices on all cruise line threads. I was just happy to be able to cruise again and hoped for good weather. Now that was 20 years. And then I found CC. I learned
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