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  1. I too had to limit my cruise choices because of work and family. I too had to plan and book six months to a year out. And I too didn't cruise on NCL. I found better deals with other cruise lines. But even when I only cruised one or two weeks a year I didn't complain about the prices I am not saying you are complaining, but telling it like it is. 👍 When your window is small the deals are few. You might as well complain about prices on all cruise line threads. I was just happy to be able to cruise again and hoped for good weather. Now that was 20 years. And then I found CC. I learned how to research. Today that the kids are gone and I work my own schedule. Now NCL is a major player on last minute cruises with waving the solo supplement and doubling up on cruise next certificates on inside cabins. Can we say FREE CRUISE. And if the cruise sells out, oh well there is always the next week.✌️
  2. You not from North America. Everyone deals with travel costs. It is part of cruising. Some not as much than others. But the discussion is cruise rates not travel costs. Last minute bookings mean nothing right now. May even be a thing of the past. With social distancing who knows how full ships will sail with and how will the governments will monitor occupancy. It is not up to the cruise industry to start cruising again. Just think how a second wave of the virus will kill the cruise industry.✌️
  3. Another thread about high price complaints. You people make me laugh. I have never had a problem with the price I paid for a cruise. Some better than others. But nobody forced me to take a high priced cruise during peak season just because I had to. Just pick another cruise line or find another itinerary or another time. Nobody is cruising now anyway.✌️
  4. Why am I being congratulated? Still haven't found it. That is why I go back. ✌️
  5. I think I was at a safe distance from the moose on the ship.✌️
  6. Last year cruising into Hubbard Glacier the ship was close enough to spot a moose. Been there many many times. Never saw that before. A Moose. I was ready. And you know with wildlife, there one minute(if you are lucky) and then gone. Remember the bubble netting of the pier in Icy Strait? That was cool.✌️
  7. You can place a bet on when the cruise lines will open again. Put a $1 on Feb 19, 2021 for me.✌️
  8. You must have been lucky to have seen EVERYTHING in Alaska on that B2B. Everything is a well everything. I have done the Jewel and Sun B2B in Alaska over 10 times. Although I have seen a lot I have yet to have seen everything. That is the reason I keep going back.✌️
  9. I remember paying rack rate way back then. I learned the hard way. Now it is a game. I am one of the fortunate cruisers that didn't have a planned cruise. Price just was not right. No FCC for me. I am sitting on $1000 of cruise next certificates. But that was free money(What does this have to do with CC). Oh well. Maybe next year. Thanks for the support😃✌️
  10. It is not money. It is research. On NCL with the cruise next program my cruises are sometimes free. Last minute bookings and I sail IX most of the time. Just get me on the ship and let nature take its course.✌️
  11. You have all the same resources that I have. Cruise Critic. That is where I still get my best information. It just takes research and patience. Only you know what you want to do. But I think I can pick better places to get to the sun.
  12. What are your cruising interests? Why Alaska? Are you choosing a cruise for itinerary or the ship? How much time do you really expect to spend time in port? How much money do you want to spend on tours? Sounds like to me you are more interested in the Haven. Spending as much time in the cabin to get the biggest bang for your buck. Glacier Bay is a wonderful day journey if it is a sunny day. The chance of wild life could be an experience of a lifetime. The Park Rangers narrations are like a Disney movie. But who can predict the weather. Rain is OK. You can still see what is out there. But if you have fog, oh well. What good is it if you cannot see it. It is a one shot deal. Yes you will reach the Maggiore Glacier but will not get the perspective to meet expectations. You will cruise into Glacier Bay. Same could be said Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier but the chance of getting close to the Dawes Glacier are less than 50%. Ice fields could also cancel Tracy and Endicott Arms cruising. No need to go in if you cannot reach the Glaciers. This will give you more time to enjoy your Haven. Alaska cruising it totally different. Most cruises the ship is the show. You know when you will be entertained. Alaska cruises, Alaska is the show and you must to have patience. Nature does not stick to a time schedule. That time you went to the buffet was the same time that pod of Orcas went by. I have taken over 50 cruises to Alaska and everyone of them has given me a different experience.✌️
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