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  1. I just got back from a Alaskan cruise on Friday and was interested in the Mexican Rivera for December. So I looked on Saturday. You have to check prices every day and sometimes very hour. And check many web sites. And then a VIFP deal happens. Even during covid. Just booked a 7 day Mexico cruise on the Panorama on a VIFP deal. $169 for a balcony. Since I cruise solo I pay double. $338 plus $121 port fees and taxes. $459 is the lowest price I have ever paid for a balcony. To be real the $459 is the best price I have ever paid for any cabin for a 7 day cruise. The cruise does sail in two weeks. It's all game. Price reductions. You have to be flexible to cruise anywhere, anytime. And it helps living close to a cruise port that. Transportation to and from the cruise always adds a lot more cost.✌️
  2. This person just likes to stir the pot. you should see the ice cream vs gelato thread. What other jobs are the crew going to if they do not come back. It's not like they get paid by there government to sit on butts.✌️
  3. Who cares what it is called. If you like the steak order it again. If you don't like the steak send it back and order something else. You are on a cruise not at home shopping for meat. Now the difference between ice cream and gelato, that's controversial.✌️
  4. Thank you. Sometimes it is good to be wrong.
  5. Like tonight. Opening day. Tom Brady vs the Cowboys
  6. Or will be cruising during football season.
  7. It is all about money. Why pay a service for half capacity or for a half a season for a cruise ship. It is not like direct tv and pay per view. Hope I am wrong. A lot of football fans out there.
  8. Most ships in NCL had the contract that year but not the Jewel. Just waiting on feedback. I think there are about 10 ships currently cruising. Wondering about the Encore in Alaska.
  9. Time to break out the jerseys. There is nothing better than watching football on a cruise ship. No home advantage. So now just wondering. Is NCL showing the NFL this season? Back in 2019 on the Jewel, NCL didn't broadcast any NFL games on the ship. No contract. NCL felt that the cruisers demographics on that ship wouldn't justify the costs. Cost cutting by DEL RIO.
  10. It's a great deal. I did it often when cruising was normal.✌️
  11. Why would you need a mask if you have had your shots? Or will masks be required. Who knows? Once again what agency will make the call worldwide or will it be based on the cruise line✌️
  12. I guess I just have a different concerns. And very doubtful isn't good enough for me. I like to cruise, I do not need to cruise. And this is enough for me not to cruise until I feel safe✌️
  13. So this is not a concern for you. You are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with someone who just sneezed or coughed just after the door closes. Quick next floor and wait.✌️
  14. This is probably my main concern. I just got back from Las Vegas and although most people used elevator courtesy a lot of just didn't care. Especially parties of four or more. My knees do not work well. I do not do stairs. I usually cruise solo. It only takes one sneeze or a cough. Masks or no masks. Shot or no shot. And what about norovirus concern. Is there a shot for that? Tight quarters. Always room for one more to squeeze in. Then two. Maybe a family. We know there are never any rude cruisers when it comes to the elevators. So what will happen. Elevator monitors like embarkation days? Solo only elevators? Make an appointment? Just wondering which agency or who will make the final call on proper elevator etiquette when cruising?✌️
  15. Like you said just your opinion. Are you booked on one of those Crystal, RCL or Celebrity cruises? Are those the places you really want to go? I want to go to ALASKA. I will wait and go where I want to go. And optimism and hope only go so far. I'm just glad I do not have a FCC and have to HOPE to use it.✌️
  16. Sounds like a threat. And really what can the cruise lines do. Sail anyway. You all are not cruising for a while. And even when it happens it will be under limitations. I'm still puzzled on how the cruise lines will handle the elevators, Will they all be monitored? Allowed by only with a disability? And family members? 14 floors and higher. I do not and cannot do stairs. Looks like I might not be cruising longer than most. I think I can survive. I have a life. Good luck to all who have FCC.✌️
  17. I wonder why? Starting a thread way back when and discussing how you received FREE points on a cruise that you never completed. Once again, cruisers hoping and wishing and praying for compassion from the cruise industry. Lets get the schools open before we all cruise and accumulate points again.✌️
  18. So much for the hope and faith. Maybe it is time to start complaining.✌️
  19. You are complaining about junk mail. Does it matter who sends it. Lets give it a rest now.✌️
  20. Should have taken the money in the first place. How does that 125% FCC look now? NCL gave you all the option and most of you took the bait. You all got the free money you were looking for inconvenience thinking that cruising will be back to normal soon. Who could have though that prices may rise when cruising starts again.
  21. Why can't you still plan. You know the cruise isn't going to happen. And when NCL cancels, you are ready.✌️
  22. Last minute cruises. The waiving of the solo supplement so a single cruiser only pays for one fare. Will be a thing from the past now.✌️
  23. But then again lets be positive. Book the flight and you can hope and pray.✌️
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