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  1. Yes -- There are tables for 12. Have your TA "link" the reservations, so that your entire party are together at the same table. Enjoy your Cruise.
  2. Sailed the Marco Polo, to Antarctica, in 2006. Great Ship. Owned by Orient. Due to Landings, the Ship sailed at half capacity
  3. The Circular Quay area is a great place. Ferry across the Harbor, There is a glass enclosed elevator up to the elevated road way. Great place to get a panoramic photo of the Harbor, Opera House, Bridge.
  4. I use, like you, a "cruise only" e-mail address. What really bothers me is folks Post their last name on Roll Calls. Tells folks that -- Sam and Suzy Smith, for West Podunk, will be travelling for an extended period of time.
  5. My Son and I did this in 2017, on a North Atlantic TA; Southampton/NYC. We left the Ship in Reykjavik; toured Iceland for five days. Then, flew to Halifax to rejoin the Ship. As indicated, we had our TA contact Princess to get permission. I made several copies and went to the Pursers Desk two days before we arrived in Reykjavik. It took a while for them to locate their paper work. We did not have to clear Customs in Reykjavik.. Upon our return to the Ship, in Halifax, we were given new Cruise Cards. Can not comment on "another diversion". Could be possible.
  6. Have your Cabin Mate put your name on the Laundry List. Other wise, your Cabin Mate will be charged. The charge will be removed by the PSD.
  7. You should get an "In Transit" card. So, you will not have to wait in the general boarding line to reboard.
  8. Have three, so very hard to pick a No. 1 Antarctica, on the Marco Polo, with the Zodiac landings. The Galapagos, on a 16 passenger boat. Really not a Cruise ship sailing, but, a Nile River cruise.
  9. Y'all saying that without the "better half" being there
  10. Wide Tag is 3 1/4 inches by 6 1/4 inches (designed for Princess, Carnival, Holland America, NCL, Costa and Cunard but will also work for Royal Caribbean and Celebrity) TWO per Order Only $5 I bought the wide one; can be used for smaller tags. Bought through the CC Store
  11. We used the term when we would be tied up to a pier for a period of time after a deployment, Ammo and fuel was off loaded. Air Group flew the planes off prior to entering the Harbor. The "yard birds" would come aboard to do repairs that we could not do.
  12. Yes In Churchill's and I think on Aft, Deck 17 or 18
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