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  1. I agree with Gaprofitt that most likely she jumped instead of falling off the ship. The proof is in the ship's video. The bad part is that she jumped late at night when her husband was sleeping. A lot of night time hours had passed before the search got started. The ocean currents can take a person far from the ship. They went back to the area where she either jumped or fell. One of the cruisers said it was very windy during the search. So I wonder....if it was also windy during the night too. The ships never say a person jumped because it feels really bad for the relatives to think that the people jumped on purpose. I wonder if they showed the video of the wife going over board to the husband. I do also believe that people can be blown away from the ship by a very strong wind. Many ships do tape off a dangerous windy area so passengers can stay safe. I had a friend once go under the tape with a friend. I told her later that she needs to not do it again since it is very dangerous. I myself have walked around a deck where the winds were super dangerous and there was no yellow tape to stop me. I do know of one lady that was blown away from a deck by the strong winds.
  2. Hi Snowboarder, I tried to fix my mistakes but I am not good at fixing what I wrote. I have a vision problem and I type too slow. Thank you for showing all the Princess ships.
  3. Hello Snowblower, I went to check and you are RIGHT. Some of the other Princess ships are Vancouver to Whittier. I tried to fix what I wrote. I will try again to fix my post. I read that the ROYAL left on May 11th. I also read on the news that all the cruisers were from the Royal ship. Thank you for your information.
  4. I am in shock with two planes from the same company crashing. I was on the Royal ship on April 13th. The Royal has wifi in all of their cabins. Most passengers chose to insert their Medallion wifi into their cell phones or computers. I paid to have wifi installed into my computer where I could stay in touch with facebook relatives and friends. I think when the passengers arrive in Juneau they will be able to receive calls on their cell phones. Juneau is an American port so Americans will be able to contact the cruisers. The ROYAL is the only ship that is cruising from Vancouver. The other Princess ships are cruising out of Seattle to Seattle. Most relatives hardly ever know the name of the ship. They will only say they went on a Princess ship. Ask if they left out of Seattle. If they say "yes".... then you know they are safe. I think tomorrow we will be getting reports from the Cruise-Critic members that are at the Ketchikan Hospital that survived the airplane crash. I have been a cruise-critic member for many years and we are the first to find out more detail information from our members than from the News people who are getting second hand reports. We will learn more on what really happened with the planes crashing.
  5. Is it free to see movies on the medallion ? Or to use for E-mails and facebook? LucyR.
  6. Is it free to see movies on the medallion ? Or to use for E-mails and facebook? LucyR.
  7. A single friend who was cruising solo decided to not use her Medallion so she put it in her safe. She didn't like how her cabin door opened up 4 cabins away from her and she is a very slow walker. She felt it wasn't safe if there are lots of people walking in the hallway and some one sneaks into her cabin for some reason. I plan to do the same because I don't want to be followed like Big Brother is watching me. The book "1984". I have cruised 150 times on 7 different cruise lines and I have never had any problems. I am hoping this is my last cruise in April 13th because I am tired of cruising. I am going because I am already paid up. I am now an old senior who prefers to travel on land only in USA and Canada.
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