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  1. I guess another worry is whether this cruise will actually stop at the ports on the itinerary we booked it for. We have never visited Bonaire and it was the main reason we booked this cruise. The islands themselves will determine when they will be open to cruise ships and it may alter the itinerary.
  2. Wondering if you think the Radiance will be completed in time for our December 5th cruise from Port Canaveral, or will we be stuck sailing on the Victory?
  3. I can't say what the highest amount you can charge from your account is, but I charged $300 at one time to use my remaining gift card obc on the Magic a couple weeks ago. A couple spins on a Hot 21 machine and I won $68, cashed out to my player bank, and then went to the casino cashier and cashed out. No problem. Can't guarantee you'll be lucky though.
  4. We were on the Magic on this cruise and the next for a B2B. It was beautiful inside and out, not really sure what kind of beef this guy had but you know what they say about opinions. We had a wonderful time and there was no basis for a statement like this.
  5. I like the planning part of a cruise and use a checklist to make sure everything we need is packed. Some things never get used but living in Florida means we can over pack!
  6. I was also able to use the digital gift cards from AARP and Paypal to prepay my gratuities at a discount. Sorry for the folks having problems but it is nice to get free money!
  7. Good point! I have a friend that didn't realize there was a limit and was buying his friends drinks, and reached the limit early and was cut off. He said he ended up heading to his cabin early because he could no longer buy a drink.
  8. Just received the email from AARP with the gift card and pin. I also purchased a $100 for $90 Carnival gift card from Paypal, not sure how long the promotion lasts.
  9. They came up at the bottom of the confirmation page when I completed the purchase. I would have bought one then but it didn't mention anything about a pin number.
  10. When I made the purchase through Paypal I noticed they also sell $100 Carnival gift cards for $90. Has anyone else used them?
  11. If you go under the About tab on AARP Rewards, you should find the Black Friday renewal offer. It says it's good until 12/6.
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