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  1. We were on the Miracle last week, extended balcony cabin 8175. The Miracle has been one of my favorite ships (3 sailings on her), but I have to be honest and say she is looking tired and her scheduled refurbishment is needed. When we first turned the water on at the sink in the bathroom, the water ran light brown for several seconds (rust, I guess). It cleared up after letting it run for a minute or two, but we never risked drinking it. Also there was a foul odor coming from the sink drain. We just kept two or three lemon wedges in the sink to mask the smell, since we aren't complainers and wa
  2. We just got off of the Miracle yesterday. I was surprised to hear predominantly country music playing in the buffet area all day, every day. I'm not making any sort of statement here, one way or the other, I'm just reporting. (man, if only news outlets could do that!) :-)
  3. I don't take cereal ashore, but am not upset that some enjoy this practice. Have a heart and don't be "cereal killers!"
  4. Can't think of a single ship with any cruiseline I wouldn't sail on again.
  5. Of course a few of them are thinking that. They are the ones with self esteem issues, in that they can't feel good about themselves without thinking of others with disdain. You, on the other hand, can rightfully feel pride in spending your money intelligently!
  6. Nope, never suffered from ship envy. Anyone who feels either pride or embarrassment because of the ship they are vacationing on has self esteem issues, in my opinion. Both pride and embarrassment, in this case, would be symptoms of the same psychological issue.
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