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  1. Received my FCC in a timely fashion for our canceled March 28 Grandiosa. Received my taxes and port fees refund yesterday. Truly crazy. Good luck to all! 🍀
  2. Not a refund, but got my FCC today for our March 27 Grandiosa out of Marseille. I had canceled all onboard bookings (laundry, internet, etc.) and received those refunds to my CC in March. Cancelled my cruise online and just kept my fingers crossed. Keep the faith...you will get your money!!!! Stay well! 🙂
  3. My cruise was the March 27 Grandiosa out of Marseille. For reference, we're American, booked online and canceled online in mid-March. Got my FCC by email today. Everything in order. Phew! Good luck to all!!! And stay well!
  4. We all have enough on our plates these days...I've decided to forgo the frustration of a phone call and wait a little longer for an email with my FCC. Surely MSC will do the "right thing" eventually. 😳 Good luck to all...and let's continue to post when we get notice! Stay well!
  5. I requested my 125% FCC online the first day it was offered for my March 27 Grandiosa sailing. My reservation disappeared from the website a few days ago, but still no FCC email. I'm dreading making the call. 😬
  6. I'm canceling my March 27 Grandiosa, but it looks like they've worked hard to make a good substitute schedule. 😃
  7. Thanks for the updates! Not sure when I'll call to cancel my March 27 Grandiosa sailing, but I appreciate being armed with all the info beforehand.
  8. Along these same lines, if you get a credit, can you then simply book online? Also, why not just send us an email with our options? Wouldn't that be easier on everyone? 🤔
  9. I see the Grandiosa will be in Mallorca tomorrow...was this stop on their original itinerary?
  10. Any word on new itineraries? Are they adding ports like Cannes or Corsica or Valencia? Curious to know what's happening. 🤔
  11. Just posted on the MSC USA site, as well. So much for info on itinerary changes/refunds, etc. Disappointing.
  12. Joining this thread. Scheduled for the March 27th sailing out of Marseille. Would love to hear from someone currently onboard. 😷
  13. Oh geez. I called a few days ago and was told there was no rush, that I could rebook anytime before the night before our March 27 sail date. I had her repeat the policy so that we were both clear before I hung up and started the process of deciding our course of action. My plan was to call tomorrow with my new sail date...this information is disheartening and SO FRUSTRATING. Fingers crossed that they come to their senses and reconsider (once again! 😒)
  14. I sounded harsher than I intended to...sorry! 🙂🙃
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