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  1. A positive change but be aware the unlimited drinks are not available in the MDR or restaurants, if you want a glass of wine at dinner order it before 7 and carry it into dinner with you.
  2. Perhaps. No discounts that I saw on the Eclipse when we were on in the spring. Personally we didn’t think it was worth the money. Food was quite good but the regimented meal isn’t our style. Everyone sees the animation then is served, all plates are cleared, next animation the served next course; no time to linger over a course.
  3. We have cruised both AQ & Suites. If money were no object we would do Suites 100% of the time. In our opinion service in Luminae is a step above AQ. Michaels Club is nice and does have some special evenings during the cruise, eg Officers Meet & Greet. One cruise they had Silent Disco for Suite guests in MC, that was a hoot, Butlers were all dancing as were some Officers. We save our Suite $ for longer cruises with lots of sea days, tender ports and/or ports with potential immigration issues (Russia, Indi, etc) Having priority for tenders or ports like India where it can take a long time, being escorted to the front of the line is worth something. Sail away from the helipad is nice but have had that in AQ as well. Long cruises with lots of sea days the extra space is appreciated. The Michaels Club/Retreat Concierge is your go to person for any issues you might have that would have you standing in line at GS or just cutting through red tape. Want a tour of the bridge they will do their best to get you on one. Want to book a future cruise they will arrange a appointment to have a FCC meet you in Michaels Club. It’s the little things.
  4. I called to upgrade from Classic to Premium and was told by Captains Club rep that although the packages were discounted on my cruise the upgrade wasn’t discounted. I’m planning to try on a different sailing tomorrow, different sailing different rep maybe a different answer. 😊
  5. You can upgrade to the Premium package for $10 +20% pp pd. If your classic package was a part of your booking but you can’t upgrade it to the Premium,+.
  6. Look at the Cruise Planner and at the top right of the page check Order History. If your Classic package isn’t showing there then your reservation hasn’t had all perks loaded. Many times this doesn’t get done until days before sailing. If the Classic package isn’t showing just call Celebrity and they can update your Cruise Planner and you can upgrade while you are on the phone.
  7. Le Grand Bistro is only on the Edge. Not sure if Qsine is still on the Connie, I don’t think it was converted to LPC and personally hope they don’t change it.
  8. You must be present when the Butler is packing or unpacking. On Embarkation Day the Butlers are quite busy so you may have to wait until later in the day/evening to have the unpacking done.
  9. Info on dates, times and cost is in your Cruise Planner/
  10. I’ll take watching for Celebrity price drops over most airline fares once booked no chance of getting the lower fare they off the following week.
  11. The old package disappeared a few years ago. The 14 night package (or any number of nights) is for 14 dinners although I am sure you could use a dinner for a lunch. Yes, the prices have increased on the packages in the past year. You didn’t mention which ship you are on but the dining packages on the Edge are more expensive than the other ships as Eden and Fine Cut Steak House are more expensive than the speciality restaurants on the other ships.
  12. Check in your Cruise Planner as price varies by length of cruise and whether you want multiple devices/log-one.
  13. Or you can keep your current time and as Bo 1953 suggested you can speak to tge MaitreD if you would like to try the other dining rooms and they will arrange it for you.
  14. When you board the Celebrity Today will be in your cabin with the time for early seating. Often people line up ahead of time so you may want to arrive 10 minutes or so after the doors open so the crowd has cleared.
  15. We booked one of the Tampa cruises last week with a refundable deposit and 2 perks from Celebrity (Classic Bev and WiFi) then transferred to a TA who added pre-paid gratuities and OBC. The refundable price on the website didn't indicate perks when I put a hold on the cabin. The next morning in on the phone the rep asked if I wanted the booking with Sail Now price and Price Rate or Sail Now and 2 perks. The Sail Now (-$400) and Price Rate(-$660) is what showed when I but the cabin on hold. We chose Sail Now and 2 perks. We would have purchased the CBP at a cost of $1556 so giving up the Price Rate discount was more that offset by the cost to purchase the beverage package, wi-fi was just a bonus.
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