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  1. Yes the Sunset Suites are priced above the CS. A RS would be nice and up until yesterday there were 4 RS and 2 PHs left- all SS & CS booked. Looked last night and now only 1 PH remains. Checked our booking hoping to see we had been moved to a RS- no such luck. Just we will just have to wait and see.
  2. That has happened before and they were moved to other cabins. We are booked in one of the new Sunset Suites on the Eclipse next April, that revolution has also been put on hold. Our TA is reaching out to see that they propose.
  3. From the Celebrity Website
  4. I can understand those who have been stuck on the ships for over 2 months with the uncertainty of when/if they can get home not be anxious to return soon. However there are crew members around the world that were on their vacation when this started, so they have been without income longer than they anticipated. I think Many of those would be ready to return and make money assuming they can get to a ship. As mentioned there are many crew members who have chosen to stay on a ship Without pay rather than be repatriated. Captain Kate said a few days ago that there were 332 that had chose that option on the Edge and more were arriving. She didn’t mention if any of the other ships were also being used to accommodate crew that chose not to be repatriated.
  5. It is taking this long because many countries have closed their borders even to their own citizens, international flights are all but stopped and the CDC will not let ship crews travel on commercial flights, enter commercial airports, use public transportation to get to or from airports. And to top it off the CEOs of the cruise lines had to sign a guarantee that no one would use public transportation from departing the ship until they reached their home-penalty of fine and/or prison.
  6. Captain Leo posted he signed off after 250 days on the Eclipse and was on the Reflection heading home.
  7. On the S & M class you can walk thru from port to starboard in the aft, that doesn’t work on everry deck forward.
  8. I think it is unlikely that to reduce capacity and facilitate social distancing they would fill all the higher level cabins and reduce the lower level. Most S Class ships have 50 Suites the majority of the suites are on Deck 11& 12 and the 130 or so AQ cabins are all on Deck 11. Blu, Luminae and the Retreat would be at capacity so social distancing wouldn’t work. If the occupancy of elevators is limited, as some casino hotels will do, then waits for elevators would be problematic. Carnival has said they are considering reducing capacity as they start up by filling every other cabin. That makes some sense as it spreads passengers across all decks and makes setting up the dining venues so tables in all of them can be spaced farther apart.
  9. Our account is also showing a canx Cruise and it shows another Cruise 4 times. we never booked much less took those 4 cruises but would gladly take the points 😉
  10. If you want room service the Butler arranges this, brings your meal and sets it up for you, if you have laundry to send out they Pick it up and return it to you, On Evening Chic nights they will meet you at the entrance to the theater and escort you to the Suite seating area, make reservations for specialty restaurants, problem with something not working properly in your Suite tell the Butler and they will have it taken care of. Just a FYI, the marketing info frequently refers to a personal Butler- each Butler is responsible for around 12 Suites so not dedicated to just 1 Suite.
  11. Thats encouraging. We received the FCCs for our 4/19 sailing a few weeks ago so hopefully our taxes and fees will be refunded soon. We are still waiting on 1 last airline refund. They cancelled the flight on 4/10 and I immediately submitted the refund request. Got a acknowledge of the request on 4/11 stating refund within 30 days. Called yesterday to check and was advised that the refund process for our tickets was started on 5/3 and could take 30-45 days.
  12. I just read an article about how the Las Vegas strip is working on a slow opening. Things like limiting casino capacity to 50%, elevators to rooms carry 4 passengers, 4 players at roulette, 6 at craps, 3 at table games, dividers between dealer & player and between players. Nightclubs, dayclubs, large venues and buffets will remain closed. The Bellagio hotel will book 1200 of the 4,000 rooms (30%). The use of cell phones for check-in, room key and reading menus will be encouraged by some resorts. The Wynn Resorts will use thermal imaging at every entrance to intercept those with a fever. I think when cruising starts we will see similar changes.
  13. I did read and re-read the title and there are bigger things to focus on.
  14. Celebrity has much bigger things to focus on than shampoo, time of Captains announcement, tip line on a bill. I think the band in ports is fun but in many ports, not just in the Caribbean, the bands or dancers are arranged by the port.
  15. At final payment there will be cancellations and if X is still has bookings above the reduced level they can stop taking bookings. Then are some that have made the decision not to sail for a number of reasons but are holding out to see if Celebrity cancels their cruise so that can get the 125% FCC. So if X doesn't cancel then those hoping for a 125% will cancel under CWC and get a FCC. If that doesn't get them down to the level then maybe some incentive to move to another sailing.
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