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  1. Bo, Sounds like a good deal to me. 2 smaller martinis - cost 0. 1 large martini- cost $3.60
  2. If you are flying into the US at the end of your then, yes you must test negative. If you are doing a r/t out of the US then there is no test required to disembark and fly home..
  3. There have been varying reports. I have read that X plans to increase capacity 10% every month and will sail at full in 2022. If that is correct your cruise would be sailing close to 100% occupancy at the end of December. They can block available cabins from being booked and not release cabins that are cancelled. It’s anyone’s guess right now.
  4. I have found that, with a few exceptions, ships Internet in the Caribbean is less reliable than many other areas of the world.
  5. I think the menus may be messed up. Our upcoming Edge cruise only has drink menus for the Pool Bar and the Sunset Bar- they have different prices for the same wines. BeringerWhite Zinfandel ( retail $4.50 a bottle) has a price of $7 at the pool bar. Same wine at the Sunset is listed at $10 so over the Classic pkg.
  6. When we were on the Edge pre-pandemic there were 2 sizes of Martinis large -$15, extra large-$18. The large was the same size at the martinis on the other ships Martini Bars. You can get regular size martinis covered by the Classic package at bars other than the Martini Bar.
  7. What ship are you on? AlgebraLovr is correct, cruises from the UK are required to show the prices with the gratuity. The limit of the Premium package is increased accordingly. BTW the Premium package is not all inclusive, never has been. There are wines and drinks that are above the limit that you pay the difference + tip. The menus you posted have been covered by the Premium in the past.
  8. 4 days after cancellation of our May 2022 cruise was announced our reservation was still active in the system. The Indulgence package can’t be cancelled via the Cruise planner so I called and they cancelled that and I had a refund in 7 days. After having over 12 cancellations I found that often they process the cancellations and refunds in date order and that excursions or speciality dining packages can be cancelled via the Cruise Planner as long as the reservation is active and those refunds come rather quickly.
  9. Normally notification is up to 48 hrs before sailing. Every time time we have had a bid pending at that point we got a email before boarding that tge bid wasn’t accepted.
  10. I believe that Apex has Craft Social in the space that is the casino bar on the Edge.
  11. There is no 7 night package for our 7 night Edge cruise either.
  12. Pretty much the same things as on other Celebrity ships. If you are into art there are some great pieces to see. The jogging/walking track is much better with some elevation and not as boring as most. Watch a. Ovid or concert at tge Rooftop Garden. Bring $$$$ if you plan to shop, all high end shops.
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