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  1. When we were on the Edge one of the dining staff said that Cosmopolitan was slightly larger than the other 3. You can make reservations pre-cruise in the planner or you can just show up when you want to dine. Pre-COVID reports were that On the Edge most had no difficulty getting seated without reservations with a short 5-10 minute, if any wait.
  2. She has had some fun and informative things on her You Tube.
  3. This matches what Lisa said awhile back. Since they are the most efficient to operate it make sense to start them first.
  4. When we were on they played PG rated movies in the evening and showed them a 6 & 8. I asked why R rated during the day and PG at night. They said more families watched in the evening. I guess they didn't go up during the afternoon to see the kids up there. 1132 is1 cabin down from the exterior stairway down to the Sunset Bar and Oceanview. Very convenient but often folks making a drink run let the door slam behind them. We like the middle 3 of the 5 aft facing cabins on deck 11. The balconies are huge and they are buffered from the slamming door. If we can't get one of them we would move farther forward nearer 1104-1110.
  5. I don’t know how they are assigned but the best Butler we have has was one when we were in a Sky Suite. The one we preferred the least was the Butler for a RS.
  6. I’m sorry if my reply to to OP struck you as crabby. Hopefully the OP, the intended audience, read It as the suggestion it was intended to be.
  7. Whatever the start date only a few ships from each line will be sailing. So it’s not like Celebrity will need to get the 8 or 9 ships idling off the US re-certified within 30 days. They will start with the Edge & Apex.
  8. Then I would call again & escalate the issue. Did they explain why they issued a partial refund?
  9. The Apex should be ready to go since she just came across the Atlantic so probably getting a complete crew and supplies on board would have her ready.
  10. There can be noise issues from the movies on Deck 12. We were on the Summit in 1141 after the addition of the movies and the revolutionizing. The cabin was lovely however the door to the balcony would only open occasionally. The cabin attendant said it had been that way for months and he had not been successful in getting it permanently corrected. Maintenance guy said it breaks a lot. In our case it was stuck closed for 2 days then miraculously it worked again. The noise is noticeable when you are on the balcony, inside the cabin it is not as noticeable depending on the film being shown. When we were on the Summit one of the movies was A Star is Born and it was shown at 12, 2, &4 we could hear it clearly on the balcony and when the film was at the point of a concert we could hear it inside.
  11. We had 2 Asia cruises impacted by the 10/6 announcement that the 2020/21 winter season was being cancelled. On 10/12 we requested a refund of our deposits for both cruises. The refunds were posted to our credit card on 10/20. (8 Days!!) I was expecting that these would be credited mid to late November. Way to go Celebrity.
  12. I’ll play the devil’s advocate on this. So say you booked 10 days before the promotion (10/9). and as a good will gesture they give you double points, then the next person comes along says but we booked just a few days before they did and other exception (10/1 booking ) Is made and this continues. At what point does it stop? All promotions, sales, coupons have a period that during which they are available. We booked a cruise 7 days before the double point offer was announced . We would cancel and rebook to get double points for the CS booking but the price jumped $ 600 pp 2 days after we booked. We are happy with our pricing over the years we have benefited from a number of promotions or price drops and just missed others.
  13. I also wouldn’t make my FB public but my Instagram is public, mostly pictures of places we have visited. Posted a photo from a previous cruise. So far cancelled cruises this year cost us 475 points, no way we will reach Zenith with PU points.
  14. jelayne

    FCC and OBC

    You have up to 60 days from the initial booking to make the transfer. Totally agree with the suggestion to talk with fellow cruisers to get recommendation for TAs. We used the site that lets TAs compete and in the end got burned and ending up costing us more $ than had we just booked with Celebrity. We now use a TA that offers some great rates or OBC. Not that we are actually getting either since all our cruises are being cancelled 😢
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