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  1. Our cruise planner on 1 booking had a banner with “undefined” in place if a discount %. Another had 25% off internet & 50% beverage package banners- prices shown were full price. Called the Captains Club and neither of those sailings are included in the sale🙄
  2. Lowest I see is $899 pp for inside, 7 days.
  3. Scary thing. We were on a B2B that had to airlift off a passenger on each leg. Those are the only 2 airlifts we have seen and hopefully we won’t see another.
  4. You have posted on the board for general Celebrity info. You need to post this on the Roll Call for your sailing so that others on the ship with you will see it. At the top of the page where you posted you will see a link Find Your Celebrity Roll Call, click there and follow the link.
  5. We were thinking of booking something for late Jan/early Feb- guess not. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. The Sundeck associated with the Retreat. I prefer to focus on all the spaces I have access to: Rendezvous Lounge, Martini Bar, Crush, Cellar Masters, Cosmos Lounge, Cafe al Bacio, Mast Bar, Pool Grill, Oceanview Cafe, metropolitan Restaurant, Spa Cafe, Pool, Solarium, fitness center and if I want to pay then the speciality restaurants, spa, casino.
  7. I have gotten my Elite + 35% discount off of tge price in the Cruise Planner whenever I have purchased internet.
  8. On the M Class ships the Concierge cabins about 20 sq ft larger, so might be worth $150 if there are 4 in a cabin. On the S Class identical cabin, I wouldn't pay $150 to move.
  9. We have used Choice Air many times without a problem. Yes flights have had time changes, equipment changes requiring seat changes and even flights cancelled - all of this were done by the airline and Choice Air notified us and worked with us to get rebooked, new seat assignments, etc. I have not found Choice Air fares for domestic to be a savings so all of our experience with Choice Air is for international flights. But I have saved $$$$ using them for international fares.
  10. The FV on the S Class ships are at the very front and noise when docking can be quite loud. The FVs on deck 7 also have small balconies. Deck 8 have better balconies. The best FVs are the aft corner FVs in M Class ships, 2 rooms and huge balconies. On the Reflection I would chose the SV unless you are traveling with 3 or more people.
  11. I just did mocks booking on both the Equinox and Eclipse on random sailing and was able to book a cabin that sleeps 3 and also cabin that sleep four or 2 people.
  12. Many items from room service do not have a charge. There are a few for which there is a extra charge. There is no fee for room service between 6am - 11pm. After 11 the charge is $4.95
  13. We booked a SS guarantee and were assigned to 2190 on the Reflection. We heard what sounded like far away thunder about once a day. Never heard any noise at night & Im a light sleeper.
  14. If the best the TA can do is $75 I would look at another TA. When we first started cruising we used a brick & mortar TA and would get get a bottle of wine or maybe $50. When we found out how much we were leaving on the table we now transfer our bookings to a large on-line TA or a big box store. We have 6 cruises booked over the next 18 months and from the for the 6 cruises we are receiving $2575 in refundable OBC and $1290 in pre-paid gratuties.
  15. You do not have to reach Elite status for the 1 category upgrade. That is available at the lowest Captains Club level.
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