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  1. I believe on 1 of the Live From threads they said about 950.
  2. When on the balcony we could hear the movie from above very clearly. About 4 pm there would be a duo playing in the Sunset bar below us and Bohemian Rhapsody booming above us. We couldn’t hear the movie or music inside. The thing I found puzzling was they played R rated moves in afternoon and then at 6 started playing G rated movies.
  3. Not having that issue but our check-in didn’t open as far in advance as yours did. I wouldn’t worry about it. When check-in reopens see if your info is still there, most likely it will be. Worst case you enter it again.
  4. You may want to periodically check the Celebrity website as the most current info on requirements is there and it can and does change. Here is link for you. https://www.celebritycruises.com/healthy-at-sea/travel
  5. The more I read the more I realize the idea of a ship within a ship doesn’t appeal to me. We like to visit different bars at different times of the day. We enjoy jumping from the Ensemble Lounge, Sky Lounge, Club , Martini Bar depending upon what music or activity is going on. We spend very little time in the Retreat Lounge. We want to have a good experience throughout the ship. It sounds like while the Haven or YC are quite nice the total ship experience isn’t one that Is one we , or that those who book Haven or YC, enjoy.
  6. I wondered about that also, never heard it was a bottle a day. We usually give ours away if we can find someone who wants it.
  7. @kjwinston2019 your question intrigued me because you mentioned 6 bottles. I looked to see a 6 bottle champagne package and didn’t see one. What I saw was this. I hope it didn’t lead your son to think that was 6 bottles, it is 1 bottle. The 6 is referring to the number of items in that section of the Gifts.
  8. S and E Class have forward and mid-ship elevator banks. The mid ship elevators stop right by the dining rooms. M Class ship have 3 banks forward, mid and aft. The aft elevators will go nearest the dining room,
  9. Sad isn’t it. If Texas isn’t on board in a few weeks I think we will switch to a Geo Blue policy. Steve at the Trip Insurance Store been great at responding to questions and educating us.
  10. We got a almost identical letter from our TA, except the final payment date is October 13, probably slightly after your as our sailing is Jan 27. Sound like if they cancel they will not offer a Lift & Shift to the same sailing next January. Which is unfortunate as the prices have jumped. That’s the approach Azamara took when they cancelled our May 2022 23N Spice Route cruise 10 month out with only a refund or FCC option for the deposit. Then about 6 weeks later announced the identical 23 N itinerary for May of 2023 at a 25% increase in price. All requests to be allowed to lift & shift were denied. Being cynical, I think that Azamara is using this time to develop other sailing for the Pursuit so it doesn’t sit idle until late March, 2022.
  11. We have used Allianz for about 5 years. Unfortunately while they added coverage for Covid the Texas State Insurance Board had not approved the changes as of last month. Unless they approve that change we will have to change insurance in November. One of the benefits of a annual policy that we renew every year as that eliminates any pre existing condition exclusions.
  12. On the first screen when the app opens at the middle top is a calendar. Click that and down at the very bottom of the next screen it Change Ship/Sailing.
  13. If you are ordering Baileys with the Classic package you would be charged the upcharge. If you are ordering Baileys with the Premium they will pour your double or maybe triple (I stop at a double) with a smile.
  14. Our credit card provides baggage delay, trip interruption, delay & cancellation coverage ( not cancel for any reason but we won’t be cancelling unless for a covered reason). We purchase a annual travel insurance policy that provides the medical and evacuation coverage. We generally take 4-5 trips a year and find the annual plan a more cost effective option than insuring individual trips.
  15. Probably get charged for at least 2 of the 3.
  16. The ships that were built before the Edge will not have a pool at the Sun Deck they are adding a hot tub when they revolutionize the ships.
  17. Your understanding is correct. As to how pricing is determined, I’m sure someone in Miami determines that. Last time I was on a ship, pre Covid, Baileys was $10. So if you order a Baileys with the Classic package you would be charged $1.20 ( $1+ 20% tip.). If your happy with everything else on the Classic package it would be better to stick with the Classic & pay the extra for the 1-2 Baileys rather than pay $12 per day to upgrade.
  18. I don’t recall any sailing when we were in a Suite on X when the Captain wasn’t in the Retreat Lounge at least once and normally 3-4 times on a 14 day sailing.. That may have changed since the restart of cruising.
  19. Are you asking if it is delivered to your room? We don’t order often but when we do it has been delivered to our room.
  20. Not sure I understand your question but I’ll see if I can help The brand of alcohol is determining factor in whether a drink is included in the Classic or Premium package. A Bloody Mary made with Absolut vodka would be covered by the Classic Package while a Bloody Mary made with Grey Goose is not covered by the Classic package as it is above the $ limit. The Grey Goose Loody Mary is covered by the Classic package. Same for a Margaritas one made with Don Julio Blanco is covered by the Classic package while one made with Patron is on the Premium package. The majority of cocktails can be made with the liquor on the Classic package. Baileys is in the Premium package.
  21. I’ll b interested in your comparison. In the past we haven’t sailed Norwegian as we prefer lines that don’t cater to children and avoid the mega ships.
  22. You won’t have any trouble eating in the MDRs. As a courtesy you should advise Blu when you won’t be there. We were on the Edge at full capacity and had no problem being seated in any of the 4 MDRs although assigned to Blu. The Edge is sailing at +/- 1000 passengers, and counts are dropping, at least for the short term. Suites are sailing at almost full capacity, approx 350 passengers. So none of the 4 dining rooms should be so crowded that they can’t seat you with your parents.
  23. Do you know what cabin you have been assigned? If not log into your account and go to Manage Reservation click on that and you will find your cabin # if it has been assigned. You can then check the Deck plan and see the location. If you have been assigned a category C3 you can ask to move to another available C3 but you can:t move to a C2 or C1. To see what cabins are available do a mock booking, so you know your preference when you call.
  24. The beverage packages do not cover drinks delivered to your Suite. That being said our Butler when we were in a RS offered, but we declined. Generally each Butler has 12 suites assigned to them, sometimes on different floors so they can be very busy.
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