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  1. torcruise

    Hubby cut off Cheers -- even soda!

    do you get a print out of the drinks you had on your bill?
  2. torcruise

    Glory rescue

    I also would like some ideas on how he survived that long. I don't think I could float for that many hours
  3. torcruise

    Glory rescue

    Did anyone hear about the crew member who fell off the Norwegian ship and was rescued 22 hours later by the Glory!! Do you think this will change the policy on how long a ship will search for a man overboard? https://www.cnn.com/2018/07/02/americas/cruise-ship-rescue-trnd/index.html
  4. I use the big stall to change, and it's clean enough to change your clothes.
  5. like everyone said, my kids where their suites under their clothes, I change in the bathroom by the pool
  6. torcruise

    room service tips

    I would not give an adult person working for tips a trinket or candy, that is ridiculous and insulting. Their not children in a refugee camp! Give them cash and a good comment to their boss
  7. torcruise

    Bad Behavior by Carnival result in Lawsuit

    yeah but was he questioned or interrogated for 90min? to me that is to different things, Carnival staff didn't try to ascertain if he was the actual perpetrator of the crime, that is something I would expect a law enforcement officer to do first
  8. torcruise

    Bad Behavior by Carnival result in Lawsuit

    so you don't think an investigator has an obligation to compare the video to the accused before they detain and interrogated them for an 90min? I find it hard to believe that people can be arrested and interrogated off a claim when it was all on video. Someone didn't do their job properly
  9. torcruise

    Bad Behavior by Carnival result in Lawsuit

    Why would passenger feel safer or that this matter was taken seriously when the person who did it was never found. And a innocent person was accused and they didn't even do at comparison before interrogating him? It looks like they didn't do any type of investigation.
  10. torcruise

    Bad Behavior by Carnival result in Lawsuit

    The fact that they exposed his room number was wrong and the fact that they didn't try very much to match the description of the perp besides race, especially when they had video was really wrong.
  11. torcruise

    Carnival loses luggage and doesn't care!

    OP said carnival gave his wife credit to buy clothes in the shops and on shore? How much credit did they give her and did she buy some stuff in the ships shops?
  12. torcruise

    Out of money

    I always put cash on my card. When I run out of money my card got declined and I had to put more money on. I was not able to over spend. I prefer this so that I just don't spend mindlessly and get a shock at the end of the cruise
  13. There's no cut off time in how late you can book a cruise?
  14. torcruise

    Multiple Entrees in MDR

    :eek: wow 6!! do you eat the whole meal or just the lobster and waste the rest?
  15. torcruise

    Carnival Clue game- did you participate?

    A ploy to get you to go to and sit thru those sales presentations