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  1. Even though cancellations could overloads the systems and workload it should be relatively easier to suspend the payment deadlines/auto cancellation for cruises/holidays. Then people can just wait or transfer without having to pay more money.
  2. FLights from Birmingham, Gatwick or Manchester for both 19n £3,3xx 12n £2,530-£2,604 Both a bit pricey
  3. Never seen the point of booking Marella early when the late deals are so much better Looking at the North America itinerary(14n) they are all over £2kpp even with it being new destination for Marella they will probably go under £1,500pp
  4. This morning DIscovery changed destination to Muscat 30March.
  5. Reading P&O Arcadia has been refused entry to Cape Town returning to Southampton after technical stop in Durban. Has Spirit entry to Cape Town been confirmed.
  6. This time I booked direct on the TUI site have used their other branded outlets before sometime they are cheaper. They took their time to cancel but money back same working day and a couple of days later to be seen on the CC statement Never seen a big enough discount from the Cruise TAs, to make it worth while booking through them unless you have some extra money off from them through vouchers or something. Following the various social media it seems TUI are on top of the situation as they are getting refunds out to people for the cruise cancelled for March(
  7. They are at Gibraltar east anchorage.
  8. it should not matter that they have removed any mention of refunds for over 70s or those with appropriate conditions that make it not safe to travel under FCO advice. If the FCO advise is still not to travel you should get a full refund. For cruises some way out they can probably wait to nearer the time before you can cancel as the advice may change.
  9. Probably a cheap place to anchor and lay up the ship till they know what happens next
  10. probably insurance fraud, making a false claim.
  11. The data in searches is cached no idea what the refresh rate is they always lag the real prices during changes.
  12. The insurance companies could then put claim in against TUI.
  13. You just wait it out they would have to change the itinerary or cancel, both would be major change covered by the regulation for refunds.
  14. i have been monitoring the Spirit prices UK and US no change on the sailaway rates They added free flights to Athens from northern US airports. Also been watching inside cabins on the April TA's UK prices same. Escape TA US price sailaway inside went from $300 to $1322. the other 4 TAs also went up. Also keen on the Star out of Southampton Star 17 May 2020, sailaway inside was $580 now $1763 cheapest F@S 1028 now $2211. taxes on that one are $396 and F@S grats $303 (NO free flights showing for that one) US changes have not hit the pl
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