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    Can't update signature. Help!

    Thank you for the suggestion. 👌🏻
  2. gamecockinnc

    Can't update signature. Help!

    Thank you, I don’t understand these changes. I went to open the app on my phone today and the app is gone too. 🤯😕
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    Can't update signature. Help!

    I have been driving myself nuts trying to add two cruisers to my signature but it won’t let me. Am I to understand that we will no longer be able to list all of our cruises? I am so confused. Thank you in advance for any help y’all can provide. 🙂
  4. gamecockinnc

    Horizon trip review

    Because it’s something I like to do. Just as I start my cruise by giving my cabin steward a tip. Maybe it’s nostalgia and it takes me back to cruising with my parents and my father always seeking out the staff to personally thank them and tip them. Remember that is how tips used to be paid? I have no reason to lie. Why the heck would I post if that were the case. My goodness. I am a Platinum cruiser and this is the way I prefer to tip. To each their own. I don’t do it every time but I always have a good bit of cash left and prefer the personal element to it. And I can add extra to it. Just as you can get an envelope from guest services and leave a little extra too while still leaving the usual amount on your credit card. I consider myself very friendly with my stewards too. Always taking the time to speak to them and thank them. And making sure we leave our cabin(s) as clean as possible. I also pay off my bill before disembarking. I am one of those people who likes to pay for things in cash. Is that a problem too? Not to be negative of course. 🙄
  5. gamecockinnc

    Horizon trip review

    Sometimes I have my cabin steward tips taken off and get envelopes so I can give cash tips. This also allows me to add more to the envelopes. Same with the dining staff. I am careful not to have all of the tips removed as the alternative services would be left without tips. I still like to give an envelope of cash with extra money because they work so hard and are paid so poorly. I would be upset to see so many people taking tips off but I wanted to offer a different perspective that not everyone who has their tips taken off doesn’t tip. In fact many of us tip much more. But in cash.
  6. gamecockinnc

    Magic 3/31 Western Caribbean Review

    We’ve done a lot of things in Cozumel but our last cruise we were there on Christmas day so we spent the day at Paradise Beach. My pictures and review are posted under Mr. Sancho’s. A blonde moment. 🤦🏼*♀️[emoji23] But you will have snorkeling, water toys (a great variety of inflatable water toys) and bar service and vibe. Chankanaab Park is another fun destination you can do on your own. If you want to out on a catamaran we’ve done the Fury Catamaran (I believe it’s 8 and up) and you go to a beach after snorkeling with inflatable water toys. If you’ve been to Cozumel and want something different and have the time the ferry to Playa makes for a fun day. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. gamecockinnc

    In Cozumel on Christmas Day

    Thanks John! [emoji1303][emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. gamecockinnc

    In Cozumel on Christmas Day

    It was annoying and it happened to my husband and myself. We didn’t purchase the water toy bracelets. I finally had enough and told the “worker/guard” that I was going in the water just a short distance to take some pictures of our sons who did have water bracelets. And I was going to wash off some sand and cool down. He tried to stop me again and direct me to the pool and the waiter who had been serving us all day said something to him which must have been to back off because we had spent a good amount and I am sure he didn’t want it effecting his tips. Which btw we wouldn’t have done. But he was very “insistent” before this especially towards my husband. And even after our waiter intervened the VERY few times we did go in the water (NOT EVEN close to the water toys) he would stand on the beach and watch us. And again It wasn’t as if he caught us near the water toys as you can tell from the pictures I posted they were taken further away. Since our 2 eldest sons are quite a bit older than our youngest son we watched from shore as they enjoyed the water toys with him and served as helpers and lifeguards if needed. Even with that hiccup we still had a really amazing day. And fun Christmas Day! It wouldn’t put me off returning at all! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. gamecockinnc

    Magic 3/31 Western Caribbean Review

    Our youngest was 7 and loves to snorkel since we live at the beach so unless you book the excursions on your own it’s hard to find snorkeling excursions that allows younger children. We did Paradise Beach in Cozumel because we couldn’t do the other excursions we usually do. It ended up being a great choice. It was Christmas Day and just awesome. We’ve been to Cozumel a lot and maybe because it was Christmas Day.....I don’t know but that day was fun! In Belize we always use Coral Breezes for our excursions. And go to Caye Caulker for snorkeling with sharks (nurse) and rays. And a fresh lunch on Caye Caulker. Caye Caulker is always the highlight when we do the western itinerary. Be careful in Belize. Book through the cruise line or Only with a reputable company. I would not recommend walking out of the port area! Coral Breezes offer other excursions too. And observer rates too. Check out their website. We’ve used them at least 10 times. Roatan- The older boys went zip lining but my husband, myself and our 7 year old had a great relaxing beach day. Roatan is almost like an Epcot country. It was built by CCL as a port of call. Tbh CM has the same feel in the port area. Costa Maya was a short day 7-2:00 pm so back on board by 1:30 pm ([emoji36]). In December we took a quick taxi to Mahahual beach and also did some quick shopping. In November we just hung out at the big pool and bar and shopped at the port. Have fun!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. gamecockinnc

    In Cozumel on Christmas Day

    Omg! I think you’re right! This time was Paradise Beach. Blonde moment. Thank you for politely correcting me. [emoji51][emoji1303] But we enjoyed Paradise Beach a lot. It was our first time there. 🤣 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. gamecockinnc

    In Cozumel on Christmas Day

    We had a blast! My husband, myself and our 3 sons (19, 16, 7) took a taxi to Mr. Sancho’s. We paid the minimal entrance fee and were told we had to spend $10.00 ( I think it was $10.00). We bought water passes fir the 3 boys. We arrived around 10:00 am and we’re among the first ones there. We spent the entire day there and had lunch. Their water toys were in great shape and they had a lot. Everything was clean. There was a dock to the left you could walk out on and snorkel off of. We took our youngest sons own life jacket and snorkel mask/snorkel. You can rent everything there if needed. My only complaint was you couldn’t get in the ocean and wash off, cool off or swim if you didn’t have a water bracelet. [emoji848] They do have the pool you can use but we were there for the beach. We did walk and came across another bar/restaurant with water toys down from Mr. Sancho’s but in my opinion the water toys didn’t look as nice at all. And that was important to us. Depending on how long you plan to stay. If you will be drinking alcohol and eating lunch you may want to price the all inclusive option. I thought it would be crowded but it wasn’t. We’ve been to Cozumel MANY MANY TIMES and I have to say this was a great way to spend the day and spend Christmas Day! We took a taxi back to the port and my husband and sons got back on the ship and I shopped for a bit. And yes everything was open. Below are some pictures from our day. Have a great cruise! My close friend and I try to take our late in life gifts (we both have little boys who just turned 7 ❤️) on trips every spring break. We are considering the Breakaway for next Spring break. Have you sailed on her before? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. gamecockinnc

    Any cons staying on Lido deck? (Breeze)

    We always stay on the Lido. I will say if you are sailing in weather I have noticed more motion than on even decks 9, 8 or 7. In November we had two nights that were very rocky. One of the only times I’ve ever had to take Dramamine. But I did sleep well. [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. I have sailed the Breeze and Magic multiple times. I actually sailed the Magic in November over Veterans day and then again over Christmas. I love her. And I just did a 5 night on the Ecstasy (sister ship to Fascination) over Spring Break. For the money we paid for a balcony cabin it was SO small! The smaller ship itself was fine since it was myself, my bff and we both took our youngest sons who just turned 7 years old. I would only sail her again if the itinerary was something I couldn’t pass up! So I would definitely vote for the Magic. You will have 2 specialty restaurants, a lot more to do, better cabins......even though we all have been to these islands a lot there are always new things to do or old favorites to fall back on. Plus it is your honeymoon so I would definitely go with Magic......or the Horizon. Congratulations! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. gamecockinnc

    Wifi Social plan and iMessages

    I usually purchase the social package but last week I needed to look up something so upgraded on the first night to the internet and I had iMessage and much better WiFi then I usually have. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. gamecockinnc

    How do you carry your sign and sail card?

    Call me a tourist but after 25 plus cruises during the day I use a lanyard. My swimsuits and coverups do not have pockets. 🤣 It works for me and I’ve never lost my card or my childrens card. Sent from my iPhone using Forums