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  1. Is anyone else trying to book a penthouse or above?? We have never booked a WC before. My TA says they will review all requests and give you an answer in the next week or so. What?? This is after they took a hefty deposit just for the privilege of being on the list. What’s going on?? I can go online and fake book a concierge suite or below. I’m super frustrated. I would love to hear from other non world cruisers. Thanks.
  2. No, I haven’t seen any credits. We also had 2 cruises cancel June and October. My TA says don’t worry they will post when they can catch up.
  3. We stupidly did not complain. I know that everyone at our table was disappointed. They were all full world cruisers.
  4. We did this dinner in 2011. It was a 4 1/2 hour excursion. Drive to Medic Region(45minutes) arrive at Château Kirwan and visit wine cellars. (45 minutes) wine aperitif (15 minutes). Dinner at the reception room of the Château approximately two hours. Return to ship 45 minutes. $259 per person We were on a segment of the world cruise and I believe 3/4 of the ship went on this excursion. During the demonstration in the Wine cellar you could not see over the crowds of people. Dinner was average. I’ve had better on the ship. These pictures are in my scrapbook so please excuse the glare. If the excursion is the same I would pass.
  5. Thanks for the info Wes. I’m so excited to see where we will be going. Yippppeeee I can’t wait!
  6. Wes, do you know that the world cruise will be on the Mariner? If so count us in! Yippppeeee!
  7. I hope it sails past us. I’ll be on the lookout from beautiful Santa Barbara!
  8. Nail # 2! https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23120-cruise-ships-won-t-sail-from-u-s-ports-until-sept-15.html
  9. We are on the October 12 sailing. If the Mariner sails we will be on the ship. I think the odds of sailing are decreasing every week. I say it has about a 40% chance. I have been an operating room nurse for 46 years. Wearing a mask is second nature to me. We have a big suite and I can picture us sitting out on the balcony most of the time. I’m ready to be your guinea pig! Just keep the margaritas flowing! Please let it sail!
  10. We will be with you SusieQft! Regent just applied our FCC from our canceled Alaska cruise to this sailing. This will be a perfect cruise to test the waters. We can easily drive to the Port avoiding air travel. I can taste the Margaritas already.
  11. We are also on this cruise with the same July final payment date. They still have not applied our FCC from our canceled June Alaska cruise. My travel agent called yesterday and was told we are in the queue. No idea how long it will be.
  12. I spoke to a crew member who was on the Navigator. There is still 450-500 Regent crew who transferred from the Navigator and Mariner and are on the Norwegian Joy. They are still in Los Angeles. Obviously getting antsy to go home. They have no idea when that will be. I asked if they will sail home. They said no fly, but have no sense of when airports will open. There are many nationalities aboard. It must be very frustrating for them.
  13. I agree with Susie...Mariner October 5 LA to LA. I will also be on the October 12 cruise..fingers crossed.
  14. I was in touch with my friend who was on the Navigator and is now on the Mariner. They will board the Norwegian Joy tomorrow. It is also docked in LA. There are 400 crew on the Mariner. That is all they know. Hopefully they can return to their homes soon.
  15. This was also a 3 generation family cruise for us. We will take the FCC. We hope Mexico will be a go in October. I can taste the Margaritas now!
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