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  1. Hi there, just booked on Explorer OTS for Med in September, this is after a 5 year sabbatical on P&O, and a lot has changed in that time. Do RCI still have formal nights on a 14 nighter. Also, without starting a war, do people remove obligatory tipping at Guest Services and reward your personal servers and cabin crew? This seems to be the norm on P&O and MSC Many thanks
  2. Can I just say that the ships are all modern and cannot fault them. However, on our 31st Jan sailing on Meraviglia, I contacted food poisoning from my first meal in the restaurant. Not sure what caused it, but it could only have been bouibase soup, or paella, as that was the only food I ate. Ruined the whole vacation, and MSC would not refund my drinks package although I could only drink water. Customer Services were adsolutely no help whatsoever.
  3. There were no extra costs as you put it, but I dont like the practice of “loading” your account with drinks I havent had.
  4. Just getting over myworst cruise ever. I contracted food poioning on the secondevening (Marseilles) and spent the next 36 hours in the cabin. After the bout of extreme S&D, I did not eat again during the 7 day cruise. We both then contacted the boat cough, sore throat and cold, to which considerable numbers seemed to suffer. We also had the classic drinks package (purchased pre cruise). It was during onboard negotiations re this, as we were only purchasing water, that I was informed by Guest Services, that we had “spent” more than we thought. The system of ordering on board has now gone electronic, with a handwritten signature - no receipts given!! I then ask for copies of all my receipts. Shock horror!! - I find that my water bills had been loaded with drinks that we had not purchased. The response from GS was negative, virtually calling me a liar. I was also told, that as I had “purchased” packages pre cruise, they had no powers to negotiate. not a pleasant experience this time, and it will probably be our last, despite being status matched to Black. Punters beware!!
  5. We received one from the Meriviglia captain two days ago - we are Gold
  6. No, luckilly, we had taken our own
  7. Have you tried the MSC website, its all on there
  8. I have used Genoa airport a lot, and, from the airport there is a minimum charge of €24 to the city - even if you stay at the hotel just outside the airport 🤮
  9. Going on the Meriviglia Jan/Feb. can anyone tell me please, if the water slide is a freeby or is it pay as you go? many thanks
  10. I booked cruise on 10th and have booked classic package after with no problems.
  11. Thats correct, we received that Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Thanks for your reply. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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