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  1. Does anyone know if there is smoking on the Lido deck on the portsid on the Grand Princess.. I do know about deck 15 but was wondering about deck 14. I know the golden has a smoking area between the two pools on the port side od deck 14. Thanks
  2. This coming Sat. I will be on the Star. Marilyn
  3. Thank you very much for that info. Maybe the $250 fine is working. Marilyn
  4. I would appreiate any info you can give me. thanks Marilyn
  5. Hi there: Maybe Alan Bucklew should have a gristled steak. Then he would know what the passengers are getting.:rolleyes: MTJSR we have been enjoying your daily reports from the Star. I get on next and it is getting closer and cfloser5. By the wasy since there is no smoking in the cabins or balconies have you noticed walking the halls if you do smell smoke. Now i do not want to start a argument about smoking. There is a thread for that. do you by chance have noticed where the smoking areas are. Are they on the Lido deck and if so where. Thanks again for your reportsd. Marilyn
  6. Just got off of th Coral yesterday was was still 11.00pp for mini's. When does this go into effect. Marilyn
  7. I agree. Been back there many times and would get that cabin again in a heart beat. Marilyn
  8. This is exactly what we have done on all of our cruises. My DH calls RS on the first day and sets up a time when we want the coffee. They are usually right on time but there is times that it is a 5-10 minute delay. Not a biggie. Marilyn
  9. That is exactly what happens. If yo decide to not go on this trip then the FCC will be back into the account. Also the prices may go down but remember that this is a 15 day not 14 like the one from L.A. There is no guarantee that the prices will go down but you never know. Now if the ship is filling up fast then the chances are slim to non. Just keep checking like I am going to do. Marilyn
  10. We are also booked on the SF round trup to hawaii on 4/28 cruise. How convenient is this. Marilyn
  11. Hi there: I was wondering if anyone has stayed or has information on the Homewood suites in Dania beach. I checked out the web sight and it looks preety good but am not familiar with that area at all. any information would be of help. Any restaurants close by in walking distance. thanks Marilyn
  12. Has anyone stayed at a Homewood Suites in Dania? I have read that it is fairly new and near the airport and the port. any information would be welcome. Mairlyn
  13. The dolphin deck meni suites that are in the front and middle are totally uncovered. Now the AD minis which are in the back are covered.
  14. As Colo said, we had a AD mini on the ruby last March and no one can see you from above. have fun. they are great mini's Marilyn
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