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  1. Yeah, the past couple years traveling in Asia, since almost everyone has a mobile, the guides before we start the tour or get off the bus, first thing we all have is a photo or taken down their mobile #. If we do not have service, they suggest going to coffee shops for free wifi & using Whatsapp/WeChat to contact them or see if you can borrow a phone from the locals to make call. Very useful plus you can use them for future tours! Lol! I was lost in Spain & it was just easier for me to hand my phone over to the locals & have them speak to the guide to direct us back to group. That came in very useful!
  2. Question: @ tea time, did they have music/dancing? 🙂 On the Koningsdam, they had some ballroom dancing/live music played. I'll be on the Westerdam in October & wondering, should I bring my dance shoes! Thx!
  3. Didnt another MSC crashed a Caribbean port last year? Maybe they need new captains...
  4. Yes, I just asked for a refund on my 9:30 AM excursion. I told them I would play it by ear. When I arrive, I'll buy my ticket then.
  5. Hi Hi! Is there an umbrella in the room (closet)? debating if I need to bring my own umbrella or not. On Celebrity, they have an umbrella in the closet for the guests. I will also be bringing the 99 cents rain poncho. Let me know. I'll be on this cruise next week. Following you everyday as I do my countdown! 🙂
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