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  1. I know there are lots of Mark Farris fans on here. He announced today he is playing two dates in Chicago. Oct 4 & 5 at Drew’s on Halsted. His Facebook post says seating is limited & reservations are required. I’m actually going to fly in to Chicago for the weekend since he won’t be on my cruise next summer. Just thought I’d let people who don’t follow him on Facebook know. I’m sure it will be a great show!
  2. I did Egypt in 2009 & am so glad I did it when I did. We booked through General Tours and had a group of 8 women and a private guide. I think our entire trip was 10 days and included a 5-night Nile cruise. There were obviously more groups on our cruise but our group had our own table in the dining room for all meals. We rode camels at the pyramids and i agree with having your tour guide negotiate prices before leaving. At the time, the camel operators were notorious for taking you out and refusing to bring you back without more money. Another great thing that our guide did was he flipped the timing of our excursions. If the ship was doing Valley of the Kings in the morning, we did it in the afternoon. We had the Valley almost to ourselves. I was in a tomb by myself. It was an amazing experience. By flipping the timing, we had significantly less crowds at all sites. We did the typical things in and around Cairo - went to a carpet weaving school to see how the carpets were made - about half of our group bought carpets and had them shipped home. We also went to a papyrus shop. We saw how it is made - again most of us bought something. Our guide presented all of us with a papyrus along the way that had our names written in hieroglyphics along with our zodiac sign. What a great memento. We also went to quite a few of the bazaars. In either Luxor or Aswan, we went to the bazaar that the locals go to, not the touristy one. That was a great way to see the difference in how we were treated. I loved this trip. Have a lot of dollar bills to use for tipping. We also all took our own roll of toilet paper with us for every excursion. Even though we “paid” to use the public toilets, having our own toilet paper ensured we had enough - not the few measly sheets that were provided. I don’t know if this has changed in the 10 years since I was there. You will enjoy this trip immensely.
  3. Omega1 - any suggestions for a private guide? loerie - thanks for the suggestion but we want to explore Casablanca. I know enough to skip Rick’s cafe. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. YoungDubFan


    One suggestion for anyone traveling and dealing with high temperatures - I recommend getting a cool towel. These are available on Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. They are small towels that you soak in cool water, wring out, and snap. They stay cool for up to 6 hours & cool again / reactivate when rewet. I used mine for the first time when I went to Turkey and had temps above 95 degreesF. I don’t travel without them now.
  5. I know that Avalon completely waives the single supplement on some sailings. Check their website for which cruises qualify.
  6. They need a specific butler so they can get French onion dip when they want!🤪
  7. On my only Crystal cruise so far, we stayed in 5022, a D on Symphony/ This was 2 cabins in from the Cove / reception , and it was perfect for us. This was a Baltic Capitals cruise, so very port intensive. We probably wouldn’t have used a balcony much if we had one. We really liked the location. It was great for pre-dinner drinks in the Cove and convenient for embarking / disembarking for excursions. It was funny in that by the 3rd day, all the bartenders who worked the Cove knew what both my mother & my preferred drink was. They would see us entering the reception area and by the time we made it past the bar, they had our drinks ready for us, even at 10:00 in the morning. It was a nice perk!! For our next cruise in May 2020, we booked a D guarantee, as the only D cabin available was all the way in the front of the ship. I’ll continue to check cabin availability and if a better D opens up, we’ll switch to that. Or we’ll stick with the guarantee and maybe get an upgrade to a C2 or C1. If that happens, we’ll have to see how we like the location on deck 7 or 8 vs. 5.
  8. Thanks for the info about Tom’s Port Guides. Those have a wealth of information. As to my comment about a shuttle, I just assumed there would be one. I am on Crystal and they usually provide one when needed. I don’t know where we will be docking.
  9. Thank you so much for all of the suggestions. I really appreciate it. There are lots of great ideas here.
  10. I will be in Casablanca next June on a Fri. from 7am - 8pm. I’ll be traveling with my 79 year old mother. I’m doing early planning and trying to determine what the highlights of Casablanca are. We normally like to DIY but I’m wondering if we should take a ship’s tour that day. If we DIY, what are the top 3 things to do? Is there a Medina or an old town that we can walk through? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  11. I will be visiting Cartagena next June and will be in port from 8:30 am - 6:00 pm. I will be traveling with my 79 year old mom. We should have access to a shuttle from the port to the center of town. We normally like to walk around and do an overview. I would love to know what are the top 3 things to see. Thanks for any suggestions.
  12. I’ll be visiting next June and we will be in port from 7am - 6pm. I’m interested in doing the port DIY and would love some suggestions on what to do. I should have access to a shuttle from the port to the center of town. I will be traveling with my 79 year old mother. We normally like to just walk around but would love to know what the top 3 things to see are. Thanks for any suggestions.
  13. ClefsDor - I’ve heard good things about TJ Travel. Hope it works out. Can’t help with restaurant suggestions as we ate all our meals on the ship. Have fun.
  14. Mahogany- thanks for the suggestion. I think we’ll probably do Sagrada Familia on own vs. with Crystal. Kelly
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