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  1. Yes, the OBC from your RCCL Visa is refundable. OBC from RCCL is non refundable. They will use your non refundable first for anything on your Sea Pass card and the refundable last. If you don't spend all of the refundable by the end of the cruise they will refund the balance back to your credit card or you can go to Guest Services and get cash on the last night. The non refundable is lost if you don't spend it.
  2. No, If the OBC qualifies and your cruise has been cancelled you can have it moved to any cruise. I had OBC on 2 cruises 4/2020 that were suspended . I had the OBC moved to 2 cruises in 10/2022 and used the FCC's on 3 other cruises on different dates in 9/2021 and 11/2021. The OBC does not have to be used on the same cruise as the FCC. We lost 12 cruises so far, but have 22 booked between 9/2021 and 12/2022 so we have a lot of places to move thing around.
  3. @BirdTravels, Thank you so much for taking your time to share this wonderful review with the rest of us that are still at home. You made my day as well as many others, I'm sure. Enjoy your cruise, I hope it is perfect !
  4. 14 booked between 12/2021 and 12/2022. Lost 12 2020 to present.
  5. My survey was for our Dec. 2022 sailing that I booked last week. Had 9 others booked before this sailing and booked 2 more tonight. I think for most it was based on the most recently booked sailing.
  6. We got our 1st shot (Pfizer) 3 weeks after registering. Walked in the clinic Jan.22, at our appointment time, no one in line ahead of us. Shot was painless, waited 15 minutes for observation and went home with an email to schedule our 2nd shot on Feb.12, which we confirmed. We never had any side effects, not even a sore arm. May not be as lucky with the 2nd shot but hoping it will go smoothly with little side effects. We were so happy to get the vaccination, felt like we won the lottery. The key here in Texas is to register if you are in the eligible category. We were 1b which covered 65 and older.
  7. Our last completed cruise was a B2B in Feb.2020. Since then we have had 6 suspended , 2 we transferred the booking that were later suspended and 2 that we did a Lift & Shift. Our next booked cruise is in Oct.2021 and an Oct. 2021 TA. We have 3 in Dec.2021, 1 in Jan.2022, 1 in Feb. 2022, a B3B to the South Pacific, New Zealand, and TP from Sydney to Hawaii in March and April 2022. We are booked in Oct. 2022 on Odyssey and hope to do the TA afterwards. So currently we have 11 booked and plans for 1 more. I'm hoping most will have a good chance of going, we will have to wait and see.
  8. We just successfully transferred our Allure out of Galveston to Symphony for Jan. 2022. Same cabin and price protected, just small increase in taxes and port fees. Talked to Rudy at RCL and was on hold off and on as he had to check with another department. He made the transaction easy other than the hold time. It's done and we are happy. The price protection made the cruise about half the current prices. Barbara
  9. Too many cruises with too many changes. Totally forgot about Ovation going into dry dock before our B2B. At least that will account for some of the time the OP was questioning. We booked the first week it was out along with many friends because it was so cheap. We were originally booked on Celebrity with a similar Itinerary but more than twice the cost. They did change the itinerary and dropped a couple of ports, first cruise is a day shorter and second a day longer. Some cancelled because of this but we still plan to go if things are much better and hopefully a vaccine becomes available. Barbara
  10. Ovation is sailing Singapore to Japan on April 25, 2021 and Japan to Seattle on May 7, 2021. She was fully booked before Covid-19, but there may have been some cancellations. If I'm not mistaken she may be sailing from Australia to Singapore before the April 25 sailing. Not on that one , but we are booked on the Singapore to Japan to Seattle B2B. Barbara
  11. We are retired and travel a lot. We book most of our cruises 2 years in advance so we get a really good price most of the time. The FCC that we are getting from this B2B will actually pay off several of the cruises we have booked so I have to be very careful how I apply them. We have 5 between October and December for 51nights. I am worried that some if not all could be cancelled. No final payments till the end of July so I have some time to see how thing will play out. I have confidence in RCL even though things are difficult for them along with the rest of the world right now. The stock market used to make me nervous, especially in 2008, where we all lost. I guess it gave me more confidence this time because even though I am very cautious and observant , I'm confident things will come back after this pandemic is gone. In my lifetime we have never dealt with anything quite like this.
  12. Just got my email yesterday for my FCC for the first cruise of a B2B. The cancelled cruise was on 4/11/20 and my original information stated I would get it on 4/13/20 and I did. They gave me $1. more than the 125% so I guess they rounded it up. Haven't received taxes or port fees yet, but I guess they will come within the month. I haven't made an attempt to apply to any of my cruises yet because I'm afraid some of them will be cancelled by RCL. I have 10 cruises booked between October 2020 and December 2021, so I'm just going to hold them for a couple of months to see how this plays out.
  13. We have 2 cruises in April . One has been cancelled by Royal and the other one will be too soon. We are taking the 125% FCC and going to apply it to the 10 other cruises we already have book at good rates. Where else can you make 25% on your investment at this time. Our FCC is for 27 days cruising so it will be enough to pay off several of our cruises. If we didn't have any already booked, or if we were having job or financial stress other than the stock market, I would take the refund. Good luck to everyone having to make a decision.
  14. I booked another last night. Most likely losing 2 next month of our 12 booked. Have nothing else booked till mid October 2020. B3B on Adventure home for a week and B2B on Jewel. Hoping everything will be back to normal by then. If things get a lot better sooner, we might book something over the summer.
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