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  1. Thanks for the great review. We are booking our first MSC cruise on the Preziosa leaving from Guadeloupe and hitting a new Southern Caribbean port every single day. I was a bit leery, but will pull the trigger now. We will do the Fantastica experience instead so it isn't so a la carte. They matched us to their Silver level - still good for 5%.
  2. I didn't realize that they eliminated reduced deposits onboard. When I lived closer to Florida, I have been known to grab a cheap weekend cruise partially to get away, and partially as an excuse to go book my next big cruise. Doesn't look good.
  3. It isn't about you being impressed with it or not. It is about having cash tied up so early. For example, I am looking at cruises for December 2018 and need to put a deposit down now. In the meantime, I need to pay for trips in nov and dec this year. It would be helpful to not have to pay a large deposit for a cruise 15 months out. Also, it seems to me that they would make money if they did non-refundable reduced deposits so people would book now. I think they would make money off of the deposits people forfeit.
  4. Invest 92L, which is the storm that was expected in Cozumel, was destroyed by dry air and windshear east of Jamaica. I was watching it closely because it was originally expected to cut through Cozumel and curve up towards Louisiana or Galveston where I am leaving from Sunday. NO computer models forecast the storm to develop anymore.
  5. We had this issue in June of last year on Breeze. Night 1 we complained to the Maitre D, not really better service. Night 2 we complained to guest services and the waiter and Maitre D bent over backwards to make things right. Service was like it was back on my first Carnival cruise. It was the first time I had to complain on a cruise. No attitude from the waiter, he somewhat apologized and was friendly and super efficient the rest of the cruise.
  6. Carnival posted on a popular social media site. I honestly believe the person posting made an error with the ships. Breeze left on time today and had no weather coming in. Also, somebody who just got off Breeze this morning said they were unaware of any issues.
  7. We are sailing on her next week. The people sailing today are also headed into a tropical wave that is trying to develop, so they may run into a few hours of stormy weather Tuesday or Weds.
  8. Breeze has delayed boarding today due to an apparent propulsion issue. Anybody know anything about this?
  9. Princess is the only line that I had to ask for a sheet. Carnival has always had one. I don't recall for Royal.
  10. Not all Red Frog Pubs will have food served. Magic and Breeze do. Unless the price went up, all appetizers were 3.33 and they are pretty good (for greasy bar food). They are nice, large venues on Breeze and Magic with both indoor and outdoor seating and live music in the evenings. The bartenders in all Red Frog Pubs I have visited have been very friendly. Kids are fine in the venue as well. They do not play sports on the TV in there when I've been there, but they do scroll through pictures of guests the bartenders take on a digital camera. It is a great venue.
  11. I don't know that I would judge the entire cruise line based on a short cruise on one of the older and least-upgraded ships in the fleet. You would have had a different experience on the Vista, Breeze, or even one of the Spirit Class ships.
  12. I always bring duct tape, and I'd say half the time I end up using it (if not for me, then maybe a table mate who mentions a problem). Duct tape is awesome.
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