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  1. I was on the same cruise and totally agree with all but one of your comments. I’m not a Windjammer fan but I absolutely hated it on this cruise. My 3 attempts to find something I liked were unsuccessful. I’m not a fan of Mexican food but that’s all I saw. Every staff member we encountered was wonderful. Our stateroom attendant was one of the best we’ve ever had in 40 cruises. Never had any problems that weren’t immediately addressed.
  2. I’m on Anthem on Sept 12 so the issue with kids shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve heard that passenger counts will be going way down to under 1000 which is fine with me. I was on Odyssey 2 weeks ago and Adventure in June and it was wonderful having less passengers; no waits for elevators, easy to find show seats, no crowds getting off the ship at ports, and more. We got to know more people and had a great time on each.
  3. I love the Curacao liquor factory in Curacao. You can taste different flavors to your hearts content.
  4. We just got off Odyssey a week ago and were in a grand suite. We ate in Coastal Kitchen every morning for breakfast and a couple of times for lunch and enjoyed the very small number of other passengers. Service was wonderful; had multiple servers available at all times. We really got to know them all. Food was comparable to MDR. We enjoyed our tablemates In the MDR and did not eat dinner in CK.
  5. We had noon check in last week and arrived at 11:30. We were on board by 12:15. Very easy!
  6. Chris Wong, a casino host, posts really informative videos on YouTube including walkthroughs of the ship. I highly recommend them. Mike, Cruise Director, is fabulous. His jokes are really corny but make me laugh.
  7. Very doubtful since the grand suites and higher are limited in number. If you’re in an inside cabin and bid on a balcony, I would think you’d get it.
  8. We actually got our Royal Up email on Tuesday before our Saturday cruise. Most people heard on Thursday. The lounge is for suites only and is called Suites Lounge. We ate breakfast in Coastal Kitchen today and it was good. Based on the menus posted on the app, the dinner menu changes every day. We just boarded yesterday so I have a lot of updates yet.
  9. I’m currently onboard, day 2, and already love this ship. Our cruise was a balcony freebie from Casino Royale and we were supposed to sail on Independence but was changed in June to Odyssey. How great was that?? We bid and won an upgrade to a Grand Suite which is wonderful. There are around 960 passengers on board which makes it easy to get around. We went to the comedy show last night and loved it. It was easy to make reservations when we boarded and have something to see every evening.
  10. You really won’t know anything until 3-4 weeks before, maybe less.
  11. I was on Adventure in June and we stopped at CocoaCay on day 1 and day 7. We paid $149 for the Beach Club on day 1 and just sat by the “free pool” on day 7. On day 1, we got off the ship as soon as we were allowed so we could get one of the 6 beds by the pool which we did. We spent hours swimming and enjoyed the fabulous lunch. That being said, we had a much better time swimming in the huge pool on day 7. When we stop there on my cruise next week, we’re taking our time and will go to the pool.
  12. Me too! We’re sailing (hopefully) out of Southampton on Sept 12th and keep getting mixed messages. They changed the itinerary about a month ago and haven’t added any shore excursions for the new ports. Getting really frustrated since the airfare from the US was expensive and hope to cancel if we have to.
  13. I’m logged in and no roll calls are available to me.
  14. I was booked on the Aug 14th Independence cruise and was automatically moved to Odyssey. Only difference is that it’s sailing out of Ft Lauderdale instead of Miami. If you we’re booked on this cruise and not moved, you need to contact Royal ASAP!
  15. We can’t do the next one either. Why do you say it’s not looking promising? Do you think they’ll cancel our cruise?
  16. I’m on the September 12th cruise and we’re still showing Lisbon and stops at 3 Canary Islands. I wish they’d change us to the British Isles.
  17. I can’t wait to see his Odyssey tour today! I sail 2 weeks from today and I’m very excited.
  18. I’m on Aug 14th cruise and am thrilled that we’re now stopping at CocoaCay. I’m not a beach person but really enjoy this port. I love their pool!
  19. Anthem is currently sailing with UK residents only. I believe sometime in Aug it opens for everyone. We sail on her on Sept 12. It’s probably not open to book because it’s sold to whatever percentage they’d like to sail at…maybe 50%.
  20. I’m sailing on. August 14th and changed it to 12 today. YAY!!
  21. I sailed on Adventure in June and need a wheelchair at the airport. After the cruise, we took a private tour of Nassau and when our guide got to the airport, he stopped at American and asked for a wheelchair before we even got out. Our wheelchair guy was fabulous! He took us to check in, bypassed all the lines for both the Bahamas and US customs, and to our gate. Even though we were TSA pre-check, that was not an option but we didn’t need it anyway. Others took a minimum of 1 1/2 hours from check in to gate but we took 30 minutes. Just as a side note, TSA is a United States government run office. Non US countries cannot offer a US government organization.
  22. We’re on the September 12th cruise and are hoping we have no problems or required quarantine by then. We are fully vaccinated.
  23. The itinerary for this cruise was just changed 10 days ago so they haven’t posted excursions yet. No one has said that you can only go on ship excursions. I’m booked on the Sept 12th sailing and have already booked a private tour in Lisbon.
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