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  1. It all depends on what one's definition of "enormous, time consuming hassle" is, I guess. I've not read anything that has led me to conclude that it meets my definition of that term. In any event this is only something one must consider when choosing to travel without a passport. When we traveled without passports we had nothing back home that we would ditch our cruise for since they were traveling with us. The regulations that give us the closed loop exception also have provisions for the waiving of the passport requirement for emergencies or for humanitarian reasons, so an emergency passport may not even be necessary (and they are typically issued in the matter of an hour or less, barring extenuating circumstances. As for weekends, well, all of the Bermuda itineraries I've seen have the stop in the middle of the week so that likely isn't a consideration.)
  2. I second this. Actually their website is very easy to navigate and allows you to input your travel details, and then displays the policies available. It allows you to compare policies side by side so you can choose the one that works for you.
  3. On Glory the ship was already decorated for Christmas. As said dress expectations are about the same, and while I didn't do an official count my (probably faulty) memory tells me that more people were dressed up a bit. I've read on here that the buffet is a better option for dinner with hand carved turkey available, etc. but I didn't find the traditional dinner served in the MDR to be that bad (not homemade, of course). We decided that this would be our last Thanksgiving cruise but only because we missed dinner with the fam.
  4. I consider funerals to be essential travel. I have my present view because of where I live and if I lived somewhere else my view might have a different view. Population 1700. 80% vaccination rate. Etc.
  5. Sounds like he knew that the rules applied to him so he decided to be in compliance with the rule. Had he ignored what the pastor said and continued to bring his firearm then he would have been evidencing "the rules don't apply to me" behavior.
  6. If they are out and about in public, no. If they are in a place where it's an enclosed environment (such as if I have to visit them in their home) then I would mask. I do mask when it is required, and here in Vermont it is required in hospitals and nursing homes.
  7. When I'm in a closed environment with a lot of children and I can't properly socially distance then I would wear a mask, but I rarely find myself in that situation. And what we are discussing (or what I was that led us to this point) is whether or not the current mandates work to keep people safe, both as individuals and as the public at large. I said that if I didn't feel that any of the current mandates properly kept people safe (and therefore I wanted to see more stringent requirements in place) that I wouldn't be participating in non-essential travel.
  8. Our surge hasn't been as large as elsewhere and predominantly the people affected are the unvaccinated. If they don't want to be vaccinated or wear a mask that's their choice but I don't feel a large desire to wear a mask to protect them.
  9. Some countries are removing the requirement, but will all? The mask mandate was removed here in Vermont when we hit 80% vaccinated but there is a great deal of pressure to re-institute it.
  10. But by traveling from an area that is unsafe to one that is safe aren't you increasing the risk of inadvertently transmitting the virus? And if you are really concerned about helping to keep others safe wouldn't you stay home? I personally am not that concerned about getting the virus or of going out of my way to protect other people (I will mask when required but I don't wear one if it's not) so I have no issue with traveling at this point in time since this is one of the reasons why I chose to be vaccinated. A lot of people want the government to mandate stricter requirements because it keeps them and others safe, but then they will continue to go out an about without the stricter requirements in place.
  11. I would, too. They have to have some way for scanning those late arrivals and carrying it with them would make the most sense.
  12. Yes, our small airport in Burlington has them out in the open too. But those are behind the ticket counter and the scanners used for carry-ons is at the check point. I believe that in the terminal Carnival only has the carry-on sized scanner, so I'm not sure what their protocols are for handling the full sized luggage people have to carry on if they are there later in the process.
  13. We've never weighed our luggage for a cruise (well, not any that we've not flown to) and I don't recall ever seeing that overweight luggage was ever an issue (Carnival's website only says that oversized or overweight luggage may be delayed getting to the cabin). I'll take your word for it regarding the TSA scanner opening, it always looked to me that our full sized suitcase would have a hard time passing through it (referring of course to the scanner used for carry-ons).
  14. If contracting or transmitting the virus is really that big of a concern should anyone be taking non-essential travel? I know that if I were that concerned about my safety with any of the protocols in place by the government or carriers that I would stay home, only going out for what I absolutely have to go out for.
  15. Something someone said on the CCL forum made me look it up, but checked bag service is only available until 2 hours prior to the published sailing time and the FAQ says that guests arriving before 1:30pm usually check their bags with the porters at the pier. This leads me to conclude that some passengers do in fact take their bags onboard and CCL has a system in place for security screening of these bags. In the luggage FAQ they do say that bags should weigh no more than 50 pounds and must measure less than 16 inches by 24 inches when laying flat (length does not matter).
  16. This is what I normally do on any cruise. Bermuda isn't as far south as many think it is, it is of the South Carolina coast.
  17. I wear masks when I have to but I don't want to see them imposed for any longer than necessary.
  18. My biggest issue with wearing a mask at the airport/on the plane was when we were walking from one terminal to another. We had to hustle because of short connection times and breathing was an issue (I have mild COPD and am missing 1/3 of a lung). Next time I'll try the N95 and see if that helps (and of course next time we'll be flying non-stop so don't have to worry about short connection times).
  19. Ask for the assistance and they will be glad to provide it. DW had to board using a cane once (Pride/Baltimore) because of knee issues and they insisted that she use the assistance. She was glad she did once we saw the gangway Pride uses. The only drawback was the fellow pushing the wheelchair bypassed the boarding photo area (we like to get that photo for our cruise wall). We went to the photo desk during the cruise and they were able to take our picture and put the boarding background on it for us.
  20. I am glad to hear that the turn around time for the Travel Authorization is fast. That I think has been my biggest concern because a government is involved. Of course I am used to dealing with the US government and maybe Bermuda's government is just more efficient.
  21. Yes, that is how I live but I can certainly understand why people are concerned. Telling someone not to worry usually doesn't have the desired affect.
  22. In theory having one test meets both requirements but the sticking point is giving Bermuda enough time to process the Travel Authorization. As things stand right now if you don't have that you don't get to board no matter how many negative tests you have. Also, as I understand it (and this is of course only my understanding and I have been wrong before, just ask DW😉) that the rapid at home proctored test is acceptable to Bermuda. I just know that the first drink of the day is going to taste super good after all of this.
  23. And if you are going to Bermuda you have the added steps of getting a COVID test 4 days before sail away, submitting your info to the Bermuda government along with $75 and wait for them to issue you a Travel Authorization. I am a laid back guy but I dread this whole process if only because if something goes wrong then you lose the cruise you've waited so long for.
  24. Absolutely (especially when one's coffee intake hasn't reached normal levels).
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