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  1. It is all relative. RCL Shareholder Benefit is done on line with no faxing or mailing.
  2. Interedting. I filed four requests (2 btb) on June 6th on the website. Called today to ask what was going on. I was told processing takes three weeks and I should hear by the end of June. If not call back and they will give me other instructions on how to file.
  3. In September 2017 Hurricane Irma deposited five embedded tornados on our east Florida costal island. One hit our house taking 1/3 of our roof off, destroying the rooms on the north side of the house and stripping our pool enclosure off the back of our house like a broom. And a lot of miscellaneous damage. It took us two years to finally complete all the repairs. I thought I was done with the problems caused by Irma but it looks like she is going to get me again at the SXM airport.
  4. Thanks for answering my questions.
  5. Thanks for this update and recommendations. Did you have to have the St. Maarten COVID insurance to go around the island? I'm thinking that since we are no staying overnight we are still in-transit and do not need the insurance. Did you pay the drivers in US dollars? How much was you cost for the day? Thanks again for the information. We are also out at 4:30 and will probably follow in your footsteps.
  6. We use the print, scan, and send electronically so I can black out all the information except our RCL stock. Our page lists all of our holdings and some other personal information. That is information we don't want floating around who knows where.
  7. I had a feeling it had been around a while. I was in the process of sending in four requests and was checking if the fax number was the same. Lucky me I now have a better life.
  8. I just found the electronic shareholder benefit application webpage. After years of scanning, copying, and faxing we finally have an easy method to submit; or at least I finally found it. The location is: https://rclshareholderbenefit.questionpro.com/
  9. Hi, Ken & Noreen from Merritt Island, FL. I hope three times is the charm. This is our third booking We started in January, rebooked into April, now in November. I think we'll sail in November. Anyway, looking forward to a great cruise and meeting old and new friends. Always a treat on a holiday cruise.
  10. Yes I did. Thanks for ensuing a newbe knows the drill. I'm open for any other advise.
  11. Thanks to every one for all the good information and advise. My wife and I do world cruises (Holland America) and the library is important. Glad to hear that R class have good libraries. Actually it seems that our cabin will be left to chance. Our August 26, 2021 cruise on the Nautica is waitlisted for all but some interiors. So we are on the list of A3, B1 & B2. I think in 10 months something should clear. It is like the Lottery. Thanks again for the help.
  12. Nautica for a BtB August 26 to September 19. I guess there is no Concierge lounge on the ship. That would have been a definite plus for upgrading.
  13. We're booking first time on Oceania and wonder about the difference between a veranda and concierge level veranda. Is the extra money worth the upgrade. Your opinion will be appreciated.
  14. Already booked for the 2022 Grand World. When they publish the prices for the 2022 GWC it may eat up all our FCC.. Hoping to see a resurgence of the Grand Med pop up in 2021. One never knows in these times and one can always hope.
  15. I lost a sock in the laundry during the Grand World this year. We had to disembark before I could initiate a search. Next booked Grand World is in 2022. I think I'll stop by the Front Desk and ask if they found it. Received our reimbursement of port taxes and fees for the cancelled portion of the Grand World on May 8th so things are looking up.
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