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  1. You're talking in circles and thus you are undermining your argument that NCL was right to have waited months and will have a "well planned and executed" restart. Selfishly I hope they actually have a well planned and executed cruise otherwise no need to have waited months for the first U.S. post-covid-shutdown NCL cruise. As of right now it's not looking super promising, but communication has never been NCL's strong suit and the cruise could very easily be well planned and executed. We will see soon enough!
  2. You encapsulated my thoughts exactly. I've never seen Kinky Boots so it's definitely not make or break for me. Quality entertainment is what I have come to expect from NCL and RCCL. NCL had options as to when they would resume sailing and which ship would be the first to resume N. American cruises. Given that NCL's competitors were able to provide production shows months earlier and as part of a “well planned and executed” resumption of cruising it is reasonable to assume the production shows would be available on NCL's ship. We don't know that NCL won't have a “
  3. Since we are on the first sailing I hope you're right. A smart business decision is to offer a quality product. Given NCL chose to delay cruising and be the last cruise line to resume operations customers are right to expect a superior execution compared to the other cruise lines. So far I'm not seeing superior execution, but it's far too early to tell. I would expect Kinky Boots (or a similar quality substitution) to be bookable at embarkation. If not, strike one.
  4. We will have the opportunity to gauge who has planned and executed better. We will be on the Aug 7th Encore and 7 days later we will be in Nassau boarding the Adventure of the Seas. I'm hoping NCL's delayed start has given them the time to get their ducks in a row. Entertainment is important to us so we will be comparing each cruise lines execution of their production shows.
  5. On your recent cruise do you feel RCCL rushed to sail and offered a poorly planned and executed cruise?
  6. The test NCL will use for our Aug 7th sailing is the nasal swab BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag.
  7. NCL's statement that buffets "will operate as they have in the past" infers to me self-serve since that is how they did it in the past, but as you say that conflicts with the Embark videos. If I was to wager a bet, I'd side with crew serving guests. They served us in the buffet during a norovirus breakout on the Joy Panama Canal cruise and again on the last sailing on the Gem before Covid shut everything down. The crew serving food and drinks worked fine, although the crew needed a little more training in sanitation. As an example the person handling drinks would refill people's mugs, hydr
  8. It was a FAQ posted on a famous social media platform by a well known NCL cruiser. I've seen some atrocious hygiene behavior at the buffet. I wouldn't mind being served by the crew, not one bit.
  9. It sounds like the buffet will be normal. (see #32)
  10. It sounds like you need to hang with a higher class of friends. 😉
  11. Exciting to say the least. I look forward to the next email that includes the particulars for our cruise.
  12. NCL tech support is lacking. I just downloaded our edocs. They need to do a better job informing people of the change. If not for CC I would have never known.
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