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  1. Back in March when this all started Carnival put out a message that final payment was now due 30 days before sailing as long as the booking was made pre March 3rd. I would call and have them move your final payment. I will look for this message in my emails.
  2. Cruise: August 29, 2020 Funshop Purchases cancelled: March 29th Full refund to Visa May 12th Stay well everyone!
  3. August 29th sailing Request for price adjustment to my cc as I had paid in full = March 15th Refund provided this morning on my cc. Seems that it is FIFO not sail day. With this cruise now cancelled I will be waiting for the rest. Stay well everyone. This makes me feel much better now that I have gotten some of my owed money back.
  4. Do you actually see this $100 OBC on your account? I am in the same situation but I don't see it anywhere. Sorry for the hijack - just didn't see this asked elsewhere. Thanks!!
  5. Did you get an email when you cancelled the Kitchen classes online? I had to cancel mine yesterday and while it is no longer on my booking I didn't get an email confirmation. Thanks!
  6. Based on my experience with the sister brand Princess if it was paid in USD the refund is USD. Easiest way to check if you paid $100 USD for the excursion and that is what the cheque is for you have your answer.
  7. Out of Australia news: Carnival Australia posted the following update on their Facebook page: “Today, Carnival Cruise Line is taking the preventative measure of extending its voluntary suspension of all Australian sailings until 15 May 2020. The decision has been made after discussions with the Australian government and in support of COVID-19 management and containment efforts across Australia and the destinations we visit. Our President Christine Duffy, wanted to share these words with our Aussie guests, “The impact of COVID-19 is affecting business and personal routines
  8. Here are the exact T&C's listed by Carnival: Terms and Conditions: *The FCC is non-transferable, cannot be used as a deposit or applied to a chartered sailing, has no cash value and must be redeemed on a Carnival Cruise Line sailing within 1 year of the original sailing date. The FCC may only be used toward the cruise fare of one (1) booking in the same currency in which the above voyage was originally paid and cannot be used for taxes, fees & port expenses, Carnival Vacation Protection, onboard charges or gratuities. The booking guest shall be responsible for payment of
  9. " LOVED the Baths in BVI. Went on our own and my family of 4 went for the price of one adult on the ship's tour. " Can you tell me which company you went with? Thanks for all your thoughts on the ship, we are on her in 2 weeks and this was hugely helpful!!
  10. Appreciate the responses. As of now Carnival has no excursions listed for when we disembark. Perhaps when we get closer to the date.
  11. Living on the East Coast of Canada I am very familiar with Miami & Fort Lauderdale but I know zilch about LAX and Long Beach Cruise port - looking for some help please. If I were to book a ride share or shuttle it seems that I need to meet them in another location of the terminal I land at (T6)? As I have a medical condition lifting suitcases multiple times on and off buses isn't ideal.....If I book the Carnival transfer I assume they pick up curbside? When I disembark the ship, my flight is at 10:15 PM giving me a good part of the day to see some sights. Any recommendations of companie
  12. Thanks so much for all your great information. We will sail from the West Coast for the 1st time at the end of August. Couple of questions please - how much was the cooking class and did it vary based on what was taught? For Cabo which was a tender port - where did you anchor? I am trying to line up a day pass at one of the all inclusive hotels and just need an idea of where the tender lets you off.
  13. Thank you both - I called in and got them - just couldn't get them online for some reason.
  14. Quite a few years ago I was able to do this. I looked on the "Cruise Personalizer" on their website and don't see that as an option. Has that option gone away? Thanks in advance!
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