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  1. Agree, cruising discussions are much more fun!! But just for the record Capt Lyle did get his job back at NWA after his jail sentence.. don’t ask me how I know [emoji16] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. That’s the key!! Beers are the way to go. I was ordering rum/cokes and vodka/club soda. Look at cheers for beers. It might be worth it. Cheers also includes unlimited non alcoholic drinks. I really enjoy Carnivals Lavazza coffee at the coffee house and the Vitamin waters. Enjoy!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. If it was a US carrier, the boys probably got their jobs back after a hand slap and some persuasion from the Union. Other than that, the Dukes is a great place to smoke a cigar and have a Bond Martini!!
  4. I have used SPG points to stay at the Barcelona Four points. Very nice area. Plenty of restaurants and shops. Close to the ocean. 7000 points. Hotel was clean, modern, and quiet. Great area. Not too loud or crowded.
  5. I love these short voyages. Alchemy did not have the "stuff" the first night, which is odd. I really do like their pours. Added bonus is the nuts they serve. To tell you the truth, I never made it back after the first night. I still highly rec this cruise.
  6. Well unfortunately it was true for me. Watered down drinks were a fact on this voyage. I love Carnival and if you look at all my reviews, they are all favorable. There was something off on this particular trip. Many people also were complaining about the watered down drinks. Whatever the reason, it is not right.
  7. It’s nice. Quick and easy. Included 1 sea day. Good little weekend getaway. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. The Party atmosphere tends to be more on the 3 day cruises. The laid back feel tends to increase as the cruise days increase. You can always find a great deal on cruises. They need to fill the rooms. Just subscribe to websites and keep your finger on the pulse. Believe it or not, I took my family on a 7 day Spendor for 800 bucks. Balcony 3 people. Have fun.
  9. Just got off. I have always loved the value of Carnival cruises and the service/food on board. In my opinion, there is no other better quick vacation than this particular itinerary. I just did this exact cruise in MAY and I did give a great review. This time, the cruise was average at best. I am a little disappointed and hope this is a fluke. Again, I still recommend this cruise for a quick and cheap get away. -I stayed in the Forward portion of the (U)pper deck. Room was large, cool and comfortable. The bed although very comfortable, had the crack in the middle (two twins pushed together) and during the night they came apart. Also, on the first morning, Carnival thought it was ok to start DRILLING incessantly from 730-930 AM. Not a good time to start performing maintenance. -I bought the Cheers package. In May, I had bought it and it was AWESOME. This time, almost all my drinks were watered down. Very cheap and dishonorable of the bartenders and Carnival to do this. Cheers includes the tip when you buy it. I have a feeling some guests tip the bartenders extra for a strong pour and the other guests who do not tip extra get a weak pour. This way inventory is balanced for the bar keep. Next time, I am doing beers. This way I am guaranteed what I pay for. -Alchemy bar still was great. Drinks were strong. On the first night I had asked for blue cheese stuffed olives and nuts. The Bartender told me he was out of them, lol, and did not give me. This is the first night!!! I am thinking, this dude was burnt out, so I let it at that. Regardless, I was a bit disappointed but I did "feel for him". -Entertainment was good. Casino (Didn't pay out this time :(), Karaoke and Dancing were top notch. -The ship was nice as always. Her age is showing but she still looks good. -Food was ok this time. Temperatures were a little cool when we received the food. However the SERVICE WAS TOP NOTCH and The DESSERTS were to DIE FOR!!!! The Coffee bar has the best coffee in the world, with awesome service!!! I have taken this route a few times. I like that it is fun, affordable and quick. All the past cruises were an 8! This one was not firing on all cylinders so I have to give it a 6. Regardless, I will try her out again in a couple months. ENSENADA!!! Visit ELOYI at "Los Amigos Barras and Beers". I have known him for a couple decades. He will take care of you.
  10. I second The Dukes (Bond, James Bond)! Lovely place. Friendly, Quaint and close to many places.
  11. Just got off. I bought Cheers. Most of the drinks were watered down. Very disappointed.
  12. I was on her in May and i will go on her tomorrow!! She is a fun ship. Good value for the money. They might be remodeling it. The colors are outdated. However , the service, food and fun are Fantastic!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Hubba hubba! My mouth is watering!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. No noise except the 1000am PAs!!! The suites are quiet. Mid ship is smooth too. Aft suites will gave vibrations when the skipper selects Full Ahead power. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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