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  1. Well, I'll be darned! Did not know there was another one in August 2023. But, thank you, you're right, it was the August one that I saw. When did that one appear?
  2. It appears that cabins of all kinds are now available on the Carnival site for this cruise. Good luck!
  3. We always did David's on the first night because that seemed to us like the weakest night for the MDR menu. But the menus I've been seeing lately actually look pretty good for the first night. Glad to know the menus will be available ahead of time. It used to be that the menus were visible maybe the night before on the cabin TV, but the last time I was on the Pride, that entire function was gone from the TV. This will be my first time cruising with the hub app. I have been using it at home. What do you find most useful? What other functions will be available in the terminal, or onboard? For instance, can you contact Guest Services or check in for Your Time Dining?
  4. Majestic and beautiful and I'm not talking about the scenery!
  5. It feels so good to talk about the things we all LOVE about cruising, instead of all the issues of the past almost two years. Where do we eat? What shows should we go to? Which cabin to choose?
  6. I did not know that the maitre d' could do that and I've only been on the Pride 6 times! It's only the planner in me that wants to reserve the steakhouse though I have reserved it onboard before. Usually as I enter the atrium the David's staff approaches me. I guess I look hungry.
  7. That has been my theme for about two years, as I keep believin' that the next cruise will happen. When the cruise departs on October 31, I won't need to keep believin'. It will be the real thing. I may just be singing and dancing in the MDR myself!
  8. Thanks for your answer! There is usually one day of the week on a 7 day cruise where the menu in MDR just is not as appealing. I can usually find a 7 day menu ahead of the cruise and reserve the Steakhouse for that night. unable to find a recent example of the 14 day menu. I guess our decision about when to do David's will be day to day based on what we find posted outside the MDR!
  9. We are looking forward to our Pride Journey on October 31. This will be our first Carnival Journey and longest cruise so far. Are the Dining Room menus 7 day menu done twice, or is there a different rotation for the longer cruise? We try to plan which day(s) we go to David's Steakhouse. Thanks!
  10. First, I would like to thank the OP for alerting me to this cruise. I was able to book today. My question is how did Carnival get the word out about this cruise? Was it first announced on John Heald's page? I have never had to scramble so much to book!
  11. We missed the excitement by one week! Booked the September 5 cruise instead. But we will be driving by our favorite ship on 95S today at the Fort McHenry Tunnel. Can't wait until Halloween for our first 14 day, when she repositions to Tampa. Enjoy, Intrepid, enjoy!
  12. Holland America is offering a cruise from Fort Lauderdale on November 3 to Half Moon Cay (Bahamas) to Key West to Fort Lauderdale. The one foreign port that makes the cruise legal is Half Moon Cay, part of the Bahamas, which is an independent country.
  13. Now that Royal is requiring testing for vaccinated passengers for cruises over 5 days, I expect a change in Carnival policy. So the hoops and worries of the Pride 14 day cruise may become something we can all experience.
  14. Given that Royal is now requiring similar testing 24-72 hours before embarkation for 7 day cruises and the changing COVID Delta variant situation, maybe we Carnival cruisers should all be looking at how we might meet these expectations. I hope it does not come to pass, but.......
  15. I have to wonder from what time on Sunday you are supposed to count back 72 hours. Sailing time? Boarding time? If I get a test Thursday morning and then my boarding time turns out to be 1 PM, is that too long to be allowed to board?
  16. The original posters are correct. We are booked on this cruise and received the letter outlining the testing requirement timeline. I am concerned with the turn around time for a test, especially since the 24-72 hours runs into the weekend, when testing labs may not be fully staffed. I raised this with my PVP, who kicked it up to her supervisor. No word yet. I am NOT going to cancel this cruise after having four cancelled for me. My doctor suggested having tests at multiple facilities in the hope that at least one will return a result in a timely manner.
  17. MtnSeaGirl - You are so right, it is more of an emotional thing and I appreciate that you recognized that in my post. Booked this Journey last May after our May 2020 anniversary cruise was cancelled. Cartagena reminds me of "Romancing the Stone" and Santa Marta, Columbia is an unusual port of call. At least we will see the canal! I would have been more pleased about finally going to Aruba and Curacao if I hadn't already booked the Horizon to the ABC Islands for September 2022. I have handled the multiple re-bookings of the past year and a half pretty well, I think, but it is starting to get to me. Thanks again for your kind words and good wishes!
  18. I'm glad to be part of a community that helps one another. If this helps your planning, I'm happy. You may be right about why this cruise is requiring both vaccination and testing. I wish we didn't have to read between the lines to figure out what is going on. More information from Carnival would be nice. Remember when cruising was not so stressful?
  19. I hope this helps. Carnival is requiring test and vaccination before my Pride cruise in October. Test must be 24-72 hours before, so that would seem to mean it is the passengers responsibility, since I'm sure Carnival will not be testing anyone at the terminal 24-72 hours before embarkation. My circumstance is not identical to yours, but I posted a letter in the topic Carnival Journeys, Vaccine AND Testing.
  20. I'm very sorry that you have decided to cancel. I haven't even begun to figure out how I will get tested and have the results in a timely way. Carnival is being more strict than CDC requires (see below). Even when I try to research these things, I still don't understand. I might suggest that you wait a little while before pulling the trigger. Things may change and/or you may be able to find a test that will be read in time. I understand, though. For the first time in the past two years, I feel like postponing cruising until 2022. Testing of Embarking and Disembarking Passengers for Restricted Voyages Screening Testing of All Embarking and Disembarking Passengers for Restricted Voyages Not Fully Vaccinated Passengers Fully Vaccinated Passengers Embarkation Day Testing Viral (NAAT or antigen) Not Applicable* Disembarkation Testing ^ Viral (NAAT or antigen) Not Applicable Back-to-Back Sailing¥ Testing Viral (NAAT or antigen) Not Applicable * While embarkation testing is not required, international travelers arriving in the U.S. are recommended to be tested 3-5 days after arrival, including those who are fully vaccinated. Cruise operators may follow this recommendation at their discretion. ^ Disembarkation testing is only required for voyages of more than 4 nights. ¥ Back-to-back sailing refers to passengers who stay on board for two or more voyages.
  21. I got a letter this evening about my 14 day Panama Canal cruise from Baltimore to Tampa on October 31. It says passengers will need to be vaccinated AND will also have to provide a negative PCR test for Covid performed within 24-72 hours of boarding (evidently at our expense). Also, the itinerary is changed- Amber Cove, Santa Marta, Cartagena and Limon are replaced by Belize, Aruba and Curacao. According to CDC, "fully vaccinated people can refrain from testing before leaving the United States for international travel (unless required by the destination) and refrain from self-quarantine after arriving back in the United States." I hope Carnival will reconsider this new requirement, if the ports allow. I am trying to keep a positive attitude, but my cruise from Baltimore on September 5 was cancelled on Monday, the changes in the letter are a little stressful, and cases are surging, making me wonder if the October cruise will go forward. I know these are "first world problems" but I really miss cruising! Carnival Journey Letter.pdf
  22. I see it! But the link is not active to complete it. It says it will be available on September 2. Is yours active?
  23. I thought that having a served buffet, as on Holland America, would cut down on waste, because some people tend to pile too much food on their plate and then not eat it. But the officer in charge of sanitation and wasted disposal on my Holland America cruise said it did not affect the amount of wasted food at all. He was as surprised as I was!
  24. I agree about getting away from work. I'd go almost anywhere to be on a ship. I expected to cruise more often when I retired, but cruising shut down three months after I retired! We are only 20 minutes from the port of Baltimore, so I am going to cruise as much as I can while the ships keep coming to Baltimore. I also think the cruise terminal in Baltimore has the easiest boarding experience. The increased size of ships and bridge heights are the problem for Baltimore/ The Key Bridge has a clearance of 185 feet and the Bay Bridge is 186 feet. I think the Pride has 6 feet to spare when it passes under the Key Bridge (which is always a thrill during Sail Away!). Not sure if Carnival will build ships with a smaller air draft, but I wonder about Holland America (which is part of Carnival Corporation). It is not easy for me to find the air draft of cruise ships.
  25. It's a mystery! But I remember when they pulled the Pride to Tampa before, even though it always sailed full from Baltimore. Is it possible Legend will be doing Alaska duty in the summer of 2023? It is the same class of ship as the Miracle. We'll see. I notice from your signature that I have some catching up to do when it comes to cruising from Baltimore.
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