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  1. dotty52

    Princess Shareholder OBC

    I sent mine via email as I was told they would accept it but never even got a reply , so sent it to Fax no 1 661 7530180 in the US was on my personaliser the next day , great service You can send it through an online fax centre for free
  2. dotty52

    EZ Air Questions to Sydney on Quantis

    We booked with Qantas Sydney to Hong Kong have to pay $35.00 each to book your seats
  3. Golden , is a sister ship to Grand and Star ,Ruby is sister ship to Crown and Emerald, Diamond and Sapphire are sisters ,hope that is right ,am sure somebody will correct me if I am wrong
  4. dotty52

    Princess Gift Card - Can I gift myself?

    I just booked excursions and when you go to pay they take it out of your OBC (if you have any )and if there isnt enough there to cover you pay the balance
  5. dotty52

    Happy hour on golden princess

    Depend on what ship you are on if the folio is in Australian it will be Australian dollars if it is in Us dollars will be US
  6. dotty52

    Happy hour on golden princess

    Doesnt look like there will be anymore Happy Hours on princess ships unfortunately , you can take soft drink on but not beer you can take extra bottles of wine and pay $15.00 corkage per bottle
  7. dotty52

    BOGO Happy Hour

    Have heard that Princess will be phasing out BOGO on all ships and will introduce new offers . Dont drink much but enjoy going to happy hour
  8. dotty52

    Happy hour BOGO $1

    They are starting to cut them out on the ships so dont think you would get them in the lodges unfortunately
  9. dotty52

    Transportation Tianjin to Beijing

    We used China Highlights, were reasonably priced but was on a coach not private transfer
  10. Is it also true that Princess have done away with happy hour for all cruises ?
  11. dotty52

    What will Princess do?

    I love the Grand class ships ,Golden ,Star and Grand sailed on the Regal(3,500 pax) and thought it might be too big and crowded but this was not the case ,so well set out ,only thing I dont like about the new ships being built they are cutting out oceanview cabins ,we ended up sailing in an inside wasnt too bad but we save $2,000.00 each by not going to a balcony
  12. dotty52

    Accommodation Question

    I used amoma to book accommodation in Barcelona pre cruise ,no problems at all except remember to check if all taxes are included in the price as this is not always the case ,so what may seem cheap isnt
  13. dotty52

    No more Anytime Dining reservations???

    When we were on the Regal Princess in 2014 they had 2 lines in the atd one for people whom had booked and the other like us that didnt book ,we waited for 30 minutes whilst the booked line went right on through ,but I would still do ATD as the wait is not normally that long especially if you dont mind sharing a table
  14. dotty52

    How does anytime dining work?

    We always do anytime dining ,but on the Regal last year they had 2 lines one for people that had booked (apparently had to book in the morning) and another line for people that had not booked we waited an hour one night ,and people we new on the same cruise booked the same table at the same time every night ,defeats the purpose of anytime dining ,have only ever experienced this on the Regal
  15. When you order and pay I always print the receipt out ,but it shows up in your personaliser under on board reservations ESERVATIONS & PURCHASES Beverage Packages Package Type Quantity Price Package Purchased By Cancel Café Selects Coffee Card 1 $37.40 Cancel Paid Cancellation Policy: You may cancel 72 hours before your cruise for full refund.