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  1. Mine always come UPS, and signature is required, unless you go to UPS site and authorize them to leave it without signature
  2. toiletry bag and packing cube the best new lanyards the worse
  3. If you download say 100.00 to your machine and only spend 55.00, the remaining 45.00 will go back onto your card as "free play"
  4. I have done a name change on a premier offer before. But the invited guest must go. So if you were the invited guest there shouldn't be a problem. If your husband was the invited guest then you won't be able to make the change, definitely call your TA
  5. Thank you for this information. Since I didn't have a tracking number I was getting concerned. but after signing up with UPS, I now know pkg will be delivered tomorrow.
  6. 1 pm is your "check in time" not boarding time. last time I went out of PC they were enforcing the check in time, unless you are platinum, diamond or fttf
  7. I had a fully paid cruise when fuel charges were added years ago. they did add the cost to my booking, but wound up refunding it a day or so before we sailed.
  8. It depends on the port. NOLA is one port that literally opens within minutes of leaving.
  9. I booked a cruise months ago. I don't remember the rate code, but I had just gotten back from a cruise and they sent me a offer with a small amount of OBC. Last week I got a offer with a large amount of casino cash and I called my PVP. They were able to cancel my original booking, saved me 469.00 dollars (rate went way down) and I also got the casino cash. So yes they can do it. It took almost 45 minutes on the phone, but was well worth it. And I got to keep my original room too.
  10. I would switch in a heartbeat. I love staying on lido deck
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