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  1. What????? I've been MIA from my regular a.m. NFL network fix but seriously?? No Steelers? No Jimmy, Terry & company pregame?! Say it isn't so. this was my shock therapy😮...... and when you guys need a shock absorber in the worst way, just remember: you could be in "no cruising shock" and moderating these boards😱😜😇
  2. Great topic!!!! Please let's keep it fun and no Political stuff Covid talk statistics Arguing 😁😁😁😁😁😁
  3. Hi Honolulu Blue! I'm trying to keep this thread free of Covid stats, discussions and articles. Not that there is anything wrong with your post but so many threads turning into off topic debates I hope you understand. Happy 4th from surging worse than ever NC.....
  4. Because no one really knows how cruise lines will handle this, and because you have concerns, why not wait to book till guidelines are established to make an informed decision? note: Watching this carefully: not a debate, statistics or political thread
  5. Don't get your heart set on this. Covid has just started ramping up on Roatan so may not be any cruise ships this year
  6. Good article .....on topic, informative...😁😉😇
  7. Time out. Off topic, political and death stats. Take a break, take a walk. People are dying. Whatever your political opinion, opinion re CDC, etc. People are dying. Arguing who reports it and how...😕😕😢
  8. Postponing phase 3 for 3 weeks here with over 1000 cases per day and hospitals almost full. We now can't travel to Northeast without quarantine for 14 days on arrival. But even though we now have mask mandate some sheriffs etc say they will not enforce it and people especially in small towns won't wear them😣😣. Bars and gyms sued Governor to open and lost. Gonna be long hot summer. Be well everyone
  9. Yeah!!!! So nice to see a positive story.......
  10. Back to topic???? I've left this one alone .....but it's straying.
  11. Hi Bethany, The announcement from Carnival was posted in several threads. I generally leave the first post of this type and people always find it. If it is posted in several places that can result in several threads on the same topic which is too confusing. You can link to your facebook page in your signature if you don't mind people knowing your identity etc but the screenshot of your facebook page wasn't appropriate. if you have any further questions please feel free to email them to community@cruisecritic.com. Thank you for participating in the Cruise Critic forums! Carolyn
  12. I started this thread so we could others know how we're doing. Don't want to turn it into a debate re masks, definitions etc. It's a frustrating time but it's been a good thread for 3 months and If hate to have to close it. Thanks!
  13. Since cruising now suspended till mid September...at least....going to shut this down as situation in Florida 60 days from now could be relevant. And this really wasn't Carnival related but left it as ships were scheduled to sail from Florida
  14. This thread may last another 30 minutes....it's not about California, New York or grannys shopping habits. I let this stay against my better judgement because cruises depart from FL. Whether it goes now is up to you guys...on topic, respectful and please can the gloom and doom posts ....it's bad..period. Thank you
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