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  1. They will if storms are in the area definitely. Safety first. That being said a storm can come through and be gone in an hour so. It's the "rainy" season but been very dry this year so hope weather is good for you.
  2. Got it. Have you considered just flying in to Montreal for the cruise (or out of Montreal home). I love Montreal, been several times and each time the traffic is worse. We use subways. I hope if you do the tour that you see some places that bring back some good memories
  3. Just jumping in here ......if you have never been to Quebec City it is an absolutely charming city with enough to keep you busy for several days. Montreal is a big city with lots of traffic and with your travel time would think most of Montreal would just be driving by places like the City Hall etc.
  4. I moderate the Carnival boards regularly, maybe don't post as much as some moderators but I'm there!
  5. So you saw a less traveled side of the island! Oak Ridge is closest town to my son's boat access only home in Port Royal. Next time go down that way with someone who will take you through Mangroves. Eastender does great tour but don't think they pick up at big cruise docks. New cruise port is on the east end but just for small 150-300 passenger ships. Silversea and Windstar among first when it opens in Oct
  6. I was a TA and I have been a group leader. I would NEVER lead or plan a group without a good TA. It takes you out of collecting and being responsible for money, trying to answer all the questions, etc. I would say the exact same thing if you had been on 20 cruises. Agents earn their money doing what the average person planning a group will tear their hair out over. Get an agent ......please.......it's not easy to do this right
  7. Please keep on topic.....see original poster question. This isn't an accounting class, a seminar in shipping costs etc. Thanks!
  8. I'm so glad to see this. I can't imagine how thankful these folks will be to get a meal, a shower and lay down in a bed. We take so much for granted
  9. Nassau and one or two of the private islands are south enough not to have been affected much; otherwise a sea day will be added most likely
  10. DUH.... you are so right! I completely forgot about the plains of Abraham I was so focused on streets... and us hosts have been working a lot on hurricane boards as you might imagine. Actually out on the island there is a "cross road" where a friend of mine cycles and I was thinking about that but why go there when you can run through history??
  11. Deteriorating.....time to lock. Off topic, rude ......even cleaning up won't stop it imho
  12. It's rainy season and Liberty doesn't dock at Mahogany Bay where there is a beach. Your best bet would be private driver with age range. It can be very humid and hot even on cloudy day and I would not tie myself down with tour. Probably other port with closer brach??
  13. Ronys, Daniel Johnson and Victor Borden all get good reviews on here for a long time. I really don't think either would disappoint
  14. I just checked this website out since I'm pretty familiar with Quebec and unless I just didn't click on the right little "icon", it doesn't look like there is one right in Quebec City... one in Montreal, one near Trois Riviere. I would use the "contact us" button on the web site to confirm. The streets in the old town IMHO would be difficult for a runner not familiar with them and right outside the walls is a bustling city! If you want to map out a path for yourself perhaps the folks at parkrun.com could help? If I was going to go for a run (which will never happen....) I'd go out to Ile d Orleans with my rental car, find a place to park and run there... scenic, pretty flat......
  15. Thanks for posting this! I haven't cruised during hurricane season for a while but have been rerouted probably 8-9 times, delayed etc. Some folks not used to to hurricane season cruisinsg don't think of everything and the tip on leaving parked car with a full tank of gas if possible is especially important. Drive safe, park safe, Carnival board folks!!!!!
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