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  1. We had a full blown Thanksgiving feast outside at my son's.. under the trees on a beautiful day...5 of us....perfect amid all the turmoil
  2. I'm not surprised for Florida, unfortunately. Headline in Washington Post was something like World watched in disbelief and disgust as Americans take to the road... be safe
  3. Getting worse here but people refuse to mask up for the most part😟😟, we are having dinner on my son's front porch just the 4 of us. I have not been IN their house since February. They have a "bar", licensed as a store and rebuilt huge patio last spring with tables etc 6 feet apart. No inside socializing etc. Sadly here I think it's going to take people knowing someone who has passed, been in ICU etc to make a dent in their stupidity
  4. I am leaving for now because I am not sure if it's sarcastic......if it goes political seriously it will go,
  5. I will.leave for now. Please post only LINKS to your Carnival review, not the review itself. Also any novels re cruising by title. Lots of time to fill these days for many of you! Thanks for your cooperation!
  6. When is your cruise? My son lives there, not expecting cruise ships any time soon, even if a few ships sail in January. Maybe by next summer....
  7. ********* I have carefully read this for past two days and while it is technically political I will leave for now. Most of the comments do not refer to specific political stances but rather how the government and CDC will be interacting in the future to hopefully start cruising up again. If however it descends into a political debate of personalities or COvid deaths and statistics I will I will intervene. Using the word "senator" or simply using a senators name in context of a sentence discussing a bill or the order is ok if you aren't debating, denigrating etc... Thank you..what
  8. Boring is right......I'm not going to weekend retreat with 20+ anti markers this Saturday or indoor 7- hour anti masker wedding and reception for 150+ next week...gatherings now moved back to 10 people 😆😆😆
  9. Wow!! Colleges here not sure about except that many are having days off during spring semester to avoid spring break. I know some are closing from Thanksgiving to mid January. Yes our Governor survived....I think the only Democrat at state level to win unless the AG pulls it out. So there are closet "virus is real" believers😷here. Cases really rising again. Be well.
  10. Good information for folks traveling now but not cruise related. Now back to on topic programming please
  11. Here people give bogus contact info or hang up on the tracers. How crazy is thst??? At least my Steelers are still undefeated and NFL football is back😁😁
  12. Getting slowly worse here. Governor has tried hard and fairly to keep us safe and will probably not get re-elected for it. Big church had multi day rally with hundreds sick and 6 expired and local restaurant video of party was nuts. People here don't wear masks esp in smaller towns even though they know people sick with covid......smh
  13. I'm trying to give you guys some leeway here but I can close or mangle this thread with deletions if you prefer???...there are literally hundreds of sites and Facebook groups where you can discuss politics...this is not one of them. Again, your choice.....
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