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  1. sonicbuffalo

    Carnival Hubb Ap

    My wife and I used the Hub app too as well as the chat feature. The chat feature worked fine if you have your notification sounds turned up loud. You also may have to reboot it it a few times too. That info came from Carnival personnel. For $5 a pop, you can't beat it if you want chat.
  2. sonicbuffalo

    Carnival Fun Hub

    We tried it and it's well worth it for the $5 extra for the entire cruise. You may have to reboot it once or twice but it works fine! Pleasantly pleased!
  3. Where do you host your photos? I'd like to post some!
  4. sonicbuffalo

    New itinerary info

    I think it's completely unfair to us on the October 7th Vista cruise not to have an update yet. What are the options, Arnold? We'd really like to know!
  5. 10 days for the Vista and 369 for the Breeze
  6. 13 days........can't wait on The Magical Mystery Tour. Was Eastern until St. Maartin, Grand Turk, and San Juan got beaten up.
  7. sonicbuffalo

    Tropical Storm Jose

    Actually Anthem has sailed into two winter 'hurricanes', and it's amazing no one was hurt.
  8. I'll just about guarantee that St. Marten and St. Thomas won't open for cruisers for a year.
  9. Usually that's the case but the strong high pressure ridge is supposed to keep Irma south. It'll get interesting. We lived in Florida for 3 years and in West Palm Beach where we saw 3 Cat 1 and Cat 2 storms hit us with their eye wall. It was quite the experience. We also drove over to the West coast of Florida and saw the aftermath of what a Cat 4 did to Punta Gorda. We saw solid block walls on some building blown to smithereens. It was unbelievable.
  10. Godspeed to everyone cruising in the next few weeks. We're cruising the week of October 7th, an Eastern Caribbean itinerary of course. Just hope the islands and the people who live there are ok and don't feel the brunt of the storm.
  11. sonicbuffalo

    Hurricane irma....ugh

    That's why you buy insurance! Let THEM worry!:halo::D
  12. yes...I guess if you're going to compare what time of year to sail, I'd pick hurricane season over blizzard season. I'd much rather have warm water if I'm going overboard. lol :cool:
  13. The absolute latest models as of 0500 on 9/4 blow me away (no pun intended). It shows it tracking closer to the keys and then making a 90* turn directly north and going up the center of Florida all the way to Georgia. I have never heard of a hurricane doing that and if it does, it will cause tremendous damage from the western Miami suburbs all the way to the top of North Florida. Wow....what a model. Now it wouldn't surprise me to see later models showing it getting into the gulf, as the last few model runs have shown more and more significant Westward shifts in their model runs. That straight up the Florida Peninsula is just too far out to be able to call it that close at this time. If it does though, and as a major hurricane, it will definitely be a historical cyclone.
  14. The newest models suggest at least a close brush with So Fl, before possibly heading up towards Myrtle Beach and Wilmington, NC and coming inland. That would put us right here near Burlington in the bulls-eye. That is, if the models GFS hold true and Irma stays out of Florida. I would say if Irma hits and comes ashore in Florida, it will probably be between West Palm Beach and more likely closer to Port St Lucy. What do I know? I've only been studying Hurricanes for 20 years.