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  1. The biggest difference being there have been a lot of changes (to policies, as well as if the ship is even sailing, or even illness/death) in the past year and a half. Many people, needing to change cruises, cancel, whatever and smaller staff answering phones cause long wait times. Especially when a whole ship full of people need to make changes when a specific cruise gets cancelled.
  2. That's totally going to be me. Honestly, that was going to be me on our (then) planned trip in April 2020. Flying 11 hours from So Cal to Europe for a river cruise. I had already picked up masks to wear because I'm the one who will pick up any virus that's sneezed/coughed/spit into the air onboard planes. And we purchased noise-cancelling headphones for a previous trip. Sleep mask? Yes, please, gotta get my sleep.
  3. https://www.ada.gov/service_animals_2010.htm From that link: Staff may ask two questions: (1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability, and (2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform. Also: Where Service Animals Are Allowed Under the ADA, State and local governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that serve the public generally must allow service animals to accompany people with disabilities in all areas of the facility where the public is allowed to go. For example, in a hospital it usually would be inappropriate to exclude a service animal from areas such as patient rooms, clinics, cafeterias, or examination rooms. However, it may be appropriate to exclude a service animal from operating rooms or burn units where the animal’s presence may compromise a sterile environment. Now, as to whether some people/facilities "look the other way" - I'm sure it happens, but that's what the ADA laws say about it.
  4. I believe a person with a "service dog" may be asked "does the dog perform a service for you?" and "what service?" Beyond that, I don't think they can be required to produce any certification/authorization to confirm the dog's status.
  5. For those of us who travel long trips (upwards of 2-4 weeks at a time), there's no way to pack/carry all the clothes we'd need. And I'm more comfortable with the way I do laundry, over handing over our stuff to be washed/dried in a manner I don't know.
  6. Halloween on our cruise, in the dining room:
  7. I had already purchased some masks before all this started for our flight to Europe because I was already concerned about a long flight and other "normal" viruses being passed around in the plane on a long flight. Since that trip is now in it's 3rd postponement, I'm just hoping that it's going to happen soon.
  8. We did a Panama Canal cruise over Halloween one year. There was a pumpkin carving contest, and a costume contest. And a Halloween party. I don't recall anything else. Now, as to whether those things will still happen under COVID precautions, who knows?
  9. Not defending the "I can't wear my mask for hours on end" group, but, at least in my case, moving my glasses "a touch lower" puts them out of focus. When/if my glasses start fogging up when wearing a mask, I just adjust the mask until it stops. Sometimes that means moving the mask up further under edge of my glasses, sometimes it means a bit lower on my nose (but still covering my nose).
  10. Depends on the cruise line. I've read that at least one cruise line is setting the mark for just turned 12 year olds as 5 weeks after they turn 12 they must be fully immunized.
  11. Generally, all cruises during October are Halloween on the High Seas cruises. There's usually a Halloween night (pre-COVID) with trick or treating, and costume contests and other activities, but I'm not sure how they are handling that now. The atrium would be pretty crowded on those nights, and I would think they don't want to do that now.
  12. You can call DCL and ask what movies will be showing onboard. I believe they're only doing one or two live shows (Beauty & the Beast and Believe), with multiple seatings currently. I'm not sure.
  13. Try googling for "Disney cruise trip reports" You'll get a few hits with that.
  14. Since you've posted on the river cruise board, I'm thinking you're asking about river cruise ships? I don't know of a river ship specific site, I only know of a site for big (ocean) cruise ships. Hopefully, someone will post a link, I'd be interested, also.
  15. Our first cruise to Alaska was Sep 18-25. Our second was in early June. I found the weather pretty comparable. Drizzly, but not "rain". Cool, in the high 50s - mid 60s. We did have one night of rough seas when we crossed into the inside passage on the Sep cruise, but only that one night. Daylight lasted longer on the June cruise than Sep. The September cruise we were the last cruise ship for the season (from all lines) and found some places already closed up for winter, but those that were open had great sales (including onboard). I'd do either one again.
  16. Really no way of knowing when DCL will release itineraries with this situation.Historically, generally it's around 18 months out, and over the last few years DCL seems to have adopted this pattern for release dates on new cruises: "Winter": first cruise in the new year up to April/May (not including spring Panama Canal and Transatlantic) – sometime between late September to early November "Summer": cruises from about May to August/September (not including fall Panama Canal and Transatlantic) – mid February to early April. "Fall": September until the end of the year (ending with the last cruise starting in the old year) – generally around May.
  17. I think they mean the don't want to see the ones being shown onboard before they take their cruise.
  18. Generally, if you call the cruise line, they can tell you. But they're not always correct.
  19. If that response was for me, it's not going to happen. We can't arrive 10 days prior to trip. In fact we can't arrive a day before the trip by landing in, say, Germany, and the traveling to Netherlands.
  20. Same problem for us. I'm concerned about our March tulips cruise, primarily Netherlands and a couple of days in Belgium, (already postponed twice). We arrive direct from US and the first 4 days of the trip are Netherlands.
  21. I think you've posted this on the wrong thread.
  22. Or like us when this whole thing started March 2020 - we were scheduled for a Tulip cruise in April (3 weeks away). At the time we were told we could (had to) move our reservation to any other trip in 2020. Yeah, well that wouldn't work since the original trip was for tulips. We moved it to a land trip in Ireland that Oct. Then, because things didn't get better and we found out that that Vantage was allowing people to move their trips to any trip in 2020 OR 2021, we asked to be moved to the April 2021 tulip cruise. And, of course, that didn't happen, so now we're scheduled for Mar 2022. If the same precautions are in place by the time we actually take this trip, we won't be able to do it. The first 4 days of our cruise are in the Netherlands, so we won't be out of there in 12 hours, and we can't arrive 10 days early to quarantine before the trip. At this point I just want my money back. They've had it long enough.
  23. If your online check in time says 11:15, it's my opinion that's what time it is. I would doubt they would move check in times that early as people are still leaving the ship/port at that time.
  24. I'm not sure, but I believe I read that they're not being charged for the test at the port, but any pre-test (before port arrival) costs are on the passengers.
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