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  1. I paid about 70 or 80 pesos in PV this past Feb


    Hmmm, if you are looking for an excuse for your next cruise to Cabo...here ya go! I bought mine at Farmacia Principal #1 on Morelos Street which is the street that runs up "away" from the mall - it is on the right hand side of the street. I also priced it Los Angeles Farmacia and Simi Farmacia...both under what you paid. Again, mine was the cream formula but maybe the gel formula is more. But then again, I am pretty sure the Botox treatments I get are way cheaper here too (U.S. licensed plastic surgeon, American lady).

  2. Okay...I just got the preview issue of Planeta Surf magazine from my neighbor who is the founder and editor. And what-do-ya-know...in it is a great ad for Lee, the guy who has Cabo SUP. He is located on Medano between ME Cabo and Casa Dorado. Cell # 045 624 183 3623 and email is lee@bahiacabo.com If you get the magazine, the ad is on pagina 43. The ad says he does lessons and rentals.

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