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  1. We were booked on an Alaska cruise in August and have not seen any refund yet. Most of it was paid (not in full) with Princess gift cards. Our two March cruises have been fully refunded and the November cruise we just canceled hasn't been fully refunded yet.
  2. Thanks for the form. Do you have to submit before every cruise?
  3. We bought at $10 a share. If I would have waited we would have gotten at about $8.
  4. We had b2b cruises, west coast, the end of March that were canceled the first week of March. Our FCC for the first cruise showed up two days after Princess canceled the cruise and our refunds about a week later. Late April we got FCC for the second cruise that was canceled and our refunds stretched out over the last two weeks in May. A short time after our second cruise was refunded half of our FCC disappeared and the first March cruise showed up in our cruise history as completed. I'll take a completed cruise over FCC anytime. Fingers crossed it stays that way. I'm definitely not going to que
  5. I still show our canceled August 1st cruise to Alaska on our cruise personalizer, no refund yet. However, when I canceled our November cruise, the end of June, that disappeared the next day with most of our money being refunded.
  6. Hi voljeep, Stay safe and healthy. Marty
  7. We had a cruise scheduled for November 2020 and just cancelled, for a number of reasons Covid-19 being the #1 reason. Most of my money has been refunded so far. I expect Princess to cancel cruises to the end of 2020, foreign ports not opening up. Still waiting for our refund on our August Alaska cruise that Princess canceled. I know they are busy and most everyone working from home, but the funny thing is that this cruise is still showing up on my Princess home page. Dang this was going to be a good year for us. Four cruises scheduled and we were going to be Elite on the November cr
  8. So true. I would hope essential workers; nurses, doctor's paramedics, etc.
  9. Even if we have an effective vaccine on 1/1/2021 you would have to be able to produce and distribute about 7.8 billion shots around the world and 33 million needed in the U.S. You're talking a year or more to get everyone a shot and how do you determine who gets it first? Then we have to hope it doesn't mutate like the flu every year. Not looking to be a wet blanket but just saying.
  10. I don't disagree, but unless the CDC comes up with a different protocol the 14 days seems to be the standard isolation solution.
  11. Regardless, you need the crew to maintain and operate the ship. The passengers are paying guests of the cruise line. The crew are employees of the cruise line.
  12. Folks are complaining about the OBC or pre-paid gratuities they are not going to get if they cancel. Really!!! Lets get this in perspective. The folks on the Grand were on a 15 day cruise. Now they face the prospect of another 14 days minimum in quarantine. Do they have the vacation time to take so they get paid? Will they have a job when they get home? The dog is boarded. I stopped my mail, but it is only for 30 days, now what? What about my bills mailed to the house? If I miss a house or car payment what is going to happen? If I get really sick will my insurance cover it? Just be
  13. We are doing a b2b 3/22-3/29. Keeping an eye on the situation. Marty
  14. I enjoy wearing my tux. Although I haven't taken it on every cruise. But those wearing tuxes has become less and less. On our last cruise I noticed fewer suit coats as well. In all honesty they probably should just get rid of formal nights. Even business casual is being ignored in the MDR.
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