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  1. I was hoping for a few other ships to have a "horn blast" for the taking off of the Equinox today! SO happy they finally got to go! ChaChing
  2. Thank you so much for these helpful suggestions and pictures! I'm sure it has helped others also. ChaChing!
  3. I'm a little confused about this stateroom. Does it only have a porthole window in the aft of the ship, or can you open a door and sit on the Veranda? Has anyone stayed in these rooms? If so, please explain in detail. Thanks so much! ChaChing!
  4. Good to know, Hallux. Thank you for that information about reservations and the Bliss!🤗 ChaChing
  5. Great information and many thanks to all of you! We have mainly cruised with RCI and Celebrity. How would you compare the cruise on NCL to those lines? We have friends who have asked us to join them on this cruise; therefore, we are looking for as many tips as possible. This would be on the Bliss in December, 2021.
  6. Thank you! How is the Complimentary dining food? Seems pretty pricey to have to pay so much for Specialty dining.
  7. We have never sailed NCL before and need some assistance. How much is the Specialty Dining and do you have to make reservations before boarding the ship? Also, are you allowed to bring two bottles of wine onboard or your own water? Thanks for your assistance!
  8. Thank you. I put a call in to my TA this morning. A recorded message said it may take 3-5 days to receive a call back due to the high volume. Crazy, huh? ChaChing
  9. Can your TA do these Lift and Shifts for you or is this only for cruises booked directly through Celebrity? TIA. ChaChing
  10. I think the webcam was down yesterday when I looked, because it's back up this morning! Yay! ChaChing
  11. I have lost my connection to see the Fort Lauderdale Webcam. I have rebooted today and I'm still not able to access any of the webcams. Any suggestions? I actually had seen the APEX in port and then wanted to watch it leave the port today but was unable to see that so I went to Facebook and there was a video on YouTube showing the departure. Boy do I miss cruising! ..... along with so many of you! ChaChing
  12. What a small world! We live in Dewey, only a few miles from Prescott Valley! We have a Sydney to Sydney 12-night on the Eclipse booked in December, 2021. We love to cruise and have used Celebrity many times. Hope to meet up with you in the future. Happy Sailing! ChaChing!
  13. Thanks. We are at 47 days today. Almost there! Cha-CHING!
  14. When does Celebrity mail our luggage tags? The check-in says it's not available.
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