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  1. Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone knows whether the thermal spa on the POA is any good? I typically get the Thermal Spa Pass on every NCL cruise I have been on, and generally, have not been disappointed. I just booked a POA cruise and don't see an option to buy a Thermal Spa Pass on my account, so I'm wondering if they have one, and if they do, whether it's any good?
  2. This. But all else being equal, two cruises. It is often said "less is more". In this case, I disagree: more is more.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone might be interested in selling their cruisenext certificates (expiring after November 30th)? I am looking to buy 2 (total value of $500, original cost of $250), for $275 total. If interested, please email me at leongcpa at yahoo dot com. We can transact by paypal. Cheers!
  4. Generally, I like NCL better than Princess: better thermal spa, better entertainment... but some family members of mine (they are platinum on both Princess and NCL) had a terrible experience on the Epic so we avoid that ship pretty much at all costs...
  5. I had the same dilemma a number of years ago, and did Sydney (+Blue Mountains)/Melbourne + North Island of NZ over two weeks (non-cruise). A couple of years later, I did 2 weeks of just the South Island of NZ on a self-driving land tour. By far, the 2 weeks of just the South Island of NZ was way better. If I had to do it all over again, I would have just done Australia the first trip, and saved 4 weeks of vacation time for one fantastic NZ trip by land/ferry. We love NZ so much that we are booked on a future NZ cruise , but I can already tell: it won't be as good as our two land trips, which covered a number of the ports (been to Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, and Christchurch). The reason why is that you can't reach a lot of the most awesome things to do in NZ by cruise ship, by cruise ship (except via expensive overnight shore excursion). My advice would be to do NZ's south island over two weeks by car. It's really easy to do, especially if you have a Garmin GPS unit (we bought one just for the trip), because you can load a crowd-sourced NZ map pack for the Garmin for free online (just google it). If you have 3 weeks, then add the north island. Also, if you do it by car, you can do a lot more things. For example, instead of taking a shore excursion to Larnach Castle in Dunedin, you can actually stay over night there and have dinner in the Castle (we did it, and it was amazing! We had a corner room, which overlooked the Otago Peninsula). Or, you can fly on a helicopter and land on top of Franz Josef or Fox Glacier. Or you can hike to the base of Mount Cook and eat a fantastic buffet meal at the Hermitage in Aoraki. You can do jetboating on the Dart River near Queenstown. These are all things you can't do on the cruise. That being said, there are some things which you can do from the cruise, but they are going to be rushed, or you have to choose between two great activities for your one day; i.e. in Tauranga, most would choose to do geysers/Maori village in Rotorua or visit Hobbiton for the day, but you would miss out on Skyline Rotorua, which offers a really fun day plus fantastic buffet, or you miss out on the glowworm caves (or are rushed at the caves). We stayed two nights in Rotora, so we did all of it. In Auckland on a one-day cruise stop, you can't do all of Auckland, Devonport, or the fabulous Waiheke Island, which is worth a full day in, and of itself. I would save Australia for another trip, with just Australia for a few weeks.
  6. Hi, We just booked our first cruise with NCL with our baby boy (1 year old by time of sailing), and I estimate he'll be 20-25 pounds by then. Will NCL provide an infant life vest, or should we buy and bring our own? Thanks!
  7. Hi, We just booked our first cruise with NCL with our baby boy (1 year old by time of sailing), and I estimate he'll be 20-25 pounds by then. Will NCL provide an infant life vest, or should we buy and bring our own? Thanks!
  8. All, You can disregard this question. Found the answer on NCL's website. Thanks!
  9. On Celebrity, a very small mini-steam iron for ironing our clothes for formal nights; didn't know it wasn't allowed....
  10. Hi, We have a toddler, and I was wondering if we would be allowed to bring bottled water aboard the ship to make formula for him? On past NCL cruises (before toddler), we were able to bring bottled water aboard, but I wonder if the rules may have changed since then? Thanks!
  11. There wasn't a notification, but I logged into the NCL website every couple of days after I booked a Sail Away cabin. I got a cabin assignment within a week....
  12. Good idea by Casofilia. I actually checked the Port Authority website: https://www.portauthoritynsw.com.au/cruise/cruise-schedule/ The Jewel will be at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay the two times it arrives in Sydney in December.
  13. Hi, I would use the Baggage Storage services by SmartCarte in Circular Quay to store the luggage. Their Circular Quay location is really close to where the Jewel will dock: https://baggagestorage.com.au/locations/circular-quay/ I haven't used their Circular Quay location, but I have stored luggage with them at the Sydney Airport. Reasonable pricing and easy to do. Then I would just explore the Rocks neighborhood and the harbor area for the day, and then either Uber or take the train from Circular Quay to the airport. It's pretty easy.
  14. Actually, come to think of it, you should contact a TA now and ask how you can get your booking to get assigned to that particular TA. There is a form you have to fill out and file online, but then after that is done, your booking will officially be with that TA. Then, the TA will be able to get you the perks (OBC or other goodies) that they can normally get with their bookings, and on top of that, you can ask them to negotiate on your behalf with NCL to obtain either: (1) a better class of cabin or (2) a partial refund in the form of OBC.
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